Genius Prince – v6-c33


“I know.” 

With the sky change, Ferite raised his arms. 

[The special dragon storm would appear once in every decade around this time of the year. As an omen, days with strong wind would increase, and the temperature would increase and animals and plants would grow much earlier than usual.] 

“Corvino-sama! We cannot hold the enemy ship on this side!” 

“A little bit! Just a little bit more!” 

Staring at the sky, Corvino inspires his crew. 

[There is a myth in the Patura islands. It was said that the sea god Orubert defeated the sea dragon that disturbs the sea with a golden spear and a silver shield.] 

“Emerence ship is not yet sunk right?!” 

“Yes, Sandia-sama! Emerence flagship is still alive!” 

As ships sank one after another, Sandia exhaled with relief as he clicks his tongue. 

[Myth is oftentimes based on an event that actually happened. Looking at the documents, this one is probably one of those. A sea dragon is this unique storm. The golden spear is the sunlight, pouring down from the sky. And the white silver shield is the sea surface reflecting sunlight. These were the phenomenon that brings about the special storm…] 

“I sure have a long life…” 

Vorace laughed while saying those words. 

“To think there would be a day I could see this scene…” 

[— Calm…] 

At that moment, the wind died. 


What happened, Regur could not understand what had happened. 

The dark clouds overhead were interrupted. He knew everything so far. And even if the dark cloud disappeared, the wind should’ve remained. And as long as he had winds on his side, the advantage on him won’t change. 

But now, the wind had suddenly disappeared. 

“It can’t be… What’s going on here…” 

The water surface that reflects the sunlight was dazzling. The rough sea suddenly becomes calm. It feels like he was being thrown into another world. 

It was Calm. The wind had completely disappeared. For such a thing to happen right after the dragon storm, even Regur couldn’t notice it. And if he didn’t notice it, anybody around him couldn’t notice it either. 

That how it was supposed to be… 

“Regur-sama! The enemy has taken the offensive stance!” 


Regur glanced. The galleys ships that couldn’t move due to the storm were attacking his ships one after another. The movement of the enemy which was without hesitation only possible if they manage to predict it. 

(If they manage to predict this, I can understand why they have this kind of movement! But why! What did they know that I do not know?!) 

Regur didn’t know. The content of Zarif family historical documents. That was because he had his talent, he didn’t think that looking back have any merits. 

Therefore, Regur never thinks about it. It was a fact that his talent surpasses anyone in the Zarif family. 

— Still, even if he didn’t know what happened, he still capable of giving instruction. 

“Use the signal flag! Tell the whole fleet out of this area!” 

Regur has his pride. His pride caused him to feel hesitant to run away from his enemy. 

However, a calm part in him manages to suppress that. His power where he could see the big picture was still working despite all his pride and hatred.

“We will retreat! Take out the paddle! While we hide behind the island behind us—” 


One of his subordinates gives out a sad voice. 

This time, he looks at his man behind him. 

Regur line of sight was directed at the area behind him. 

“Stupid, since when?!” 

In the sea area behind him, five sailing ships, which have Natra’s flag, were floating. 


“Sorry, but I cannot let you guys get away…” 

Five sailing ships lined up. 

Wayne, riding on the flagship, stared at Regur’s fleet and laughed. 

“To think he really plans to move the battlefield here…” 

Next to him was Ninim, who voiced her surprise. 

The five ships were ships that under Wayne’s command when he comes here before the war, and they had secretly arranged the ships to be in this area. The purpose was to stop the Regur fleet from escape. 

“The dragon storm flows from the south to the north. If that happens, he will guide the battlefield to move as to meet the dragon storm earlier. If that was what he would do, then we could predict the choking point…” 

Wayne said it simply but, Ninim know that was not easy to do. Moving speeds of the battlefield, and the storm arrival and progress. By predicting all of that, he lurked his ships behind the shadow of the island. How terrifying, Ninim thought… 

“… But if you know this much, I don’t want Wayne to risk himself and do this directly like this…” 

“That’s true… This action is for something during postwar processing… I don’t think Ferite will break his promise but, the sea masters won’t always have the same opinion. That’s why, we have Natra to put his body up and cooperate, so we can make an easy-to-understand appeal during negotiation…” 

“It is fine for us to immediately run away the moment the enemy is approaching for real right?” 

“Of course. We don’t have many people who are accustomed to fighting in the first place.” 

The five ships have only minimum sailors and necessity. Moreover, the sailors in these ships were mostly apprentice, which means, they have no sufficient ability, that was why he had instructed them to immediately run away the moment the enemy decided to approach the fleet… This placement was for the purpose of restraining. 

“Will the other side notice it?” 

“They will notice.” 

But, Wayne continues… 

“Even if they notice it, they cannot avoid it…”