Genius Prince – v6-c3

At present. 

“Mou! Mou! Mou! Onii-sama! Onii-sama! Onii-sama!” 

In front of Nanaki, Angy Franya was left in Natra. 

“I also want to go! Yet, I was told to house-sitting! However, why that Princess Torcheria also could go! Mou! Mou!” 

Franya was flapping around on her bed. This has been going on for a while. Usually, when Nanaki around, she would try not to show her bad side, but now, she didn’t even care about that. 

If she was a true tyrant, she would have hit the officials, but since she was a good girl, she didn’t do any of that. At best, the pillow on her bed has to become the sacrifice. 

However, if the lord was in such a bad mood, even Nanaki felt uncomfortable. The officials around him had asked him to do something about it. Although he was not used to it, he has to find a way to calm her down. 



“Torcheira is around Franya age, so I don’t think he would get seduced…”

The pillow then flew toward him. 

Franya groaned as she saw Nanaki caught the pillow with one hand. 

“Fuh, I’m sure by now my brother is having a good time surrounded by the blue sea and sky! When he comes back, I will definitely be selfish with him!” 

While looking at the sky outside the window. 

Franya had decided that inside her heart. 


And at the same time… 

“— Now then.” 

Blue sea. 

Blue sky. 

The shining sun. 

Wayne said that in a prison, looking at the sky from behind the iron bars. 

“What’s with the situation?” 

The third spring after Wayne Salema ALbarest took office as the regent. 

The Kingdom of Natra’s national power had increased, and cannot be regarded as a weak country anymore. 

While people were delighted with this breakthrough, the other nations inevitably recognize Natra as a potential threat. 

This era in which later be called the Genius King Great Warfare. 

The Kingdom of Natra, which reached a new stage, will face further challenges. 


A ship goes on the blue ocean. 

The hull stretches vertically, the bulges horizontally, it has the shape of an acorn split in half. However, the ship size was comparable to that of a small hill. Unless there was a big three that pierce heaven, such an acorn cannot exist. 

Such a ship was known as a Carrack Ship. It was a wind-powered ship that catches the sea breeze and moves forward by using the white sails stretched on three thick masts. 

However, during this time voyage, the ship was not sailing to perform trade. It was sailing to deliver Wayne, and the delegations, safely to Patura. That was the role of the ship. 

And speaking of what Wayne did right now… 


He was lying down on his bed in his room. 

He was struck by seasickness. 

“When we’re stopping at a port and get off the ship, you’re fine, but when we get on the ship again, you ended up like this… You’re really bad riding on a ship huh, Wayne…” 

It was Ninim who sits on a chair while watching him anxiously. Despite her lord falling into seasickness, she was fine. 

“I’m also surprised by this… The ship swaying aside, this weather though…” 

“Even though it’s still in early spring, the heat sure comes early…” 

The Patura archipelago was on the southern tip of the continent. It was natural that the climate was different compared to Natra which was located at the northern end. Although wearing thinner clothes than usual, Wayne’s body, which has just survived the winter in the north, has not been able to adapt to this rapid climate change. 

That said, it would be harsh to blame Wayne and called him weak. It can be said Ninim who could adapt to the climate and the unfamiliar voyage that was special. 

“We should arrive at Patura archipelago by the end of today, so be patient.” 

“You’re right… I hope nothing bad happens but…” 

Ninim words were filled with half-truth and half of her intention to console him. After leaving the port of Solgest, he sailed westward of the continent, and for a while, they stop at a port on the way several times to replenish supplies, and now, they have almost reached the Patura archipelago. 

Therefore, if all goes well, they should arrive by the end of today— But the sea’s weather was unpredictable. They don’t know if they could reach the port safely today if suddenly there was a storm. 

“For the time being, I’m fine, so let me know if we arrive at Patura….” 

“I understand. Then, I’ll go outside.” 

She was worried about Wayne, but even if she stayed by his side, the seasickness won’t go away. “I want to go back to the land…” Ninim left the room as Wayne groaned behind her. 

“— Wafu…” 

When she left the room, it was the deck. The thick sea breeze and intense sunlight poured on Ninim. Ninim turns her foot toward the bow while holding her hair that was swayed by the wind. 

“Ah, Ninim?” 

The voice was from Torcheira. She was looking at the sea with her servants. She then approached Ninim without even worried about the swayed ship. 

“How was the prince?” 

“He’s getting better, but I think he needs some rest for now…” 

In honor of her lord, Ninim mixed in a little lie with a bit of truth. 

“Hmmm, then, it would be better if we arrive at Patura soon I guess? It was a shame that he couldn’t enjoy this magnificent view though…” 

While looking regrettable, Torcheira turns her gaze at the ocean. 

While staring at her, Ninim also thought so. 

(With that father, the daughter would be like this I guess… Surprisingly, she is also filled with a lot of bold energy…) 

Even though she was the one who suggested it, to think a princess of another country, accompanying him on a journey to the opposite side of the continent. Thanks to that, Franya mood was worsened but, her footwork was so light that no-one couldn’t predict that she would also come… 

(Somehow she remind me of Lova.) 

Louwellmina, Ninim’s friend and also the imperial princess of the Azworld Empire. 

As a student, Ninim was often being surprised due to her fearless behavior.