Genius Prince – v6-c8

“Why is this happening…” 

“As if I know, just carry it fast…!” 

Following Wayne’s request, the bed, desk, chair, and other equipment were being brought one after another. 

By the time the soldiers began to notice, the prison room has turned into a fine accommodation. 

“Okay, this is a little better.” 

“Wayne lay on the bed with a bottle of wine in his hand. 

Of course, Wayne who has both march and camping experience would not have such trouble sleeping in a prison, but for Wayne who had to endure the swaying ship, sleeping in a bed that is not shaking for the first time in a long time is extremely important. 

“… Wonderful…” 

At that time, he heard a voice from the next prison. 

“I can’t imagine what kind of a speech you use to bring this kind of result.”

He probably saw various things being carried through his prison. The words were filled with admiration and a bitter smile. 

“If you talk with good faith, the result might be unexpected. Do you drink?” 

“No, those are things that you won with your own power. I’m not qualified to enjoy it with you.” 

After refused in a polite tone, the man continues… 

“Rather than that, I would like to ask you one thing…” 

Took a deep breath… 

“Are you prince Wayne?” 

“Prince Wayne?” 

Wayne’s reaction was completely like ‘someone who suddenly being called by a name he didn’t know.’ 

“You’re wrong. “I’m Glen…” 

Wayne ponders fiercely after he uses his friend’s name nonchalantly. 

Wayne was now being treated as a money-making merchant among the soldiers. 

What if they knew that he was not a merchant but a VIP of another country? 

It would be too optimistic that they would come to apologize to him and give him a guest room. After all, they were people who loot people’s things in name of inspection. Knowing that they had attacked the envoy’s ship, they would kill Wayne ten out of ten to cover it up. 

(For me, I can’t be known as Wayne in this fort.) 

Therefore, all the possibilities need to be crushed. 

For that reason, he must consider not only lying to the man in the prison but also in some cases, getting rid of him. 

“I see… I’m wrong huh? That is rude of me then…” 

Whether or not the man knows Wayne’s inner thought, the man withdrew easily. It is okay to stop here, but now Wayne was wondering why the man think he was Wayne. So, Wayne went one step further. 

“If you talk about prince Wayne, it must be him, right? The young hero who leads the northern Kingdom of Natra, a master of diplomacy in both inner affairs and foreign affairs, and said to be an unbelievably handsome man?” 

“No, I’ve never heard anything in regard to his appearance…” 


After a silence, Wayne regained his temper and said… 

“So, why did you misunderstand me as prince Wayne?” 

“One is that I can see a glimpse of advanced education from the way you talk. Second, the envoy ship carrying Prince Wayne would visit Patura around this time…” 

Wayne’s eyes become sharp. 

“Hee… I guess I’m that great huh? Since I am being mistaken as such a prince after all. But still, how do you know that the delegation would come to visit?” 

“That was, of course, it was because I am someone who was in a position that should know. .. By the way, I haven’t introduce myself right… Let me introduce myself again…” 

Wayne felt a strong will in the man’s voice. 

“My name is Ferite Zarif. The second son of Aloi Zarif, the predecessor of Radu sea guide, the younger brother of Regul Zarif who is the one that caused the rebellion…” 


A surprise runs through Wayne’s mind. 

Aroi’s son, Ferite. He has heard about his existence, but he didn’t think he was right next door to his prison. 

(However, what does this mean?) 

If Aroi dies, Ferite should be the one being the next Radu’s sea guide… For his brother Regul, who caused the rebellion, he should kill this man immediately. However, despite being arrested in this way, he was still alive. 

(Is Ferite telling me a lie? But there should be no reason to tell me a lie?) 

Wayne pondered fiercely and tried to ask questions, but it was interrupted by the multiple-step coming their way. 

Wayne has no choice but to stop the conversation and approach the wall of the prison. Several soldiers and a man who followed them appeared. Judging from his clothes, the appearance of the soldiers around him seems to be quite high. 

Then, the man glances at Wayne, he must’ve been the commander of this base… But they not stopping in front of him but instead, the prison next to him. 

“Fuh, it seems you still able to breathe the air huh, Ferite…” 

“Indeed… thanks to your comfortable prison, Aniue…” [TLN: Aniue is a way to call “Elder brother” in Japanese…] 

Brother… Then, was this man the one who caused the rebellion? Was the man in the prison next door really Ferite? Wayne listened to the conversation between them… 

“How long are you planning to be stubborn… Are you still thinking a relief would come?” 


“The take over of the central island is complete. The resisting guys are disorganized, and destroying them would be like twisting a baby’s hand. Understand Ferite, your destiny is already exhausted…” 

The man- Regul talks with a mockery. 

“You still think about the future of the islanders right? That is some crappy philanthropic spirit but, if that is true then, you should know, the faster you kneel down, the faster the people would calm down…” 

Regul shouted


“If you worried about the future of the island, there’s only one thing you need to do… Where is the [rainbow crown]?!” 

Rainbow Crown. 

Wayne responded small to the words that came out of Regul’s mouth. 

It was a word that came up many times when he researched the Patura archipelago. The true identity was— 

“Aniue… I respected you when we were little…” 

Suddenly Ferite opened his mouth… 

“Your talent as a sailor was beyond the reach of others. For me, you’re the person I wish to become, and undoubtedly, you will become the next generation of the Radu sea’s guide.” 

“Hoo, so you finally understand?” 

Then Regul replied. 

But Ferite interjected… 

“Can I trust you who has the blood of our father and mother in his hand? Leave this place now, Regul Zarif! Glory will never come to you who follow the shadow of the rainbow without looking at yourself…” 

A momentary, strong voice. Regul hit the bar. 

“Is that your opinion about me? The one who got the inheritance just because I was not there?” 

Deep anger could be felt from Regul’s voice. 

“Don’t get on carried away. Have you forgotten that it was my mercy that you are still alive today?” 

“You are the one who has forgotten. And you seem to not have any intention to remember it anymore… … I’m very disappointed, Aniue…” 

“… Apparently, I have to make you understand your position…” 

Regul said full of murderous intent. 

“Take this guy to the interrogation room. You can use any method. Make him tell us the location of the rainbow crown…” 


“Rejoice Ferite. I’ll break your neck with my own hand when you tell me where the rainbow crown is, to end your pain faster that is… … I will go back. If he says something, immediately report back to me.” 

Regul turned his heels, saying he has nothing to do here anymore… 

At that time, when he passed on Wayne’s prison— his foot stopped… 

“… Oi, who is this young man?” 

“He’s a sailor that was being thrown away from a suspicious ship that we found during a patrol, and we’re currently investigating him…” 

“Then, what’s wrong with his treatment?” 

Wayne’s treatment, such as a fine bed, desk, chair, and other items, made him not look like a prisoner. 

“No, well, that is…” 

How were they going to explain it? Wayne set out a rescue ship as the person didn’t know how to explain. 

“No, I’m very sorry. I have a sickly and weak body, and I was forcing them to prepare these items…” 

“T-That’s right. And if something happens before we finish the investigation, it would be bad, so…” 

Regul snorted as he saw Wayne’s complexion… 

“Fuh, to call this weak constitution. If you want to make a small amount of money, at the very least, you should try your best to hide it from me. If you get noticed too much, your ship might sink you know?” 


With the soldiers nodding his head, Regul took a glance at Wayne for the last time and left… 

Ferite was then taken to the interrogation room, by the remaining soldiers. 

Wayne, who was now alone, muttered a little while leaning his back on the stone wall. 

“Now then, how should I move next…”