Genius Prince – v7-c1

Azworld Empire, Imperial capital Grantsral. 

The city was near the largest lake on the continent, Veil lake, the city was the symbol of Azworld Empire hegemony. 

The empire was a nation with a lot of foreign citizens, and the people were also easier to absorb cultures. The race of people in the imperial capital was a lot, reflecting the many languages they speak. The cityscape was far from the world of refined, it was a chaotic city. 

A person how has been living immersed in an old tradition of the western culture may frown at it. But, if the person has a little bit of open-mindedness, they won’t feel too terrible from it. 

The Empire has been on expansion period since several decades ago. It still has a long way until they completely conquered the eastern part of the continent, but be that as it may, they still have the potential for another great leap. 

The Empire was akin to that of a giant dragon that continues to grow insatiably. 

That was none other than the eastern champion, the Azworld Empire—… 


There is a small restaurant called Quintet on the corner of the Imperial city. 

Although it was off from the main road, it was treated as a hidden gem by the Imperial citizen, and it was more crowded than usual. 

The Imperial capital was the heart of the Empire. It was the gathering place for people from all over the Empire, and it was never easy to open a store in such a place. Despite in a place that carriage rarely passed by, the store was prosperous, it was proof that the owner’s skill was genuine. 

And today, the store was still crowded with customers as usual, but there were a few things that were different. The normally open upstairs was reserved today. 

“Manager, is anyone coming?” 

A guest asked. 

“That’s right. That’s why we have to behave well…” 

The shopkeeper responds so without hesitation. 

“Oi oi, isn’t there any other customer who is as well-behaved as I do?” 

“If you’re not drinking then, that might be the case.” 

The customer laughed at the shopkeeper’s response, and then the topic shifts to something else. 

For many customers, it doesn’t matter who was upstairs, and if one knows the shopkeeper’s ability, then it would not be weird if someone with a position was there. 

But, if they actually saw the person upstairs, they might get overwhelmed. 

Because the second imperial princess of the Azworld Empire, Louwellmina Azworld was there with a melancholy look. 

“… Fuuh.” 

Louwellmina was a beautiful girl, to say the least. 

Golden hair that was full of light. Clear blue eyes. Her limbs were lustrous down to the tips of her fingers, and even those who do not know her position would instinctively think she was a noble-born. 

Her beauty still remains the same even now, when she sits on a chair and has a shadow on her profile. Rather, that figure made one feels mystical mystery from her. 

— However… 

“I ate too much…” 

If people knew that the reason for her being depressed was because she ate too much and unable to move, the people would feel disillusioned to the point of wanting to jump off the bridge. 

“Ugh, I wonder, where did I do wrong?” 

“To say moderately, I believe it is your highness head…” 

The one who speak was Louwellmina’s attendant, Viz Brandel. Covering her face in front of Louwellmina, she was amazed when she saw the number of dishes Louwellmina had eaten. 

“I never thought everything was eaten…” 

“Uwah, there it comes, she said it! Like a person who pretends like an expert! Only giving criticism, criticism, and never give any solution!” 

“But, when I told your highness to stop, your highness says [Huh? Today, my stomach is the strongest, so it should be fine!], no?” 


Louwellmina turned away. 

“Your Highness.” 

“Alright, this topic is over! We shall not remember this event! Now, let us talk about something more constructively! Viz, how about you eat with me for now?” 

“Pardon me but, I did pledge my allegiance to your highness, but I didn’t remember pledging to the point of making my stomach as your highness reserve?” 

“Khu, so, this is how it feels when a lord is betrayed by their retainer!” 

“How about continuing until the stomach burst open?” 

“That is not a solution, khu, what an error of calculation!” 

“Honestly…” Viz sighed and then took her seat. 

“This will be the only time, your highness. Since I am not that gluttonous person…” 

“I believe in you, Viz! As expected of a loyal retainer! Ah, by the way, we should order some cake as a dessert, how much do you want? ” 


“Oya? what’s wrong? You have the look of someone who sees a pig that doesn’t learn, and given up on it.” 

“Please be assured. That is just your highness imagination.” 

“What do you mean by that?” as the lord tilted her head, Viz start to eat. 

And after a dozen minutes, all the dishes were safely placed in their stomachs. 

“Ah… no more, I feel like eating three days worth of foods. No more… I will become a cow like this…” 

Louwellmina said to Viz, who was leaning back on her chair. 

“But, somehow you manage to eat it. With this case, the cake would be unnecessary…” 

“Ah, that, of course, I will eat them.” 

“Didn’t your highness say, you feel like you’ve eaten three days’ worth of foods?”

“If I digest the food for three days, then that means, it would be one meal per day, right?”