Genius Prince – v6-c7

Wayne then being taken to the interrogation room. 

The interrogation tools were lined up, and the smell of blood clings to the floor and walls. If you were to have a weak heart, this spectacle would make you shrug. 

And the man who was waiting as the inquisitor said with high pressure. 

“I shall tell you one thing first. There was no room for negotiation with you…” 

The man glares at Wayne. 

“It is a serious crime to ignore the inspection of our army, damaging the ship that tried to stop you, and then escape. You can’t go home unless you pay a reasonable price.” 

The inquisitor’s heavy voice made everyone didn’t think it was not a threat. 

But, of course, Wayne cannot be intimidated easily. On the contrary, the inquisitor’s words brought a piece of good news for Wayne. 

(This means, Ninim is not being caught.) 

Wayne was relieved in two ways. One was that they escaped safely. The other was that that means there were some cooperators outside, making it easier for him to escape from here. 

“Oi, are you listening?!” 

Wayne said to the inquisitor, who slams the desk. 

“Of course, I’m listening. So, how much should I pay to get released?” 

“Hou, you sure calm huh? But I wonder if you can stay calm after hearing this? Listen, your ransom is 5,000 gold coins!” 

The soldiers around the inquisitor were surprised by the amount of money. That would be normal, the ransom usually only a few gold coins, and even for a VIP, at most only a dozen gold coins. 5,000 was too exorbitant, albeit, for a reason such as a ship’s repair cost. 

(Just because of being young, and being arrogant. He wants to make me apologize.) 

Dark emotions could be felt coming out from the inquisitor. The people around him understand that the amount offered was his narrow discretion.

“… Oi.” 

“Oops, I said there won’t be negotiation, isn’t it? Also, if you speak rudely from now on, I will increase it by 100 gold coins each time. So, what is it?” 

“Make it 200,000…” 

No one except Wayne could understand the meaning of his words. No, even if they could understand, it would be impossible to understand accurately. 

However, Wayne repeated his words. 

“I’m saying that 5,000 gold coins are way too cheap. If you ask, ask for 200,000 coins…” 

It was not a misunderstanding. Everyone on the spot immediately knew that, and after a beat, the inquisitor beat the desk once again… 

“What are you saying?! Are you stupid?! Are you fooling around?!” 

“I’m not playing around. I’m serious…” 

Wayne shrugs. 

“I’m someone who holds the string of purse of Solgest Rontra Firm. There is a lot of money that cannot move without me. If it is 200,000 gold coins, they would definitely listen…” 

What was wrong with this guy. They didn’t understand the meaning. Such feelings dwell in them, but for some reason, they listened to Wayne’s words. 

“That’s right, my ship… We come here to do some trades with Salendia Firm. Because they are Rontra’s important trading partner. Contact Selendina and you should be able to talk immediately…” 

“H-However… There’s no way this is true… That’s right! Even if you have such financial power, you should only have to pay 5,000 gold coins! What is your aim for doing this?!” 

“I like making money, but, there’s something I like more… The fact that they abandoned me means that they put my life at a low price. But, since I am alive right now. They make a mistake… To make a suitable loss, that is what a merchant would do, no? Well, you can think of it as a little revenge…” 

There was neither dignity nor subservience in his narratives… Everyone felt that what Wayne says was the fact. 

Wayne laughed and asked them… 

“So, what do you do? 200,000 gold coins? It is a price that can change lives for everyone here. Of course, if you want to live a humble life, just ask for 5,000 copies. Still, there’s no loss for you guys, for me, I don’t understand why you guys hesitating…” 

That was something everyone in this place was aware of. There was no loss in this transaction. Just increase the ransom demand from 5,000 to 200,000. That alone would make them a profit of 195,000. 

But even though they know it, they were in the midst of confusion. Their thought cannot keep up with the sudden, exorbitant, and too good to be true. 

Wayne hunts down that heart. 

“190,00 gold coins…” 

The soldiers were startled by Wayne’s words. 

“You guys are no good, definitely no good. If you get lost in such a simple deal, I have no choice but to reduce it. If you still get lost, I will reduce it further…” 


Before they knew it, Wayne was in full control. But no one here was aware except him. 

“No, I don’t wait. Losing time means losing money. If the decision was delayed, the amount of money you can get would be decreased. Was it natural?! So, what are you going to do? Decide early. 180,000 gold coins now…” 

“I-I understand! We will contact Salendina Firm immediately! Is that fine?!” 

Wayne claps his hand. 

“Very good! But before that, please bring a bed to my prison. Ah, desk and a chair too alright? And I need a fine wine. A good quality wine–…” 

“W-Wait, don’t be stupid! Why do we have to do that?!” 

“If you get a wine worth 200,000 gold coins, do you leave it untouched? Do you leave it in the corner of the prison? Don’t you? It takes a lot of effort to keep something valuable, and I need it. If you can’t hand me the wine, my body won’t be in a good health, and the value would go down, no? This is a natural request…” 

“H-However, you’re in a prison…” 

“170,000 gold coins…” 

Wayne laughed when he saw everyone in the room quivered at the diminishing numbers. 

“What are you going to do? — I tell you, there’s no room for negotiation