Genius Prince – v7-c3


The first prince of the Azworld Empire, Dimetrio, was annoyingly groaning. 

He was in the Empire city of Verida. It was inside a room in one of the buildings there. 

Dimetrio’s soldiers were guarding the entire city, not to mention the area around the building. Verdia was now a Dimetrio military station. 

“Your Highness, spy reports on the behavior of the second prince.” 

“Sir Enzio was scheduled to join us, but he will arrive tomorrow.” 

“Other factions are moving faster than expected. We should move to the next stage at the end of the day—…” 

“No, there’s also soldiers fatigue that we need to consider. We need to be careful here…” 

In front of Dimetrio, his vassals actively exchange information and discussed it. 

Their purpose was only one. And that is to make him the Emperor. 

For that reason as well, he had led his soldiers here. 

— But… 


In the middle of this important big meeting, for a reason, Dimetrio couldn’t concentrate… 

No, it was not the only one who feels the same. The other vassals when they discuss their plan was conscious of the corner of the room. 

What was there? 

“Oh, what’re wrong guys?” 

He smiled… 

“You can continue your discussion, don’t mind me…” 

Wayne Salema ALbarest. 

The prince of Natra was somehow there. 

Dimetrio and his vassals, all thought… 

((Why is he here?!)) 

At the same time, Wayne thought… 

(Why am I here?!) 

Their thought was intertwined, but sometimes, it leads into an unintentional aspect, opening a new curtain of the story… 

Started by first prince Dimetrio declaration of coronation, the historian would later write… 

Thus, a new era of the Empire has begun. 

Let us return the time back a little. 

The place was Willeron palace in the Kingdom of Natra. 

A certain annual event was being held in one room there. 

“— So, you two are the ones being nominated this time?” 

Sitting in the upper seat, was the crown prince, Wayne Salema Albarest. 

His aide, Ninim Raleigh was by his side, in front of the two men who kneel down toward him. 

“Both of you, introduce yourself…” 

Following Ninim encouragement, one man responded with tension. 

“My name is Kurovis, a member of the royal army who is being nominated to become a royal palace guard. To nominate young people like me, it is a great honor, t-thank you very much!” 

When the man named Kurovis speak out about what he needs to say, he sighed deeply in relief. 

Next, the next man speaks… 

“I-I’m, r-researcher of farming method… Ah, no, I-I’m very sorry! M-My name is Salomon…!” 

‘This idiot..!’, Kurovis’ face grew pale. Salomon who stuttered has his face become blue as well. He had failed to name himself in front of a leader of a country. Such a thing was very rude… 

However, Wayne responded calmly in front of the two panicked people. 

“Salomon, I’ve heard your story… It seems you’ve been studying a farming method in the Kingdom of Cabarine. I’ve also read several research reports you’ve submitted. How to plant in the arid area and the trouble in doing it, and also an early improvement for it. It was an interesting read…” 


Salomon trembled in joy when he heard that. Wayne then gazes at the person next to him. 

“Kurovis, you’re the younger brother of Karlman, who belongs to the Kingdom’s army.” 

“T-That’s right, your highness knows my brother?!” 

Kurovis’ heart rate raises… His older brother, Karlman, was just a single soldier. He never dreams that his brother would be remembered by the leader of a country. 

“He was a brave man who fought against Marden together with me. As if I would forget such a man. And for the younger brother of such a man joining the Kingdom’s army, I am happy.” 

“Wha—, Y-Your words are more than one deserves!” 

While looked shocked, Kurovis was elated. 

The two people then nodded their heads. 

“The foundation of a country. Those who would support Natra’s leap are more important than anything. — You two, I expect a great thing…” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

On this day, two great statesmen were being born. And in their mind, it was their destiny to serve the person in front of them. Kurovis and Salomon lowered their head, while convinced of that.