Genius Prince – v7-c5

“This is opposite of Dimetrio, they want to restraint my movement…”

“Since we can hold down the first prince by ourselves, we want to avoid interference from a foreign country– Or so they said… And they won’t know what would happen, especially if Wayne got involved…” 

“Oi oi, that makes me sound like a dangerous person.” 

“I believe that is what they think so…” 

“Isn’t that too cruel?” Wayne tried to confirm but Ninim continues while ignoring him. 

“To put it simply, the merit of being the first prince is that you can get to know the Emperor first. Even if he bear some grudge over there, if Natra took the initiative in treating the first prince as the Emperor during this predicament, he would not be able to do anything to us when he does become the Emperor.” 

“However, that is if he really does become the Emperor…” 

Wayne brush it off. 

“The coronation is Dimetrio last big gamble. If everyone responds to the invitation and success, he will win, but if no one responded, it would inform everyone that Dimetrio does not have any hope and legitimacy over the Empire. If he made a mistake here, he won’t have a chance to stand back again in the future…” 

“True, and if you’re on the side of the first prince, you will naturally hostile to the second and third prince’s factions. And if the first prince ends up failing to become an Emperor, only the debt of having bought the dissatisfaction of the second and third princes would remain. This is definitely a disadvantage.” 

“I just want to avoid that kind of situation…” 

Ninim then continues, while Wayne keeps groaning. 

“The disadvantage of following the request of the second and third princes is, of course, to buy a grudge from the first prince. If the first prince survives, he would definitely be hostile. The merit is that you can devote resources to other things while watching the Empire in a mess…” 

“Honestly, I think I’ve been working too hard these days, so I get the feeling it would be great if I can spend time in my favorite shop while thinking a solution.” 

“Personally I have a lot of desire to impose a lot of work on Wayne…” 

“Ninim, what do you think of me?!” 

“A horse pulling a carriage?” 

“Not even human?!” 

While looking at Wayne who trembled, Ninim said ‘It’s just a joke’, and then continue… 

“To be honest, I think it would be good if we don’t make a move here. I believe it is really bad to be on the side of the first prince.” 

“You think so?” 

She heard that Prince Dimetrio’s faction has fallen about half, compared to its heyday. Before, the factions of the three princes were equal to each other, so the fall could only be regarded as miserable. Moreover, despite such a situation, the first prince tried to hold a coronation against the second and third princes, which could only be seen as a reckless move. 

“— Be that as it may…” 

Wayne said… 

“It is too early to come to a conclusion how this will end…” 

Ninim agrees with him. 

“Indeed, since all the cards have not appeared together yet…” 

The first prince Dimetrio, the second prince Bardroche, the third prince Manfred. 

The two knew that there was another secret faction other than the three princes. 

“— Excuse me.” 

At that time, a government official appeared with a knocking sound. 

“Your Highness, right now, the messenger representing princess Louwellmina has come to visit…” 

Wayne and Ninim looked at each other then nodded. 

“Alright, I will meet them immediately…”

Wayne stands up as the government official withdraws. 

“Finally, it has arrived, the last card.” 

“How will Lova emerge in this?” 

“Who knows, but at the very least, I don’t think she would stay silent and be a spectator in this one…” 

The answer to their question will be immediately available. 

Wayne and Ninim went to the place where the messenger was waiting.