Genius Prince – v6-c9

Few days had passed since Wayne was imprisoned. 

During that time, Wayne couldn’t find anything useful. 

Perhaps Regul had noticed something, the guard start to treat Wayne strictly, and even when he initiates a talk, they would dismiss him.  Not to mention, Ferite who was imprisoned next door seems to be in a lot of pain, since he was unable to talk properly for a few days. 

(If he stays like this, he would die soon…) 

He judged coldly. Of course, Wayne didn’t want him to die, who has some information. Wayne had tried to interact with him by giving him some food via the iron bars but, he would refuse every time. Wayne can’t do anything about this… 

(If there was a chance to be saved then…) 

Wayne looks at the vents inlaid with bars. A white cloth was wrapped around one of the grids, which stretched out like a tail. It was made by Wayne by tearing the fabric of the sheet. 

The clothes were now fluttering in the wind. Gray clouds can also be seen in the distant sky. And the voices of the guard arrived, mixed with the sound of the wind. 

“The wind has come out a lot…” 

“It sure is a strong wind, but to come during this season, it’s unusual. This may be going to be a rough season.” 

“I hope the guard ship don’t get capsize…” 

Wayne lays in bed, listening to the voice of the lookout. 

(… I hope I can make it in time.) 

Thinking that in his mind, he quietly closed his eyelids. 

It wasn’t until the sun went down that things changed. 

When Wayne feels there was an unusual noise, he heard a muffled voice from where the lookout was supposed to be. As soon as he got out of bed, someone rushed over the dimly lit corridor. 


It was Ninim who appeared. 

Ninim runs in a hurry toward the front of the prison, reaching her hands for Wayne over the prison bars. He responded accordingly and put himself within her reach, and then he touches her face. 

“Ah, I’m glad you’re fine…!” 

“Somehow I guess. I was relieved that you guys manage to escape as well…” 

“I don’t care about myself! Rather than that, I will open the prison immediately!” 

Ninim finally opened the door of the prison and hugged Wayne immediately, though due to her impatience she was unable to put the key into the keyhole many times. 

“Are you injured?! They are not injuring you when they caught you right?! Is there anything you feel weird on your body?!” 

“I’m alright, I told you already…” 

Ninim asks him questions in quick succession while palpating Wayne’s whole body without hesitation. Wayne then strokes Ninim’s back in a soothing manner and hugged her back. 

“Why are you doing something crazy like that?! You should let me fall into the sea instead!” 

“I thought it would be better for me to be the one who gets caught…”

“Don’t you dare to think like that again! Let alone to actually do it!” 

“Don’t say that. Even for me, that is the best course of action you know?” 

Ninim expressed her disagreement by hitting Wayne’s chest. For a little while, Wayne let her be… 

“Your Highness, Ninim-sama.” 

With a scream from behind, Ninim immediately moved away from Wayne.

“Hurry up. We can’t stay long!” 

Ninim wasn’t the only one who infiltrate the place. Two Natra soldiers, who accompanied him as delegation, infiltrated the place with Ninim. 

“Indeed, we need to hurry. — Your Highness, we’ve prepared a ship to escape. Let’s escape before anyone notices…” 

With just one clearing throat, Ninim switches from her consciousness between a girl to a servant. Wayne nodded and walk away from his prison room, but instead of leaving, he walked across, he went to the next prison. 

“Your Highness?” 

“Ninim, open the prison here too…” 


Confused, Ninim opened the prison as she was told, then she noticed the figure lying on the floor, and quickly approached him and check the pulse. 


“… Still alive, but seems to be quite considerably exhausted. If we leave him be, I think he would die. Who is he?” 

“Trump card concerning Patura.” 

Wayne laughed. 

“He may or may not be the one…” 

“Should we take him with us?” 

“Can you do it?” 

“If it is only him, we should be fine…” 

Ninim gives instructions to one of the nearby soldiers to carry him on his back. With this, the party consisting of one of the escort target, one luggage, two people to pave the way. However, even with this, Ninim decided there was no problem. 

“Then, your highness, let us leave this place as quietly and quickly as possible..” 

Led by Ninim, Wayne and his party went down the aisle silently.