Genius Prince – v6-c29

Sea masters and his men were moving. 

The news immediately arrived at Regur’s ears. 

Furthermore, at the center of the sea masters, there was the figure of his brother, Ferite.

“Did the rainbow crown end up in Ferite’s hand?” 

He didn’t know the exact story. But, looking at the current state, he thought that was the case. 


For Regur, Ferite was a talentless brother that should just follow him around. 

When he was a child, he didn’t find that to be uncomfortable. The way his younger brother looking up to him with admiration was a nice thing. 

When does such a thing begin to change he wondered.

In Ferite eyes, one could see that he cared for him. Every time he had a conflict with the surrounding, he remembered that his younger brother would try to arbitrate desperately. 

It was kind of nauseating. Because of that, how many times he had hit his good-for-nothing younger brother. If only his younger brother would just shut up and follow him from behind, he would forgive him. To speak his opinion, how unforgivable. 

And now, that younger brother was trying to go against him by leading the sea masters. 

“How brazen of him, to do something like this…” 

One could see the rage inside his words. 

As a result of his disappearance, his younger brother has been chosen as a successor, but with what condition? He already couldn’t think about such a thing. In his mind, he had decided to kill them all. 

“— Regur-sama.” 

At that time, one of his subordinates opened the door of the room. 

“What’s wrong?” 

When he turned his gaze around, he saw his subordinates shaking. 

“Just a moment ago, there was a visitor come…” 

“A visitor? Who?” 

“T-That is, about that…” 

A man appears in front of the door. 

When he saw the man, Regur stood up from his chair involuntarily. 

The person was the saint lord of the Venhelio Kingdom. Since he had supported many artists, Regur knew of his name, which was also known as the duke of arts. 

“Steyr Rosso?!” 

“Yo, it has been a while, Regur.” 

Steyr smiled. 

“Why are you here?!” 

“Isn’t it normal for a supporter to meet the one whom he supports?” 

Saying that Steyr sits down on the chair. Looking at that figure bitterly, Regur clicked his tongue. 

It was not wrong, Steyr was a Regur supporter. 

Regur, who was once being exiled had arrived in the Vanhelio Kingdom. He had gone there as a pirate since that country was the one who faced the sea.” 

For the sake of gathering power for him to return. —- Immediately. Regur gathered the pirates, take the ships, and attacked the merchants’ ships, and in the blink of an eye, he had gathered his power. 

But soon, that power got beaten. 

And by none other than Steyr. 

Remembering that past, he still could feel the humiliations. But, when he was taken as hostage, and be brought in front of Steyr, he said… 

— I could feel hatred and anger from you, which has the potential of becoming a good art. 

Since then, Regur has received a lot of money and men from Steyr. 

And Regur didn’t hesitate. Instead of thinking of borrowing power, he had thought of destroying him after he got the Patura archipelago. 

However, Steyr should also know how Regur thought. Despite knowing that, Steyr still lends his hand to Regur by giving him some fleet. Regur couldn’t understand what Steyr thought. 

However, at least, he knew why Steyr has come here. 

“So… You seem to be behind schedule, how was the situation?” 


The delay in his plan was a fact that Regur has to admit. 

Originally, after sinking the fleet led by Aroi, he should’ve occupied the center of the Patura archipelago. And then by using the authority of the rainbow crown he got, he was supposedly become the leader of the sea masters, and by then, the Patura archipelago should’ve been his. 

However, he had failed to get the rainbow crown, and his younger brother who fled from him had united the sea masters under his banner. 

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming you. An artist usually someone who got motivated when the deadline has already passed. And I am used to such a delay. However, all of the sea masters seems to have turned against you?” 

“… You sure have excellent ears…” 

Since he had regulars report, it was natural for Regur to hear such news but, Steyr, he also manages to gather the same information via his own route… And since Regur might lose, he had immediately comes here, after all, Steyr had put a lot of investment. 

(…. Not only them but him as well…) 

Anger walled up inside of him. It was anger he had held toward Steyr since a long time ago. But ironically, since he still couldn’t control Patura, Steyr’s existence made him feel angry yet relieved. After all, thanks to Steyr, he had managed to educate his subordinates and move as his own legs. 

“Sea masters were opponent that I want to crush since a while ago. And it was a good thing that they had gathered under one banner since it would be bothersome to get them one by one.” 

“Can you really do it?” 

“No need for such a provocation, Steyr. No one shall stand before me when it comes to the sea.” 

“I see, to be able to say that, you sure live well.” 

Steyr said those words. 

“Then I will ask, with the strength you have now, why don’t you attack them before they ready?” 

“No, wait.” 

Regur said. 

“After I got rid of Aroi, I was trying to calmly control Patura, it seems I was naive, and somehow become soft, since now, they manage to plan a counteroffensive. You should be able to understand my qualification, I promise that such a thing won’t happen again.” 

Therefore, he continues… 

“Now, I will wait for the other party fully prepared. And then destroy them from the front. Like that, the people would realize that I am the King!” 

“… I see.” 

“You are not satisfied?” 

“No, I do not think that. I really like your plan.” 

Steyr said. 

“Let me help you arrange everything as much as possible. I look forward to the day you destroy the old with that anger and established the new dynasty. — Ah, that scene will surely become a wonderful art.” 

That saying, show the monster inside Steyr.