Genius Prince – v7-c4

“–Hee! I want to slack!” 

“You know…” 

As soon as the meeting was over, Ninim sighed at Wayne with a smile on her face. 

“Geez, I was a lord who seemed to have a high virtue until a while ago and yet, something like this happened so soon…” 

“You know, as the saying goes, you need to do things moderately…” 

Whine shrugged and then he laughed… 

“But still, this method is very effective, this ‘I will interview you directly and judge your loyalty!’ strategy!” 

Since he became a regent, Wayne had made a convention. 

One of them was that a person who has been promoted to have a brief interview with Wayne, regardless of background and position.

Whether or not to hire were hired by personnel officer, or hired due to special case, the decision will not be overturned, and they would still meet Wayne. What does this convention aim for, you ask? 

“One of the most precious brands in the Natra Kingdom is the royal family! The desire for approval and the satisfaction of being able to speak to me who is the representative of the brand! It will create awareness that they are part of Natra! Making them do their best!” 

In short, it was just part of a performance. 

“You know, you should not speak something like that loudly even if you think about it, Wayne…” 

Ninim complained but she admits, the plan was very effective. 

Often, the distance between the royal family and the people was far. From the perspective of the common people, at best they could see the royal family during some ceremony or festivals.  If one becomes a retainer and works at the royal palace, one could see the royal family a little closer, but you still can’t exchange words unless you get the right position. 

Thus, he made this interview. Speaking directly with Wayne, who was equal to heaven, would become a moving experience and encouragement for them. 

“Moreover, not only it would improve the morale of the retainer, but also give me an opportunity to remember the face of those who work in the royal palace. This is what it means to be hitting two birds with one stone!”

“Turn out, you still remember properly eh?” 

“Of course. You have the ability to do it, so if you don’t do it, you will lose things, right?” 

By nature, Wayne had an excellent memory. It was to the point that he could remember most of the faces and names of the thousands of Natra Kingdom soldiers,  And now, he used the ability to remember those who work in the court. 

The number of those who work in the royal palace was numbered in the hundreds, if we include those who work full-time and part-time. It was not that big of a deal if we talk about the army, but in the case of those who work in the royal palace, he remembered even their origin and lifetime career. 

“I don’t mind with your assertion but, make sure you are not saying those to another place King or something…” 

“Despite they would be the one who understands the feeling better…” 

Wayne shrugged. 

“The royal palace is the heart of the country, no? And it is also my home, it is normal to feel worried when strangers walk around.” 

As Wayne says, the royal palace was the center of the nation. Often, there were many important figures, including the royal family, those who hold treasures and information that could only be said as a state secret. 

Inevitably, when it comes to those who work in the royal palace, they need someone with high morale and a clean career. There should not be a suspicious person entering the royal palace. 

Of course, just because he could remember, it doesn’t mean that he could keep an eye on the royal palace all the time. Still, it was his theory whether or not he knew the people he spent time together in the royal palace will have different consequences during an emergency. 

“You don’t have to worry much, it’s not like you could remember everyone. If you remember the name and face of hundred thousands of Natra, that would be a pervert…” 

“Definitely not a pervert! This is all about skill!” 


“Not only the face and name, but also their physique, voice quality, and the way they stand, those just automatically stick in my head! So it can’t be helped even if I could remember them all!” 

“As expected, it is a pervert ability after all?” 

Wayne groaned as he heard his retainer evaluation about his skill. 

Ninim then says to him… 

“Even if you can remember them, only a few Kings would want to do something like that. After all, not just memory, it also takes time…” 

“Well, it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. The frequency of interviews has been increasing lately, and if it keeps continuing like this, it would be hard for me to secure time…” 

“Indeed so, if I was told a decade ago, I won’t be able to believe… Now, there are soo many people who want to work in Natra…” 

The Kingdom of Natra, which used to be the triple signature of no money, no people, and no resources. 

How about these days? They had won a series of wars, and they have also acquired new territories, gold mines, and a frozen-free port. Wayne’s fame continues to rise. The heat finally melted Natra’s frozen recruitment signboard and finally attracted human resources who they were trying to recruit all this time. 

“And not long ago, I also signed a trade agreement with Patura in the south. It also comes with a bonus, we also got sailors and manufacturing technology. There will be more people work with us…” 

“If I think about it now, true, you get a lot isn’t it?” 

“It is safe because we agree on it beforehand!” 

Wayne insists he didn’t do anything bad, and Ninim smiles while looking at him. 

“Well, now Natra has this pleasant feeling…” 

Wayne nodded. 

“That’s right. More money, more people, more resources! And I’m still in great shape! No more worries! This is where our state management would start!” 

“— You said that but, what to do with this?” 

Ninim took three letters… 

“This, what are you going to do?” 

“Ah, come to think of it, there are those, aaaaaaaaah!” 

Wayne held his head when he saw the letters in front of him. 

What troubling him was because the letter was being sent by the Empire’s first prince Dimetrio, Second Prince Badroche, and third prince Manfred, respectively. 

The content was about the coronation in which prince Dimetrio declared the other day. 

“We can’t immediately judge based on the content, but, I don’t think they would have a coronation this suddenly…” 

“I guess, that is how much the first prince’s camp being cornered huh?” 

Wayne knew that the first prince faction was weakened in the battle for the throne. And he was not irrelevant to it, since it was the event at Mirtaz that trigger Dimetrio fall. 

And then, suddenly, the first prince Dimetrio, declared that he would hold a coronation. 

Originally, the coronation that should’ve been done after the settlement with the second and the third prince, was being held before that. Considering the situation, it was probably because the decline in Dimetrio power could not be stopped and they decided to use this forceful measure. 

And then that was how the letter from the first prince came… 

The content was simple, it was an invitation to attend because the coronation would be held. 

“Dimetrio has that kind of personality… I believe he still has a grudge against me in regard to the Mirtaz incident, I never thought he would send this kind of letter…” 

“Did he reflect on it, or did he pretend to be one…” 

Probably, besides Natra, they were sending invitations to aristocrats and influential people abroad. 

Attending this ceremony means approving Dimetrio’s claim to the throne. The more people there are, the more Dimetrio could inform those internally and externally that he has authority. And he could use it to claim that he has the legitimacy. 

“And then, we received a letter from both, the second and third princes…”

Ninim picks up the two letters. 

The content of the two letters was almost the same. In other words, as an ally, they wish for him to watchfully waiting, while Dimetrio being laughed at due to his reckless remark…