Genius Prince – v6-c36

Half a month has passed when the Patura battle ended. 

Ferite was now inside of the fort where he was held as a prisoner. But of course, the place he was in now was not a prison, but a neat command room. It was also the room his elder brother had used before. 

There was a lot of work need to be done. He needs to make not just the sea masters but also the public to recognize him as the Sea Guide [Radu], the matter to resume foreign trade, and also creating countermeasure for any resistance… As expected, it made his head hurt, but this was unavoidable. 

At that time, the door was slammed open. 

“I’m sorry for disturbing you.” 

It was Wayne who appeared. Ferite then greeted his friend who made it possible for him to stand on this stage. 

“Ah, Wayne. What happen?” 

“Well, I just want to inform you that I am finally ready to return home,” 

Wayne said… 

“I’ve been staying here for a while but, as expected, I have a lot of things to do back home. So, it is time for me to return home.” 

“Is that so… Just gratitude alone cannot express my thanks. I shall fulfill my promise of that time.” 

“Then I shall receive it. … But anyway, can you spare some time? There’s something I want to show you…” 

“You want to show me something??” 

Ferite tilted his head and left the room with Wayne. 

“It was Mareze, Ferite’s ancestors who build this fort right?” 

“That’s right. Because at the time, we need a large military port to deal with the other countries. In a sense, it can be said as a symbol of the unification of the archipelago. Still, why did you bring that up?” 

“You will understand soon.” 

That said, Wayne led him out of the fort. After a while, they arrived at the place where there was a lot of goods being accumulated, and Ninim stood there. 

“We’ve been waiting.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Yes. We’ve confirmed it.” 

Wayne then shows an old well near that place. It was not for drink. In the past, the wells were used in case of fire. As he thought, there was no seawater anymore, it was left unattended since. 

And apparently, Wayne wanted to show him this well. 

“Alright, let us begin.” 

“W-Wait, please wait a minute. What are you going to do, to begin with?” 

Then Wayne answered as if he was being asked a strange question. 

“Ferite, what exists above the spine?” 


As Ferite was looking bewildered, Wayne went down inside the well by using the ladder prepared by Ninim. When Ferite looked at Ninim, she urged him to follow. 

“… Fine!” 

For him, it was already late in the game to not trust these two people. Ferite then resolves himself and entered the wells. 

The inside was dark, and there was a torch stuck on the wall. It must’ve been prepared by Ninim. However, now Ferite was more bewildered.

Funny enough, when he looked down, he didn’t see Wayne. 

“Huh? Wayne–?” 


His voice comes from inside the wall. No, it was different. He was just not visible, he was on the side of the bottom of the well, there was a narrow passage. 

“What is this road?” 

Arriving at the bottom, Ferite looked in amazement. Pasha, it was the sound of water. Some seawater remained there. 

“I have solved the mystery.” 

Wayne took the torch on the wall and began to proceed. Ferite hurriedly followed him. The mystery. What was above your spine? 

(Above the spine… The head?) 

When he thought about the answer, a flash like thunder rang through Ferite’s brain. 

“I-It can’t be…” 

“That was a bit preconception.” 

Wayne was laughing. 

“When it is filled with new things, the eyes that sleep under the rainbow will appear.” 

Those were words that Ferite’s ancestor, Mareze left. 

There was also that the mystery was about Patura’s treasures.

“When filled with a new one, it must be about the moon. Since it indicates the tides.” 

Today is a full moon, with a low tide period. [TLN: called Neap Tide] 

The passageway was wet, indicating that it was full of water just a moment ago. 

“The eye. The place where the eye is located in the head. And the head is above the spine. In other words, the Patura islands, located above the giant spine crossing the continent.” 

It can’t be, his heart rate was increasing. The end of the passageway was near. It can’t be, right? He thought again. Was it here…? 

“And since it says the eye, indicates that something was made in the position of the eye. For example, this fort.” 

The military port that Mareze constructed. Actually, there was something else hidden there. If you make a fort on top, that means someone was trying to hide something in its basement. 

“… We’ve arrived.” 

There Ferite saw. 

Jewels deposit all over the room, reflecting the torchlight. 

“… Oh my…” 

His legs give away and he was kneeling on the ground. His knees were wet due to the remaining seawater but, he didn’t care. 

“Aniue, here, lays what you want the most…” 

There were many shellfish moving in the water. Anemia shellfish. The shell shine in rainbow color. Did Mareze grow them here, or did they arrived here from somewhere? It was something Ferite couldn’t solve. 

“So, what are you going to do?” 

Wayne took one shell under his feet. The shellfish was surprised and hide inside its shell. He then pokes the shell with his fingertips. 

“You’re struggling with the post-war ruling, right? If you take this with you, you can easily gather authority.” 

Wayne said. If he had the rainbow crown, the people would easily follow him. 

Indeed, it would be easy. However. 

“I am not a sea guide if I get it easy…” 

That was Ferite answer. I see, Wayne laughed and returned the shellfish into the water. 

“I have a lot of debt but, let me ask you still..” 

“Not to talk about this right? Fine by me, after all, Patura is not mine to rule, to begin with…” 

“… Thank you very much.” 

Ferite bowed and thanked, then said… 

“Let us seal this place. May no one can get another rainbow crown. After all, my heart is weak, one day I might try to rely on it if I leave it as it is…” 

Wayne did not say anything when he heard Ferite decision. He only nodded and turn his heels with a feeling of satisfaction. 

“Well then, let us return back.” 

In response, Ferite said… 

“Wait Wayne, this is just right, there’s one thing that I’ve been trying to ask before…” 


“Did you actually deliberately let the rainbow crown break?” 

At that time, everyone thought it was an accident that the rainbow crown break. There was no one doubting that. 

However, when he thinks about it now. He was started to think it was not an accident. 

“You knew, that even with the rainbow crown, I won’t be able to persuade the sea masters. However, once I had it, I won’t be allowed to destroy it. And since you knew that under the ship was rock, you dropped it… Since if it falls into the sea, we would search for it instead.” 


“Losing the rainbow crown made me steel my determination. And making me grow as a person. Or even that, you might have put all of it into your calculation.” 

“… If that is the case, what are you going to do?” 

In response to his question, Ferite shakes his head. 

“None, I will do nothing. But, I just want to say thank you one more time.” 

“Is that so?”, Wayne muttered while nodding. 

Then he laughed. 

“Everything has come to an end. — You’re not going to chase the shadow of the rainbow crown, right?” 

Ferite laughed in response to his words and said… 

“… I wonder, I guess so. Anyway, let us return back. We still have a lot of work to do.” 

After that, a few days later, Wayne returned to the Kingdom of Natra, while being seen off grandly. 

Thereafter, the Natra Kingdom, and the Patura Archipelago will become friends for many generations, but only future historian knows that.