POLL RESULT (12/12/2020)

The result was, unbelievable.

For the duration of the poll, 6 days, during the first 5 days, The Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire always lead the poll.

But in the last day, the Noble Reincarnation overtake the race and took the first place. And not only that, it also won the race with a considerable margin of 9%, I thought it would be a close race around 3-5% difference only.

Well anyway, just like I’d promised, I will take the winner as my project.
And I will start posting the chapters of Noble Reincarnation next week or after vol 6 of Genius Prince finished(in 2-3 weeks).

You know what, as a fun fact.
-I was hoping that the winner would be Esther de Baronia.

-The Evil Lord of an intergalactic Empire was actually just an extra title I decided to insert because I thought a race between two title would be boring… I never expect it to have such a close race against Noble Reincarnation.

Anyway, thank you for the participation and see you next time.