Genius Prince – v6-c34

“Calm down! Those are just a bluff!’ 

Regur raised his voice to his agitated men. 

“If those ships are were capable of combat, then they would’ve already joined the battles! What more, the other side is also using sailing ships, we can just get past them from the sides.” 

With this instruction, the personnel of Regur ship regains some calmness. 

However, as a matter of course, only his crew could hear him. His other allied ships could not recover as fast as his crew, and they were left behind, in which the sea masters didn’t let them escape easily. 

“Regur-sama! Our allied ships are getting hit one after another!” 

The Galleys ships attacked the sailing ships one after another. Regur sail ships could not adjust their heading without any winds at all. And that means they couldn’t outmaneuver the galley ships. 

“Khu! Tell them to endure, this state of a calm sea won’t last long!” 

Regur sensed that the wind would return. However, if the other side also had predicted that the calm sea won’t last long. How will they overcome it? 

“Enemy flagship! Approaching!” 

Regur’s gaze followed the direction of his subordinate’s voice. There was one galley ship approaching close furiously. 


They cannot miss the chance, were they came to get the leader’s head? None of his allied ships could stop Ferite’s advance. 

“Don’t insult me!” 

Before long, the wind came back. It was a tailwind from behind. 

In time… If he could catch the wind, he could avoid the Galley ship. After that, he should be able to leave with the wind. 

(5 Seconds more!) 

He counted. The ship approaches. A little bit more… And then—… 

The wind blew. 


He gets the ship to catch the wind. It was in time. When he thought that his movement has been read, Regur turns his gaze toward the bow, and he saw a galley ship there. 

“To be honest, I didn’t want to catch up with you in this way, Big brother—!” 

Ferite’s galley pierced the side of Regur’s sail ship. 


(Not enough huh?!) 

Since the thrust timing was perfect 

However, it was a coincidence with the arrival of the wind. Also, it was due to Regur’s will. Ferite’s galley ship did not pierce the side of Regur’s ship but slightly slipping its side. 

Had it pierced perfectly, it would be torn and sink. However, Regur’s ability made him able to break away before it happens. 

(There’s no time to take a distance! If I don’t defeat them here.) 

Ferite immediately judged and raised his voice. 

“Throw the ropes! We will board their ship!” 


One after another, the ropes were being thrown toward Regur’s ship. The other side sailors tried to cut off the rope and shake it off, but the impact of the previous crash slows their movement, and finally, the two ships tied together. 

“Draw your sword! Board the enemy’s ship!” 

Following Ferite’s order, the sailors pull out their swords and jump onto the enemy ship’s deck. 

“Apis stay here, and instruct everyone!” 

“Wh, Ferite-sama?!” 

It was a surprise for Apis as Ferite give his order while jumping into the enemy’s ship. 

“Where, where are you?!” 

The sounds of sailors and swords clashing against each other. Ferite was looking for someone. 

“I am here…” 

At the same time, a white blade grazes his nose. 


Ferite jumped back and look up involuntarily. The figure of his elder brother, Regur, was standing there. 

“Big brother…” 

“You did it, Ferite. Even though it was by chance, you manage to strike my ship.” 

Even now, Regur’s will still not yet broken. Glaring at Ferite, he said… 

“But to board my ship, are you trying to capture me? What a stupid thing to do!” 

Regur then kicked the deck. On a swaying ship but with an unwavering footing, Regur approaches Ferite with his sword. 

“Did you think you could stop my path!” 


Ferite clashed swords with Regur. 

Their sword clashes, sparks and iron sound clashing with each other could be heard. 

“What’s wrong, Ferite? Are you truly believe that you could defeat me with just this much?! — Come!” 

Ferite was blown back as he receives Regur’s attack. 

Ferite rolled on the deck as blood spilled from his chest. He was cut. 

“… Yes, my sword certainly no match against you. You are always one step ahead of me at everything.” 

Fortunately, it was not deep, if the battle ends here, he will not die. Ferite after diagnosing his own wound firmly gripped his sword. 

“But, I have no plan of arresting you. I’ve come here, to end my elder brother’s life with my own hand.” 

“For that reason, you endanger yourself. That is not a good decision, little brother.” 

Regur mock Ferite. 

“… If I am a fool, then what are you, big brother. In this situation, you still think you could escape? You’re still not yet giving up?” 


Regur answered with arrogance. 

“As if everything going to end just like this! Do you think my hatred would clear up if I gave up?! I will crawl up as many times as I needed to! And get Patura and the rainbow crown on my hand!” 


Ferite expression turns sad when he heard Regur’s words. 

He was supposedly not to say the truth, but in the end, he said… 

“Big Brother… I have something to tell you…” 


“I have destroyed the rainbow crown.” 

Regur stopped moving. 

The sounds of battle from their surroundings still continue. But, for the two people facing each other, it feels like those sounds didn’t exist. 

“W-What, did you say…” 

“What you want elder brother, it is not in this world anymore.” 

“… Lies! There’s no way the rainbow crown is broken! That is Patura itself, that is something that God bestowed upon us!” 

“That thing is just shells! And the Patura archipelago didn’t need it anymore! Big brother, wake up! You still have a great future than this!” 

“Shut up! Fine! I won’t waste my time, I will kill you and find the rainbow crown myself!” 

Regur set up his swords. His steps were like that of a devil’s approach. Ferite felt his fighting spirit with his body. 

Any of his words won’t reach his brother anymore. Ferite then decided to prepare himself. 

Tension rise between the two. Their line of sight slightly met, and before long, the ship they stepped on was split. 

The two then kicked the deck at the same time. 

As a result, the hull swaying. 

As high waves splashed on these two people. 

Two swords strike against each other—. 

A rainbow has appeared between the two. 


It was a momentary moment, caused by the sun, the water splash and their movement. 

But, Regur’s eyes caught on the rainbow. 

And Ferite eyes didn’t overlook it. 

Ferite’s sword then penetrated Regur’s body.