Genius Prince – v6-c6

The ship anchored at a facility that was probably used as a military port. 

The harbor was lined with ships of the same type, and a large building that looks like a fort was right next to them. At a glance, it was a robust fort, and many guards were patrolling, suggesting the importance of this place. 

Wayne was then taken into the fort by the sailors. 

It looked like an old fort, with traces of repairs everywhere. It shows that the fort has been built decades ago. However, there was no sign that it was going to be abandoned. Rather, Wayne saw this fort as a building that would be used a lot longer. 

With that in mind, finally, he arrived in front of a prison. 

“That is your prison room. Go in quickly.” 

It was a very dirty place, but he went into the prison as he was told. 

“I will investigate later. For now, be quiet…” 

After saying that, and closing the key of the prison, the sailor left. 

When the footsteps disappeared completely far away, Wayne exhaled a little. 

“Now then, what is going on?” 

Furthermore, the rope on his hand has been removed. Wayne looked over the prison and began looking for something to use. However, as expected, there was nothing good. 

(Well, it is a prison after all.) 

hNext he reached the vents fitted with iron bars. The iron bars were unlikely to come off by using human power. Looking further out, the sky and the sea were spreading. Apparently, the fort was built on a steep cliff, and even if there was a way out of this vent, it should be the edge of the cliff behind it. 

And, of course, there was no sign that the iron bars on the corridor side could be broken. Wayne does not have the skill to unlock the key using a wire, and he didn’t even have a wire in his hand. 

And if he tries to slip past the bar forcefully he might hurt himself instead. 

“– Over there, is there anyone?” 

A voice arrived from the prison next door. 

It was a man’s voice. The two prisons were separated by a rock wall, so they cannot see each other. However, the voice he heard was sounded very tired. 

“Ah, yes, I’m a prisoner as well, starting today…” 

Wayne responded without hesitation. He didn’t know who the other person was, but right now he needs any information. 

“I’ve come with a merchant ship and got caught. I was scheduled to arrive at my destination today, but I never thought I would stay in an Inn like this…” 

“Sorry to hear that, from where did you come from?” 


“.. Then no wonder you would be surprised by this. To tell the truth, Patura archipelago is facing a big problem right now.” 

“Someone powerful tries to take over the government, in other words, rebellion, right?” 

A surprising sigh was transmitted through the wall. 

“You know it already?” 

“No, I just try to guess based on the information I get. And from your reaction just now, it seems to be the correct answer.” 

Pirates in the water under influence of Zarif Clan, and they called it an inspection. 

The quality of the equipment does not look like a pirate. And facility that a pirate cannot have. When these are overlapped, one outline emerges. 

And that was, the Zarif family, the ruler of the Patura islands, was defeated by someone and lost control of their surrounding territory, including this facility. 

“… You’re right. This stems from the murder of Aroi Zarif, the former Radu sea guide of Zarif clan, by pirates.” 


“Is there something wrong?” 

“… No, nothing.” 

Aroi Zarif. He was the person Wayne should meet. At the time, he had made a speculation that the Zarif clan had lost their control over the country, and he had prepared to some extent, but when he was told the person in question was actually dead, he couldn’t help but groan. 

“Is the pirate that strong?” 

“That one part of it but, around this time, in Patura a storm called the Dragon Storm usually happens. And it was said he was killed when he got caught up in it.” 

“A Dragon Storm is it…” 

This was a phenomenon that cannot occur in Natra. Was it the tropical unique weather? 

“And the Patura archipelago was in turmoil after losing the Radu sea guide, but when all of that happens, a man led a convoy and attacked them. The momentum was precise, and due to the lack of control on the Patura’s side, the center of the Patura archipelago was quickly occupied.” 

“No matter how you think about it, it was linked to the pirate. Who was that man?” 

“… He is Regul Zarif. The eldest son of Aroi Zarif, he has the natural gift to understand the subtlety of the sea and was once promised to be the next Radu sea’s guide. However, he ended up being exiled after running amok violently…” 

“I see…” 

He thought the pirate sure was quite smart but, no wonder if there was someone from the inside… 

“Since he was originally the heir, the influential people of the Pautra archipelago didn’t show any effort to intervene, and the Regul fleet was free to expand. I heard the tribe with bad behavior attacked a passing ship, robbing their cargo and taking hostages to get a ransom. and you got caught up in it.” 

“Such perfect timing huh?” 

Wayne groaned. The person he supposed to talk to has died, he was now caught in internal turmoil, it was like stepping on a trap and then got kicked from the back. 

“I’m truly sorry about it…” 

A word of apology comes from the other side of the wall. But, Wayne who heard it tilted his head. 

“Why? You apologized earlier, but I don’t think it was something you need to apologize for, you know?” 

After all, the cause of the uproar was Regul Zarif. He should be the one held accountable, and even if he want to expand the scope for that, it would only include the pirates, or maximum the previous head, Aroi Zarif. 

But then the man continues… 

“No, it is something I should apologize for. After all, I—…” 

“Oi, what are you talking among yourself?!” 

At that time, several soldiers appeared from the other side of the corridor. 

When the soldiers stand in front of Wayne’s prison, they unlock it and shouted. 

“Get out! It’s time for your interrogation!” 

“Okay, okay, you don’t have to shout.” 

Wayne left the prison without resistance. In the meantime, when he gently turned his gaze toward the prison beside his, he got a glimpse of a man who was leaning against the bar. 

The emaciated man gazed at Wayne and move his lips slowly, “Be careful”…