Genius Prince – v6-c30

Meanwhile, Ferite’s camp, joined by the sea masters and their men, was ready for a rapid move. 

They collected ships, sailors, and supplies– a Large number of people and things come, with Ferite as the head. 

Of course, like this, he couldn’t show a weak side of him. And the reason why he was supper busy significant his possibility. Regur might move at any time. That was why he needs to prepare as much as possible. 

However, some breaks were also necessary for such a man. 

At such a time, Ferite would visit the study room. It would be the study room in Vorace’s house but, the item inside were those whom he had brought from his hideout house. Here, Ferite would sometimes take a breather and read a little. 

But today, there was someone already inside. 

“Wayne, you also took a break?” 

“Ah, Ferite huh?” 

When he entered, Wayne was already sitting with materials around him. 

Wayne and Ninim were people from outside of his country, but they were also people who helped him in this war. For him, right now he needs all the help even if it was a cat’s hands. The two of them had lent their subordinates and also get the Fulham’s Serendia chamber of commerce help. 

“I already finished the matter which I was in charge of. Well, more works will come soon but, until then, it is time for some relaxation.” 

“I was surprised that you could handle that amount of work. After all, even for me, I was almost got crushed by work and now, I took some breather.” 

“Let me tell you from my experience when you get to the top, you will have more works.” 

“… I was ready to give myself up for Patura but, it was still a shock for me with how much the work involved…” 

Wayne and Ferite then laughed. 

“What are you reading right now?” 

“Patura’s history. Since I read them a little bit during our stay at the hideout. Right now, I am ready about the item Mareze got…” 

“Ah, about my ancestors huh?” 

Toward Ferite response, Wayne asked. 

“Ferite, did you hate Mareze?” 

“… That is a difficult question. If you think about the situation at the time, I would sympathize with Mareze instead, he who was a priest, brought the rainbow crown and sought authority.” 

About a hundred years ago, Patura islands were in crisis. 

It was attacked by a powerful country in the eastern part of the continent at the time. 

At that time, Patura islands were dominated by tribes on each island, and they act independently. There was no sense of unity. 

It was the priest, Mareze Zarif, who feels embarrassed at the current state, and took action. 

From somewhere, he took a rainbow crown, which he said to be from the sea god Orubert, and he made himself the proxy of the sea god. Then, after he manages to repel the external enemy, he unites Patura islands, with him as the head, and turns Patura islands into an independent state. 

“In the name of God, a group of people unites as one country. I have to admit, he has the skills. Despite the fact, Mareze’s ability in leadership must’ve been considerable. However, it was also could be said that the current situation starts there. Personally, I think he was a great person but, that’s what makes him angry.” 

After speaking that, Ferite shows a bitter smile… 

“I think it is written in the book but, have you read it already? About the identity of the rainbow crown.” 

“Indeed, it was written. It was nothing more than seashells…” 

The rainbow crown has the shape of swirling seashells. 

It says the rainbow crown was made by skilled craftsmen by layering it with jewels. However, the precision and the bright shine the person produces made the people convinced that it was the work of a god, not men. 

That was why, the story of it being a God’s work still popular to this day— To think the thing that was shaped like a seashell, was actually seashells. 

“The seashells from the southern part of the continent, Anemia was it? It has the same shape as the rainbow crown, but this shell has a different name. The other name is the stone eater.” 

As its name suggests, Anemia shellfish have the property of eating stones in their habitat. And as a predator, it was said that the shell would mimic the color of the surrounding stones. 

“In other words, the rainbow crown was made by Anemia shells. … Actually, did those seashells could change when it’s eating jewels?” 

“The person who has studied it a long time ago said, that when he gives the shell a fist-sized gem, the edge of the shell slightly change color.” 

“If that is the case, Mareze got the Anemia shellfish that lived-in area with a lot of gems and have been living without much disturbance. In that case, the thought that it was made by God was the deciding factor.” 

“Indeed so. Mareze must’ve also thought God has supported his will. Though the truth, those were only Anemia shell.” 

Ferite continues as he laughs. 

“About that Mareze, there’s one thing still surrounded in mystery. It was written in the book actually but…” 

“Ah, I read that too. [When it is filled with new things, the eyes that sleep under the rainbow will appear.]…” 

“— According to one theory, he spoke of the place where the rainbow crown was being found. Though, if he wants the place to be found, he should tell them properly but…” 

“If the hypothesis is correct, the place should be littered with precious jewels. I guess, he can’t tell it straight because it was such a place with a mountain of treasures?” 

“Well, that might be the case indeed.” 

As the two people speak, there was an eye watching them secretly from the entrance of the study. 

It was Wayne’s aide, Ninim, and Ferite’s aide, Apis. 

“Ferite looks like he is having fun…” 

“Since they are close in age and position, that is why they might feel good about each other…” 

Originally, the two of them have come to call their respective lord back from their break but, when they saw their lords had a fun conversation, they didn’t dare to interrupt. 

“… Ninim-san, is prince Wayne someone who laughs easily like that?”

“Eh? Yes, he used to be different, but now, he shows a lot of emotions…” 

Due to the unexpected question, Ninim nodded in response to Apis’s question. 

“On the contrary, Ferite-sama you see, he smiles a lot when he grows up…” 

As she remembers it, the last time was when his mother was killed due to Regur’s rampage as he tried to snatch the rainbow crown. 

Ferite who was a bright and open-minded boy until then, lost all his smile the day he lost his mother and brother. 

Her father, Aroi, who also lost his beloved wife and successor, never looks back at Ferite. Alternatively, the second son who has not much talent as a sailor, unlike Regur, found himself at the center. 

It was natural for the people to start to take a distance from Ferite. Like his former brother, he had spent his time in solitude. It was a dark place. 

But, in the end, he didn’t break. Day by day, he tries to polish his ability as a sailor, and learn many things from the documents. 

Apis thought that one day, someone would recognize his effort. She thought that one day, he would be recognized as a sea guide [Radu]— But then, a storm called Regur return. 

And then Aroi’s death. Ferite’s captured. And she ran away with her lord as a scapegoat. And she even makes a blunder, where the rainbow crown was taken from her. Thinking back, how many times she wants to end her own life due to her failure. 

But now… 

In the end, her lord was being recognized by the sea masters, and manage to laugh once again. 

“Ah— I am happy, but also disappointed. If I could, I would like to be the one who brings back Ferite-sama’s smile…” 

But, she didn’t mind. 

She was sure that the encounter of those two people was due to the blessing of the sea god Orubert. 

To reward all the work hard he had done all this time. 

To support him as he tries to step out of God’s hand. 

It first and last, a small miracle. 

“… For us, the lord is the sun.” 

Ninim was smiling. 

“Our role is to support from the shadow so that our Lord would always shine. Thus, there’s no time for us to regret it. Let us do our best, for our respective lord.” 

“Indeed, you are right.” 

With Ninim’s words, Apis nodded with a small laugh. 

A little while later, Ferite camp was ready to attack. 

And Regur camp was ready to welcome them. 

It was the start of the last battle between the two brothers.