Genius Prince – v6-c5

“Can we get away from it?” 

“… Apparently, the shipping speed is the same. And since the wind is to our advantage, so if we keep going like this, we should be able to escape. Even if we can’t shake them, if we can maintain the current distance, I wonder if we could eventually encounter Zarif’s guard ship.” 

While saying that, the ship turns its rudder and veers into the eastern side of the island. The pirate-like ship follows them from behind, but as the sailors say, the distance was gradually increasing. 

“Fumu, with this we should be fine?” 

“Maybe. But just in case, everyone should go back to the cabin. It’s safer and we will be more relieved…” 

This means, they were being a hindrance, so they want them to be quiet in the cabin. Wayne and the others were complete amateurs when it comes to maneuvering, and since they were guests, it was a natural decision. 

Wayne also tried to return and decided to be obedient—… 

“Starboard! Another unknown affiliated ship!” 

The watchman gave another shout. 

Everyone’s line of sight turned toward the right side… Then from the shadow of the island, another ship came out, blocking their route. 

“Rudder, turn portside!” 

“— Can’t make it in time! We’re going to collide!” 

Shock and noise different from the shaking of the ships and the waves. At the same time, the hull tilts greatly to the left. 

“— Ah…” 

Whose voice was that belong to? 

While a sailor and her servant held Torcheira, Wayne with his poor condition was able to hold the ship rail, and Ninim ended up being thrown out to the sea. 


Wayne didn’t spend any second. 

Reach out and grab Ninim, and forcibly swap her position with her with his strength. However, now, he loses support—… 


Wayne fell into the sea as Ninim screamed. 

A completely changing scenery. The air was full of suspense. Seawater that enters the ears and nose. As he struggled to the surface of the sea, he saw Ninim about to jump off the ship to rescue her lord. 

Wayne shouted…

“Don’t come!” 

Ninim’s body froze. 

At the same time, Wayne’s ship collided and started to move again. 

He saw Ninim and Torcheira yelling at the sailors in the distance, but their ship didn’t stop. They leave at full speed as to shake away the chasing enemy ship. 

Wayne was left behind. 


He exhaled a little relief, not disappointment or anxiety. 

That ship and sailors were borrowed from King Guryuel. Their priority was not Wayne but Solgest’s princess Torcheira. Therefore, in a situation where pirates were passing, someone who was being thrown into the sea cannot be saved. Even if that person was a royal family of another country and its servants. 

(The island is right there. It is not difficult for me to swim and go there… However, the problem is…) 

Whyne looked around, as he feels the seawater entering his mouth a little. Immediately after that, the first pirate ship they discover approached… 

When the ship was next to Wayne, it folds its sails and stops moving. And a rope ladder was dropped right in front of him. 

(… There’s no choice but to go up I guess?) 

There was no way that a person could shake off a ship just by swimming. If an arrow or a harpoon was being shot when he attempted to escape, he might die as well. Furthermore, even if the island appeared nearby, he thought these people might also come from the island itself. 

Wayne then made up his mind and grabbed the rope ladder, and ascended to the ship. 

Waiting for him were several sword tips. 

“Well, I knew it…” 

Wayne raised his hand quietly in front of the sailors holding out their weapon. 

“I will not resist, so, please lower your weapon…” 

While saying that, Wayne quickly glances at the sailors 

(Unified pieces of equipment. And their formation is completely dispersed. Their weapons are also good. It is reasonable to think of this as a warship, but it seems it is not one from the Zarif clan…) 

As he was thinking, a person who seems to be the captain of the ship came out in front of him. 

“You sure have some courage huh? You don’t seem to be just a younger man. We might get a high price…” 

The man continues as he pointed his blade at Wayne’s throat. 

“Where did that ship came from? And where are you going?” 


At this point, Wayne had a general grasp of the other party’s intentions. 

They don’t know where the ship comes from. Their purpose, 90% of it, he was sure— It was for money… 

“From Solgest. The purpose is to buy the product from Patura…” 

The response was naturally mixed. If money was their aim, it would be better for him to inform that he was a merchant than another country’s representatives. 

“Solgest… From the northern side, you sure have gone a long way huh…?”

“if you think so, I would be grateful you don’t give me a hard time. I’m here because I fell into the sea after my ship was being attacked by a ship that looks like a pirate ship.” 

“Fuuh, Don’t get cocky, kid. I was just trying to do an inspection, was there a misunderstanding? The ship ran away instead…” 

“Inspection? What’s going on? Is there a war?” 

“I don’t have any reason to tell you. Just pray that you could be sold for a high price. — Oi, place him in the ship’s hold!” 

At the command of the man, Wayne’s arms were being tied with a rope and he was thrown into the ship’s hold. 

After Wayne was on board, the ship started to move… 

(Geez, what a completely unexpected development.) 

Where was the ship going? What has happened in the Patura archipelago, and what was going to happen to him? 

The ship went on the sea with Wayne, who was in doubt of what had happened…