Genius Prince – v7-c2

Though what she said seems incomprehensible, it seems she still going to eat the cake.  Louwellmina then continues her words proudly in front of the stunned Viz. 

“Speaking of the food hall of fame, the Kingdom of Solgest is famous for it, but even the Empire cannot be looked down upon. Especially the cake here, it is very delicious you know? A fluffy sponge cake that mixes wheat, egg yolks, and precious sugar! Furthermore, the cake is decorated using seasonal mustard!” 

“It seems this is not your highness’s first time coming here?” 

“Indeed, many times when I was attending the military academy. The number of cakes that could be made in a day was limited, so everyone always fights for it.” 

Louwellmina looks nostalgic while saying those words. 

From the standpoint of a princess, it would be fine for her to just call the chef to the palace instead of going to the shop itself. 

But she didn’t do that. 

(… The store she used to go to with her old friends, eh?) 

The reason why she said she wants to go to this store, and ordered a lot, and didn’t try to leave anything left, was probably because of the vestige of her friends. It was easy to dismiss such a thing as being too sentimental but, Viz didn’t say anything and just smiled. 

“Fufufu, as expected, it seems Viz also interested in the cake eh?” 

“… Let’s see, I shall leave it to your highness imagination…” 

Viz nodded a little in response to her lord who misunderstood her smile as an interest. 

Then they ate the cake that was brought in and enjoyed the sweet aroma and texture, and the pain that their stomach was already full. 

“… So then.” 

When the time was comfortable, Viz starts the topic… 

“How was it, your highness? How do you think the state of the city after coming here?” 

“As expected of the Imperial capital. It is still noisy and fine as usual… — Ostensibly…” 

It was for a sentimental reason why she chooses this store.

However, there was another reason why she chooses to go out here. 

Louwellmina was trying to feel the air with her skin by going directly to the city. 

“I knew it, the Empire is currently sick after all…” 

And having lived in the imperial capital for many years, she could feel the depressing heat swirling behind the vibrant capital. 

“… it has been three years since his majesty step back from the front. Though we’re in a joint Empire, has they grow enough of it?” 

“At least, if my father was still alive, this wouldn’t happen…”

Zerk Azworld. 

Louwellmina’s father and Emperor of the Azworld Empire. 

He was a great Emperor who has the ability to lead the Empire and was loved by the people. 

However precisely because of that the enthusiasm, vitality, or the spirit of the nation that should guide the Empire went away together with the passing of the Emperor. 

The Empire has lost its guide, and it was just like an unpleasant fever, eroding the Empire. – 

“Or, if he had properly nominated a successor, the story might’ve been different.” 

The Emperor has three sons. 

The first prince, Dimetrio, was supported by the old aristocrats. 

The second prince, Bardroche, was supported by the military. 

And the third prince, Manfred, was supported by the emerging aristocrats.

All three of them were old enough to be enthroned. But all of them failed to gain Emperor Zerk’s attention. The Emperor was reluctant to entrust his Empire to his incompetent sons. 

Then, Emperor Zerk died without appointing a successor, resulting in a quarrel between the three princes. At the end of his illustrious career, the Emperor himself shows his flaw. 

And even now, three years after the demise of the Emperor, the battle for the throne has not yet been resolved. The Empire continues to waste time, with unfocused energy. 

“… It’s an ironic story, isn’t it?” 

Louwellmina was self-deprecating. 

“Given the well-being of the people of the Empire, one of my brothers should be on the throne right now. But, due to my own personal ambition, this turmoil is a great opportunity…” 

Louwellmina was currently the head of a faction called the patriot faction. 

As the name implies, it was a group of people who were worried about the future of the Empire. Composed of those who sympathize with  Louwellmina’s idea of tackling this inheritance problem from a neutral standpoint and prevent the impatient princes to start a civil war. 

But, that was just an excuse story. 

Only a few people led by Louwellmina knew, the true aim of Louwellmina’s plan, it was to make Louwellmina sit on the throne as an Empress. 

By making the patriot faction, she scraps the authority of the three princes one by one, to create a path for herself to become a ruler. 

“… An ambition of sitting on the throne despite being a woman. In order to achieve that, not only your highness talent but also, we need momentum.” 

In this era, there were only a few examples where women held power in politics. For being an Empress, it was unheard of. Meaning, Louwellmina was about to walk on a thorny path. 

For that reason, she must outsmart the princes who were enthusiastic about the battle for the throne, and preach to those who care about the Empire’s wellbeing but didn’t have the courage to stand. That was what Viz believe. 

“The turmoil in the Empire itself is not what your highness has intended. And I don’t think you highness have to worry about using it either…” 

“… I agree… For now, though…” 

Then, once the words between the two were cut off. 

they heard the hustle and bustle of the customers downstairs, which she hadn’t heard before. 

There were many conversations, but one topic tickled Louwellmina’s attention. 

[By the way, it seems that his highness Dimetrio will finally stand up.] 

[So I heard, it seems that they are going to held a coronation ceremony.] 

[This will finally calm our Empire…] 

[However, the second and third princes would end up being repulsed…]

[… Will this turn into a civil war?] 

[I don’t know… but to be honest, anyone is fine, I wish someone to get the Emperor’s seat as soon as possible…] 

The last words stabbed her. 

When Louwellmina’s mind returned, she sighed… 

“As expected, it is true, there’s a rumor about the coronation…” 

“Yes. After all, they announced it so extensively…” 


A ritual to become a ruler, performed by the person who has the right to succeed the throne. 

If it was successfully being done, it would show the inside and outside of the Empire that the person was the next Emperor— and the first prince, Dimetrio, recently announced that the said coronation would be held. 

“For the sake of the people, he said…” 

It has been two years since the Emperor dies, and has entered the third year. The people were also impatient, as evidence, Louwellmina could feel it in the air. 

The Empire still had its vigor now, but there were signs of turmoil in various parts of the continent, and the nations at the western part of the continent were looking for a chance to take advantage of it. No one knew how long peace would last, while the Emperor seat was still vacant, and everyone in the nation wanted stability as soon as possible. 

“But, I don’t want it to happen yet…” 

The fact that the first prince Dimetrio becomes Emperor means that Louwellmina’s ambition would be crushed. Meaning, she cannot sit and wait to be defeated. 

In other words, he needs to change. Until now, it wasn’t intended. But now, it would be different. Louwellmina has to move against the wishes of the people because of her own ambition. 

“… This is indeed, an ironic story, isn’t it?” 

She said the same words again and then asked her attendant… 

“By the way, Viz, what about Wayne coming here?” 

The Kingdom of Natra’s crown prince, Wayne Salema Albarest. 

It was known throughout the continent that Louwellmina has a close relationship with him, he supposedly visits the Imperil capital as her collaborator in this coronation. 

“Yes. About that, we just receive the reply a while ago… The content is—…” 

Hearing Viz report, Louwellmina looked up to heaven.