Genius Prince – v7-c8

“— Is that, really fine?” 

After meeting with Viz, Ninim asked Wayne as they went back to the office. 

“Wayne said it himself, if you go to see her in person as well as expressing your support, you will be viewed as someone in Lova’s faction, no?” 

“Not completely pleasant… But, I have no choice…” 

Wayne shrugged. 

“For us… Ideally, no matter who becomes the Emperor, that person would be forced to respect Natra as an ally.” 

If we put ourselves somewhere before the coronation was decided, and if the place where we place our bet was lost, then we will lose as well. If we consider safety, we should only intervene after the coronation was decided. 

“But of course, it won’t be that easy huh?” 

“That’s right. From the princes’ point of view, they don’t want to borrow money from neighboring countries for the coronation, let alone selling favors to them…” 

Those letters from the second and third princes were speaking of that. 

Domestic matters should be dealt with domestically. That would be the most common feeling for people in any country. 

“Assuming the defeat of prince Dimetrio will not be shaken anymore, I expect the battle for the throne would accelerate from here. I saw that no matter who wins in this turmoil, there weren’t many chances for Natra to intervene before the coronation.” 

“That’s why you choose Lova…” 

The first prince was out of the question, and the second and third princes refuse any intervention. If he was going to get involved in this uproar, he had no choice but to do it on Louwellmina’s side. 

“By the way, I was just curious but, are you sure going to nominate Lova as the Emperor??” 

“Or, we can just pretend, gather weakness from the second prince as much as possible, then change side to the third prince…” 

“How vicious.” 

“Call it wise instead…” 

“Viciously wise.” 

“That’s fine!” 

“It is fine huh?” 

While Ninim was amazed, Wayne said… 

“There’s no doubt that Natra will be treated as Lova’s faction during my visit to the imperial city. However, I’ve been away from the imperial capital for a while, so I don’t know what the Empire is like now… Since it is clear who I am going to support, there would be a lot of probing…” 

“It is because you want to know the current state of the Empire and each faction…” 

“I’m not sure how far I can look into it though…” 

Wayne crossed his arms as he shows a bitter smile. 

“Natra has been growing since I’ve become a regent. The Empire would be more cautious toward us. Which mean, we have to move as secretly as possible…” 

“Not to mention, that Lova… She is definitely waiting for Wayne with her own plan to use you as she sees fits…” 

Wayne nodded. Louwellmina was a great woman with great ambition and wisdom. He has a certain relationship with her, but that doesn’t mean she would always tolerate and forgives something he did… 

(The answer to my discomfort during the meeting just now… The real aim of Lova would be answered when I arrive at the imperial capital. )

What a troublesome relationship, he thought. And maybe she thinks the same over there. 

“Well, it’s fine…” 

Wayne loosens his shoulders. 

“If there’s a trap, it would be just a matter of breaking through. Fortunately, everything would start from the defeat of Dimetrio. Until then, we still have plenty of time.” 

“That said, what if Dimetrio wins?” 

“No way, that possibility is not even worth considering.” 

Wayne dismissed Ninim’s cautious opinion. 

“In this situation, the people on Dimetrio’s side are those who failed to move to another faction or a big idiot who could not discern the situation. Or even when they get out, they don’t have the knowledge as to how to get out of their predicament. No matter how many such people get together, they won’t be able to turn the world upside down. If something like that would actually happen, I will eat a hot potato with my nose!” 

“That sure is something nostalgic you mention there…” 

“This time, it is just impossible!” 

What he needs to think was about the struggles between the three powers that would emerge after Dimetrio downfall, he thought. 

How he should maneuver and get the best of it. Unlike Dimetrio, the other three were people who didn’t neglect their factions. It won’t be an easy fight. 

“— However, no matter what is waiting, the one who will win is this me,” 

Wayne said… 

“Bardroche, Manfred, Louwellmina… Let’s take a closer look at how the three move while watching Dimetrio’s sinking mud boat.” 

Wayne smiled with a strong smile, with an overwhelming pride in his ingenuity. 


And then, current time… 

“As we set out for the imperial capital enthusiastically, we ended up in the camp of the First Prince.” 

“W-Why… Why did this happen?!” 

While holding his head, Wayne screamed as much as he could.