Genius Prince – v6-c32

The War has changed completely. 

In the areas of the dragon storm, the sea has a strong rain and the wind blowhard. 

Galleys ships were weak against this kind of rough sea. Because the surface of the bottom of the ship was flat, it would raise the ship when it hits waves. It was difficult to row the ships straight where the sea waters hit them from the sides, and some of the waters entered the paddle room from the hole. 

“Edgar! We receive a message one after another that says some ships unable to navigate.” 

“With this wave, our ship won’t be able to move much either!” 

“I’m sorry but, I need all of you to bear with it!” 

While giving his subordinates his orders, Sea master Edgar clicked his tongue. 

“Even for a sailing ship, this kind of wind would be troublesome…” 

Alternatively, if both, force was about to collide, he immediately withdraws, and re-engage once again. In this storm, the Regur fleet hits Ferite ships relentlessly, manages to damage one after another, On Regur’s side, inability to sail straight was not a bad thing. Far from attacking and defending, Ferite’s ship couldn’t even protect itself and was sunk. 

“Geez, they had us…!” 

It was not only Regur flagships, that also entered the storm. The genius that never turns back toward his surrounding, had pushed himself to the death to train himself and his crew. And all of that was fueled by his deep grudge toward Patura. 

But still, Edgar thinks. 

“Not bad, Regur! But, our new sea guide [Radu] will surpass you!” 

It was strange, Regur thought. 

He had entered the storm and was dominating the war. Which means it was good. 

However, the opponent’s response was much faster than expected. The moral of the enemy didn’t collapse and they manage to endure it well. 

It feels like they also have predicted the arrival of this storm. 

(No, that stupid, there’s no way…) 

Predicting the weather on the sea by using the wind and the sea was something only sailors could do. However, when it comes to accuracy, no one ahead of Regur’s ability. 

(Even if it is temporary, if they stay like that, there’s no way they could challenge me. Every enemy ships have removed their sails. Meaning, they judged that there would be no wind.)  

Although it was a galley ship, some of them still have sails and mast, it was to ease the burden of the rower during non-combats. 

However, the ship on the Ferite side was completely unified, where there were no sails, and only move by using rowers. By doing that, the effect was their ship has become more agile due to the less weight. 

(I thought they couldn’t predict the dragon storm. With that, I think I could win the war by withstanding the dragon storm. But, if the other party was able to predict the dragon storm—) 

At first, he thought the enemy couldn’t predict the arrival of the dragon storm when he saw the enemy removed the sails, and he thought the enemy would drag him back into the battlefield. 


How foolish. That would be impossible he thought. There was no way the other party has a person who could read the wind like him. There was just no way. As proof of that, the other party was now swallowed by the storm and was in a disadvantageous situation. If the opponent has foreseen this, they would avoid it. 

Regur thought he was just thinking too much. As he thought that, Regur suddenly saw the southern sky. 

“— What?” 

He manages to detect the abnormality due to his ability. 

“Something is coming.” 

Cold feeling run down his spine. A strong wind that could break the sails— No, that was different. A big wave that could swallow ships— That did not seems to be the case. But, something was definitely coming. 

“W-What is that?!” 

At the point where Regur stared, something was wriggling inside the dark cloud. 


“We will take advantage of the dragon storm…” 

Ferite said those words in front of the sea masters and Wayne who sit at the end of the desk. 

“Based on how my father, Aroi, meet his end, it was due to Regur talent, which could predict the arrival of dragon storm. I will make use of it.” 

“… I cannot believe it.” 

Sandia said. 

“Dragon Strom was a phenomenon that appears suddenly. One couldn’t predict it.” 

“No, if it’s that person, it won’t be impossible. The way he read the wind, it was something mortal couldn’t do.” 

Edgar agrees with Ferite opinion. The young sea masters who know Edgar doesn’t joke, once again shudder at Regur’s talent. Vorace asked the question next. 

“So then, Ferite-sama. If that is the case, should we do the opposite hand and do the decisive battle on the day when the dragon storm occurs?” 

Corvino disagrees before Ferite gives his answer. 

“Wait. If we enter the storm, our galley ships won’t be able to move.” 

“That is precisely why…” 

Vorace continue… 

“According to the information we have, Vanhelino Kingdom is the one who supported Regur, right? Time is on their side. If we are going, we would choose to go when we think we would win.” 

“I see… We wage a war before the dragon storm happens, and then defeat Regur right before the dragon storm reaches.” 

Emerence nodded but, Edgar raised his eyebrows. 

“But the question remained. First of all, how do we predict when the dragon storm happen? And the other is, can we really defeat Regur force before the dragon storm arrives…?” 

The sea masters groaned at once. The former was impossible and the latter was difficult. Though they don’t think they cannot do this operation but, in terms of success, not very much. Their line of sight naturally turned toward Ferite. 

However, Ferite replied to them in a dignified way. 

“First of all, about how to predict the dragon storm, it is possible. It happened twice during our preparation for war, now I’ve succeeded in detecting it in advance.” 


“Which technology did you use?!” 

Ferite shakes his head when he was asked by the surprised sea masters. And then he presented them with thick documents. 

“It is not due to my ability. We manage to predict it by examining the documents and materials gathered by the Zarif family.” 

Ferite said. 

“Just by sharing these documents, people should be able to detect the sign of a dragon storm. From there, you could improve your accuracy…” 

“I see… Regur is one person but, we could get the same result if we employ many people…” 

Vorace was impressed when he heard it. 

Ferite then continues… 

“Also another thing. The aim of this plan was to win the war before the dragon storm reaches. But, there’s also a way for us to overcome the special dragon storm.” 

“Overcoming the special dragon storm?” 

Ferite then brings up new materials and distributes them to the bewildered sea masters. 

“… Prince Wayne is the one who discovers this material, and summarized it. I was also surprised too…” 

The sea masters read through the content of the material as they shift their gaze between the material and Wayne. Eventually, their eyes opened wide. 

“This is, it can’t be…” 

“Did such a thing really happen?” 

“Ummm, But still…” 

The sea masters muttered. Then, Wayne opened his mouth… 

“This is a gamble…” 

Everyone’s eyes then directed Wayne who was laughing. 

“If the documents are correct, it definitely meets the condition under which the special dragon storm will occur. It is also possible to expect it to happen. However, it was also true, that it was only a story from a document.” 

Therefore, it was a gamble. Whether or not to entrust the life of many people to this information. 

“Ferite-sama, do you believe in this?” 

When Edgar asked with such a question, Ferite nodded without hesitation.

“I do, believe in it.” 

He declared. 

“This is part of the history of the Zarif Family, I believe it is real. With that being the case, let us prove it in this war—.”