Genius Prince – v6-c37

One man sitting in a dimly lit room. 

There was a canvas for drawing pictures in front of his eyes, in his hands were the paintbrush and a palette. 

A man slowly touches the canvas with the paintbrush. The color was softly dyed white. And the paintbrush runs across the canvas as he thinks about the pictures in his mind. 

“— Why, why?!” 

With anger, the man knocked the canvas to the floor along with his paintbrush. 

“Why can’t I draw! my heart should’ve trembled! The genius exiled from his hometown, getting defeated by his younger brother and failed to get anything!” 

The man trampled the canvas over and over again and looked up to the heavens. 

“Oh, God! Why don’t you make me an artist! Just one piece, only one piece, I would be saved if I could draw one picture! Just one!” 

God didn’t answer his question. 

Instead, a small voice arrived from behind him. 

“Apparently, you didn’t get the result you’re hoping for, Steyr-sama.” 

The light shines faintly in the darkness. 

There sat a woman in a robe. 

“Ah… Caldomeria-dono.” 

The man— Saint lord Steyr Rosso, sighed and turn toward the woman— Saint Lord Caldomeria. 

“I’m ashamed to show my embarrassing side.” 

“No, please don’t worry about it. To have anguish, and to reveal one anguish, was never a sinful thing. After all, sometimes an answer didn’t come from within oneself but from outside…” 

“I see, thinking about it, that must’ve been it.” 

Toward Steyr who laughed, Caldomeria said… 

“So, how was it? The Patura Archipelago?” 

“Unfortunately, Ferite Zarif manages to grasp full control. He seems to have a good relationship with the sea masters, and his people, and I think it would take time to break this down.” 

Steyr then continues. 

“Also, looking at the response to the messenger, he will follow his predecessor, Aroi, policy, and remained neutral with the east and west of the continent. Simply said, the plan failed.” 

The country Steyr belongs to, the Vanhelio Kingdom has been giving financial aid to Regur, to retake Patura, and making them supporting power against the Empire in the east. However, Regur was defeated, and his support vaporized like foam. 

“That’s troubling…” 

Caldomeria exhaled while looking melancholy. 

“Natra in the north, Mirtaz in the central, Patura in the south, The three forces that rule the path that connect the east and west are as solid as rock, and not much happened.” 

Steyr nodded. 

“Natra’s progress, in particular, has been tremendous. The crown prince Wayne was also being recognized by King Guryuel.” 

“That’s right… I am in the process of setting up various things, including in that country, but Prince Wayne seems to have a very good intuition, how far can I go with the plan I wonder. I’m really troubled…” 

“But still, Caldomeria-dono, you seem to be having fun.” 


Caldomeria placed her hand on her cheek as if looking embarrassed. 

“Fufufu, I can’t be like this, I’m already too old. I have to plan more properly, and sincerely for the people of this continent so that they lose everything.” 

“Loss is one of the starting points for great people. I will spare no effort in cooperation.” 

“Indeed… Let us spread even more war in the east.” 

In this thin darkness, two monsters were making their strategy. 

No one knows where the dark flowers would bloom. 


“Ya— I am back.” 

Natra Kingdom, Willeron Palace. 

Sitting on a familiar office chair and took a deep breath was Wayne. 

It should have been a trade negotiation trip but, it turns into a trip filled with disturbance. He did gain something but, due to the unfamiliar trip by ship, he needs to take some rest for a while. 

After clearing some documents, he decided to take some time to relax. But then, Wayne directed his line of sight to his knee. 

“— So, Franya, what are you doing?” 

On his knees. His little sister, Franya, was sitting there. 

Franya replied while pointing up. 

“No need to mind, Onii-sama. Because I will just sit here.” 

“No, it is hard for me to not mind in this situation.” 

“No need to mind…” 

“I understand, I understand.” 

Apparently, he couldn’t bend her will because he had left her for a long trip. As her elder brother, he needs to return her good mood somehow. 

“So, Onii-sama, how was your trip?” 

“Eh? Oh, it was indeed quite interesting.” 


Whoops. He had caused her grumpiness to increase instead. Wayne quickly understood that he had made a blunder. 

“W-Well, I’m sorry, if we have another opportunity, let us go on a trip together…” 

He immediately took care of it but, a suspicious glare was directed at him. 

“… Can I go together with Onii-sama? The country representative, together?” 

“Hahahaha, Believe in this elder brother of yours, Franya.” 


This was bad, she couldn’t believe it. 

If this was Franya from before, she would immediately nod, but now, he wonders if she had grown up. Then he realizes that the weight of her body feels a bit heavier than before. 

“Onii-sama, perchance, are you thinking something rude?” 

“O-Of course not! After all, I am the perfect Nii-sama!” 


It seems her ability to detect other people’s minds also has been increasing. Wayne was terrified that his little sister had become a difficult opponent before he realizes it. 

“… Well, fine then. I am happy that Onii-sama manages to return home safely…” 


“Also, where’s princess Torcheira? It doesn’t look like she came back with you?” 

“Oh, she needs to report the events that happened in the Patura archipelago to King Guryuel. It seems it would take a while for her to return here…” 

“— Which mean, I can monopolize Onii-sama for a while…” 

Franya chuckled happily. 

“Tell me all the events that happen on the island…” 


“That’s right. Because that person is Princess Torcheira after all, she would definitely tell me the events that happened while looking all proud. So, before that happens, I will learn everything ahead!” 

Wayne floated a confused look while looking at his little sister’s determination, but if that could return her mood, he thought it was a cheap price to pay. 

“Anyway, Onii-sama, start…” 

“Well, there were various things that happen. For example– I was put in jail.” 


“Then I raised my own ransom to 20,000 gold coins.” 


“And I also destroyed Patura’s national treasure…” 

“Just what are you doing, Onii-sama?!” 

“There were a lot of events happen. Well, let me tell you all of it, slowly…” 

As expected, it takes time to talk about everything… 

Since he was able to spend some time relaxing, he decided to spend the time with his little sister. 

When he thought that, the door of the office was opened. 

“Your Highness, excuse me.” 

Ninim who appeared went toward Wayne. 

“I just receive secret news from the Empire.” 

“… I have a bad feeling. 

“Me too…” 

But if it was a piece of information about the Empire, he could not brush it away… 

Wayne opens the letter, and Franya peeks at it as he read the letter. 

Then, he spoke as if being surprised… 

“– A coronation would be held in the Empire?!” 

A new year, the Natra Kingdom, who signed friendship with Patura Archipelago at the end of the twisted journey. 

However, in the Vuno continent, a new event was about to happen—. 

—–The End of Volume 6—–