Genius Prince – v7-c7

It was Wayne’s honest impression that he was surprised. In his forecast, Wayne thought that, like the second and third princes, Louwellmina would restrain his movement as well. To think she would criticize the princes’ move, and she herself asked him to be by his side. 

(Of course, I was considering the possibility of her asking for cooperation, but… Not in the name of ending the turmoil. And to think she honestly wants to end it peacefully…) 

In fact, Wayne and his colleagues saw that a civil war was beyond Dimetrio’s coronation. 

And first of all, the defeat of DImetrio was inevitable. Whatever happens, his coronation will fail and the first prince will disappear from the stage of history. 

The problem was after that. People from the first prince faction become floating pieces as they lose their flags. Since that faction was directly linked to domestic influence, the pieces would be highly contested by Bardroche, Manfred, and Louwellmina. 

Thus, this was a competition between them to get the floating pieces. And that was the real battle in this mayhem. 

(… And then, it must’ve been the same for Lova that she didn’t want any foreign intervention…) 

As Wayne thinks of that, Ninim also ponders… 

(If she receives help unskillfully, someone would be able to interfere by using it as an excuse. I wonder, if there’s a reason why Lova dared to ask for help…) 

Or, was she still have another aim? 

Wayne and Ninim look at Viz’s expression, but she just smiles gently and can’t see what was inside their heart. 

“… Help was it? But what exactly I should do?” 

Viz response to Wayne’s question without hesitation. 

“I know that your highness is a busy man. Also, we understand that Natra’s power should only be used for Natra. Therefore, I would like your highness to express your highness’ support for Princess Louwellmina, who desires a peaceful solution.” 

Ninim nodded inwardly to this request. 

(No matter how much cooperation, she also didn’t want over-intervention. So if she wants us to express our support, she would only ask his name…)

Wayne’s support would have no effect if he just took the job. But now, everything was different. As Viz had said, with how successful Wayne was, Natra was now a country of interest throughout the continent. Getting support from him would be well worth it. 

(It was an acceptable request…) 

Ninim was convinced. 

But, Wayne felt uncomfortable… 

(For him to step in, the demand was too weak…) 

He didn’t think she would ask for reinforcement but, to cut her own precious hand known as Viz and only asking this much, he feels it was unbalanced. 

(Is there any other aim? But… I have not much material to judge that…) 

At present, no matter how he twists his head, no conclusion could be drawn. 

If that was the case, Wayne switched his sense. 

(To summarize, in the current situation, high risk, and high return if I attached myself with the first prince. No risk no return, if I attached myself with the second and third princes. Low-risk low return, if I attached myself with Lova…) 

Those were the three choices. It would be great if there was no risk high return choice but, of course, such a convenient one would never exist. 

Wayne and Viz’s gaze overlaps. Mutually immovable. The two face each other as they flatten their expression as if it was water surface, despite not realizing their own behavior. 

How long did the silence last? Wayne laughed a little when the tension was about to explode. 

“I understand your request. If that is the case, I wish to cooperate fully…”

In response to Wayne, Viz voiced her joy. 

“Thank you, your highness! If we get the support of Natra, not just Princess Louwellmina but, also those who follow her would feel excited!” 

“I am happy that you are pleased.” 

Wayne nodded then said… 

“However, At this point, it is a little too early, Brandel-dono…” 

“Huh? A little too early?” 

“I do say that I wish to cooperate. Not I will cooperate.” 


Viz opened her eyes and instantly became alert. 

Wayne then continues. 

“I’m impressed with the thought of princess Louwellmina, who desires a peaceful solution, as a regent, and as a sensible ally but, there’s too little information about the current state of Princess Louwellmina and her factions. … Or, one can take it this way too, that princess Louwellmina may be trying to confuse me, by saying what is pleasant for me to hear.” 

“S-Such a thing is!” 

Involuntarily Viz stood up, but Wayne controlled her to calm down by hand. 

“Of course, I also want to believe that princess Louwellmina was still striving for peace. But if you look at history, there were many cases where a politician rolls down into a tyrant over time because they were hailed as a wise man.” 

“That’s right, but…” 

In other words, Louwellmina insists on believing and investing in herself, and Wayne couldn’t believe in her and invest in her… Of course, Wayne herself didn’t want to end the negotiation itself. It was a negotiation strategy where one appears not interested while seeing how much one can get. 

In the first place, Viz had expected Wayne to respond that way. So she pretends to ponder and cut her decision… 

“If that is the case then, I have one proposal…” 

“I’m listening…” 

“– How about your highness the regent coming to the imperial capital? Where her highness is currently residing?” 

Hou, Wayne muttered a little. 

Viz then continue… 

“Your highness concern is very plausible. Even if I do my best here, it will be hard to prove the integrity of her highness princess Louwellmina. Then, rather than wondering, how about seeing and hearing it directly with your highness own’s eyes and ears?” 

“I see… It is definitely best to check things directly, if one wants to resolve one’s concern, huh?” 

Nodded, and then Wayne laughed… 

“Now then, while I am trying to confirm with my own eyes, but to the world, I readily come to Princess Louwellmina’s side when she is in predicament… Is that how it would be? Brandel-dono.” 

“I wonder, those are other people’s interpretation, for me, it is definitely not like that…” 

Brazenly Viz smiled 

Seeing that attitude, Wayne said rather happily… 

“Fine then, if it is not an inconvenience, let us head to the imperial capital to meet princess Louwellmina…” 


Viz then showed a smile of satisfaction. 

“Princess Louwellmina will be delighted knowing your highness will visit. We will contact for the follow-up immediately…” 

“Then, as soon as the reply arrives, I shall prepare for leaving… 

Apparently, different than last time, today, we will shake hands with a smile, Brandel-dono…” 

“As a citizen of the Empire, I am proud to have helped the friendship between the two countries, your highness.” 

Thus, Wayne and Viz shook hands with a smile on their face. 

It was the moment when Prince Wayne of the Kingdom of Natra decided to visit the Empire in a shocking manner.