Genius Prince – v7-c6

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, your highness the regent.” 

It was Louwellmina’s retainer, Viz Brandel, who appeared before Wayne and Ninim as a messenger. 

“I’ve heard that your highness has demonstrated his talent not only in the east and west of the continent but also in the southern sea. As a human being, I am deeply impressed with the success of your highness in all fields. I pray from the bottom of my heart for your highness continued prosperity…” 

Wayne nodded to the formal greeting from Viz. 

“You too, you seem to be in a good health, Brandel-dono. Even though I’ve been there many times, the journey from the Empire to Natra was not easy. We have prepared accommodation for you to stay, so it would be great if you could take your time and rest as soon as this meeting end.” 

“Thank you for your highness kindness.” 

While responding, Viz smiled. Wayne also laughed a little. The smiles of the two were not ceremonial, but rather naturally happen. It was a memory of days gone by that passed through both minds at the same time. 

“If I think about it, it has been two years since then? The first meeting with your highness as a regent…” 

“Ah, it has been that long?” 

Immediately, after his father, Owen, fell ill and Wayne was rushed to be a regent. 

The first big job for him at the time was meeting with Viz, who was the ambassador of the Empire at that time. 

“The situation has changed a lot from those days…” 

“Well, I wouldn’t believe everything that happened up until now even if I was told it would happen back then. Natra’s breakthrough, and my position change…” 

“It has been a while since you started serving Princess Louwellmina. … This is my personal interest but, how was she from Brandel-dono’s point of view?” 

“Of course, she is a wonderful person.” 

Viz’s reply was genuine, without hesitation. 

“I was, despite being a woman, once an ambassador. I was used to be treated as a talented woman but, as I stood by her highness’ side, I realize she is the true talented one.” 

“That much? I’ve met her twice since I became a regent but, it seems she becomes greeter…” 

“No doubt. The position of her royal highness and the circumstance surrounding her is perfect for showing your highness ingenuity…” 

Viz then giggled a little and put her finger on her lips. 

“Of course, her highness is a human too, so there’s time that she shows a charming side. Lately, she seems to be troubled by the size of her dress that increasing…” 

“Oho, very interesting.” 

“Fufufu, unfortunately, I’m afraid to say, I can only say that much…” 

To be able to say that, Ninim who stands behind Wayne was convinced. The comment about Lowellmina was her own personal opinion, no one knows how true it was, but it seems Louwellmina and Viz have a good master-servant relationship. 

And for Louwellmina to sent such an important subordinate to the northern frontier in this way… 

(This is going to be serious, Wayne…) 

(Indeed, I know.) 

Wayne and Ninim gently exchange their mind as they glance at each other. Louwellmina cut one of her important hands here. She thinks she could make a profit in this talk, and she intends to make a profit from it.

“– So, today you’ve come here as Princess Louwellmina’s messenger?” 

The moment Wayne said those words, the relaxed air become tense. The time of peaceful greetings was over, and it was time to talk seriously. 

“Yes. As your highness already knew, it is about the coronation that has been declared by the first prince of the Azworld Empire, Dimetrio…” 

Viz said those words as she fixed her posture. 

“My lord, her highness, Princess Louwellmina, has long insisted on a discussion solution to the dispute between the three princes over the succession of the throne. But this proclamation is a one-sided one made without discussion with the second and third princes.” 

“No doubt, the second prince Bardroche, and the third prince Manfred would resist…” 

“As your highness said, the three princes are already about to lead their respective army. Her highness Louwellmina is deeply saddened that a full-scale war between the princes which has been avoided up until now by a single piece of paper, may finally begin.” 

“Probably it won’t be that bad…” Wayne thought so but decided not to say it out loud. 

While Wayne had such a thought, Viz continues… 

“It is clear that the princes are willing to throw the Empire into a civil war for their ambitions, not for the benefits of the Empire. In line with this, her highness would like to ask Natra for help in order to settle this turmoil as soon as possible.”