Genius Prince – v6-c35

Regur looked down at the sword penetrating his body. 

The wound feels hot. On the other hand, he feels his hands lose their heat. 

Ah, I am going to die, he thought. At the same time, his sword slipped from his hand. 

When he raised his line of sight, he still saw the rainbow. 

The rainbow disappeared without him being able to reach it. 

(Come to think of it… When we’re young, something similar happens…) 

When was that… 

He remembered reprimanding him for doing stupid things. 

Then like bubbles, memories of the past came to mind. 

[Aniue, do you hate rainbow?] 

[I hate it. The rainbow, the rainbow crown, and me, I wanted them to stop worshiping. When I rule Patura, I will destroy the rainbow crown…] 

[If you do such a thing, everyone would be angry!] 

[You just have to become someone more valuable than that thing. Just look at me Ferite, I will dominate the sea around this continent, and then I will see what at the end of the sea!] 

Oh, Ferite eyes shine. 

[Aniue! Aniue! Please take me with you!] 

[No, only top-notch people, including me, can board my ship. As if you can board it like this…] 

[Then I will show you! I will be a sailor worthy of my brother ship!] 

[Fuh, I won’t let you in just by chance, alright?] 

Mockingly he laughed and said… 

[Well, if you can prove yourself, then I will think about it—] 

Then the bubbles start to disappear. 

No matter how much meaning it has, it was already turned into a past memory. 

Because the road of the two already parted ways. 

“Ferite-sama! Please come back here as soon as possible!” 

His younger brother’s subordinates screamed. The torn hull began to get swallowed by water. The ship soon would sink. 


His little brother looked at him. 

He wonders if his little brother gets wet because of the seawater splash again. Well, it doesn’t matter. 

“— Are you really wish to catch up to me that much?” 

He then grabbed his little brother’s neck. There was incredible power rising in his hand. 

“Stupid, it’s one hundred years too early for you to board my ship.” 


Ferite’s brother was thrown out of the ship. 

At the same time, the sailing ship sink. Those who were fighting before returned to the galley ship one after another. 

Regur Zarif, sank with his ship, never to be seen again. 


The battle of Patura Archipelago, fought by 100 ships, was won by the Ferite Zarif camp. 

After this, Ferite Zarif, followed by the sea masters clean the remains.

Then they manage to take control of Patura and regained the islands.