Genius Prince – v6-c31

“Regur-sama! We found the enemy fleet!” 

“Finally, they come…” 

As he heard his subordinates report, Regur rose from his seat in the captain’s room. 

He then gets out of the room and steps on the deck. The sea breeze brushed his cheek. The sky was slightly sunny with the cloud. The wind breeze comes from the south. The waves of the sea surface were calm. 

Overlooking at the surroundings. There were a lot of ships lined in the area. Around 65 of them. All of them were sailing ships. It was all the power in Regur’s hand. 

Then he looks at the horizon. There was a small shadow raised… It was a ship. It came toward him. 

“45… 50… There are 60 enemy ships! And all of them are Galley!” 

It was the enemy flee, which was, Ferite’s fleet. 

The number was almost equivalent to his fleet. Based on the preliminary survey, this was the full power including the force of the sea masters. 

“He wants to declare that he won, huh?” 

If one wins this battle, the person will take control of the Patura archipelago. There was no draw in this battle. The two forces will meet, one will win, and one will meet its end. 

“But still, to think he would choose today as the decisive battle…” 

For a while, a strong wind could be felt. Just like Rodolph, Ferite’s fleet was made of Galley ships. For such a ship, if the wind was strong, it would be a disadvantage for them. 

That was why they decided today as the decisive battle since the wind was relatively calm. If they spent more time, the difference in power might not be overturned anymore. 

“… To not know what would happen next, how stupid.” 

Regur said those words filled with ridicule as he rise his hand. 

All 65 ships move all at once. 


Regur fleet moved. 

Ferite, who was on the flagship involuntarily shuddered. 

“Ferite-sama are you nervous?” 

Ferite nodded when Apis asked. 

“Yes, I am nervous.” 

A total of more than 100 ships collide in a major battle. 

There were many large battles in the history of the Patura islands. 

“… Since my brother’s exile, I thought I would be the one who would succeed my father. But, I personally never wants such a special place.” 

For him, if he could have peaceful days while governing, that would be fine. 

He should have thought it once, but in the end, he didn’t want to challenge such a battle where he leaves his name in history. 


“Indeed so…” 

Ferite smiles wryly. Nothing stays the same. If he was a god then, it might possible to avoid this battle and regain peace but, one cannot do something that one cannot do, what one could do was to pass the trial in front of one’s eyes. 

“Give message  — We shall continue the plan.” 


The situation was that the enemy has more force than Ferite does. 

When the number of ships increased, it was fundamental to change the tactic for the assault but, due to the reserve. 

However, today wind was relatively gentle, waves were calm, with the current environment, the Ferite force which consists of galleys ships was relatively in advantage. Furthermore, the Regur force has already been witnessed by Emerence, Sandia, and Vorace, and they shared that information with each other. There was nothing but sailing ships. 

Which means, they could dominate. That was because the Regur force focused on defense rather than attacking. 

“… Our opponent seems to aim for a battle of endurance.” 

Sea master Emerence muttered while commanding his ships. 

They had assumed this was the case. If the wind was weak, the opponent will harden their defense and wait for the direction of the wind to change. 

(When it comes to endurance, Galleys have no rival.) 

The galley ship was a human-powered ship, by rowing the ship, it could navigate on calm waters. Naturally, the longer the battle commences the more fatigue would accumulate, and the movement of the ship would become slower. Compared to ships that move using wind power, it has its own weakness. 

(However, looking at the current condition, the difference in ability would decide the battle rather than the fatigue limit.) 

And even though it didn’t mean much, they have the advantage at the beginning. The damage on the enemy side was expanding. 

Like this, they should be able to win. But, that Regur won’t fall just like that. Then he muttered suddenly, after thinking what he has to do… 

“The south… Let us move the battle there.” 

“The fifth fleet receive damage!” 

“This is the Eleven fleet, the enemy force led by Vorace has been sticking closely with us, we cannot escape!” 

“The speed of the enemy force has not yet been reduced!” 

Information on each fleet was delivered by using flags toward Regur. 

The content of the information was generally negative. However, Regur didn’t seem agitated when he receives the news.  

He was being cornered. However, in reality, less than 10 of his ships sink. That was because he focused on defense, and avoid the enemy force. 

It would be no longer navigation matter if 100 ships densely hit each other. The sea was jammed, and temporarily a land made of ships appears. When that happens, it would be the soldiers of the two forces who will decide the fight. Even for Regur, he knew who will win and lose if that happens. 

Therefore, Regur carefully maintains the distance between the enemy. Creating room for heading, he has to suffer a little damage. Of course, with that being the case, Ferite military damage was less than him, but that was not Regur’s aim. 

“It is about time.” 

As he maintains the distance between them, he issued another instruction toward his allies. 

He gradually moved to the southern waters, while avoiding the enemy’s attack. 

“I wonder if some of them notice it? But, well, it is already too late.” 

Regur was aware of few things before the war broke. 

Because the sea, the wind, told him such a fact. 

There was something that the south wind carried. 

It was a heavy, dark cloud. 

Indeed, it was the same when he defeated Aroi. 

“It is your loss, Ferite.” 

The dragon storm. 

A sudden storm that only occurs at this time of the year has arrived on the battlefield.