Genius Prince – v6-c34

“Calm down! Those are just a bluff!’  Regur raised his voice to his agitated men.  “If those ships are were capable of combat, then they would’ve already joined the battles! What more, the other side is also using sailing ships, we can just get past them from the sides.”  With this instruction, the personnel of […]

Genius Prince – v6-c33

“Ferite-sama.”  “I know.”  With the sky change, Ferite raised his arms.  [The special dragon storm would appear once in every decade around this time of the year. As an omen, days with strong wind would increase, and the temperature would increase and animals and plants would grow much earlier than usual.]  “Corvino-sama! We cannot hold […]

Genius Prince – v6-c32

The War has changed completely.  In the areas of the dragon storm, the sea has a strong rain and the wind blowhard.  Galleys ships were weak against this kind of rough sea. Because the surface of the bottom of the ship was flat, it would raise the ship when it hits waves. It was difficult […]

Genius Prince – v6-c31

“Regur-sama! We found the enemy fleet!”  “Finally, they come…”  As he heard his subordinates report, Regur rose from his seat in the captain’s room.  He then gets out of the room and steps on the deck. The sea breeze brushed his cheek. The sky was slightly sunny with the cloud. The wind breeze comes from […]

Genius Prince – v6-c30

Meanwhile, Ferite’s camp, joined by the sea masters and their men, was ready for a rapid move.  They collected ships, sailors, and supplies– a Large number of people and things come, with Ferite as the head.  Of course, like this, he couldn’t show a weak side of him. And the reason why he was supper […]

Genius Prince – v6-c29

Sea masters and his men were moving.  The news immediately arrived at Regur’s ears.  Furthermore, at the center of the sea masters, there was the figure of his brother, Ferite. “Did the rainbow crown end up in Ferite’s hand?”  He didn’t know the exact story. But, looking at the current state, he thought that was […]

Genius Prince – v6-c28

“During the secret meeting with the sea masters, you should unveil it.”  Hearing Wayne’s words, Ferite tilted his head.  “Unveiling is it?”  “That’s right. When the sea guide Radu Aroi died, Ferite-dono should be the one to succeed him. But, you’re being captured before the formal succession. This has greatly reduced Ferite-dono’s authority and credibility, […]

Genius Prince – v6-c27

It was Corvino who bowed his head first. Other sea masters then followed suit as they celebrate his safety. — Of course, everyone knows that that was just an empty word. After all, every sea master knew that Ferite had been captured but, no one tries to save him.  And Ferite who stands before them […]

Genius Prince – v6-c26

“Ferite-sama, I brought Prince Wayne.”  Hearing the voice from outside of the door, Ferite regained his mind.  “Ah, please enter.”  The door opened as Ferite responded.  Apis enter the rooms followed by Wayne and Ninim.  “I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly, Prince Wayne.”  “No, I do not mind.”  Wayne responded. Looking at his face, […]