Genius Prince – v6-c28

“During the secret meeting with the sea masters, you should unveil it.” 

Hearing Wayne’s words, Ferite tilted his head. 

“Unveiling is it?” 

“That’s right. When the sea guide Radu Aroi died, Ferite-dono should be the one to succeed him. But, you’re being captured before the formal succession. This has greatly reduced Ferite-dono’s authority and credibility, not to mention, it also shows the ambitions of the sea masters. To say it bluntly— Ferite-dono would be looked down by the sea masters.” 

“… I see. I can see what you’re saying indeed.” 

Many of the sea masters along with Regur were not aiming for supremacy as the next leader of the Patura archipelago. Ferite who had been finished politically won’t enter their eyes. 

“Even if we ask cooperation in this situation, it would be difficult to align our interest with the sea masters. With that being said, Ferite-dono needs to show your leadership capability in front of the sea masters…” 

“I see, I understand your saying… … For that reason, we need this huh?” 

It was an object in front of Ferite. 

It was a rainbow crown. It was being repaired by using sticky resin, it has some cracks, and it also has lost its shine— It was barely in shape actually. 

“The fact that the rainbow crown has been shattered would eventually be known by the sea masters. So, why not, use this opportunity to demonstrate by breaking it yourself, before they found out about the fact? …. Still, I never thought I would see this thing break twice…” 

If this plan succeeds, it would be easier to handle sea masters and their men. In terms of impact, there was nothing better than this plan. 

“When they saw the heart of authority break… Anger, disappointment, confusion… Various emotions would emerge. When their emotion raise to such a degree, I want you to persuade them. This is what we will do…” 

Wayne then took a deep breath. 

“Can you do it? Ferite.” 

Ferite opened his eyes in surprise and laughed. 

“Of course, let us do this, Wayne.” 



Emerence was the one who screamed first. 

“Ah, for this to happen…!” 

Corvino was trying to collect the fragments that have fallen. 

“Do you understand what you did?!” 

In addition, Sandia stood up from his seat and shouted. 

It went well, Ferite thought. 

The position of each Sea Master and Ferite, and the angle of each of them seeing the rainbow crown were already been adjusted many times in advance, to make sure that any defects won’t be revealed. The light in the room was also being planned to the limit and making them think that the lightning was minimized because this was a secret meeting. 

No one has noticed that the rainbow crown has been broken beforehand. 

(Well, one person already knows this, but he remained silent…) 

Sea master Vorace. He knew that the rainbow crown has already been broken. If he spread the news to the other sea masters, this plan would already fail. Therefore, his silence has already been confirmed in advance—. 

[I don’t mind. If the young one wishes to challenge such a trial, it is this one duty to lend a hand.  However, I can only promise that I will not move. If you want to move me, show me your potential first.] 

Vorace said those words before he heard the entire plan. Thanks to that, they could advance until here. 

But, the main subject would start here. From here, Wayne didn’t give him any advice. He needs to make everyone in this room including Vorace to follow him, by using his own power. 

(Let us start—!) 

Ferite took a deep breath. 

“Of course, I understand what I did, Sandia. With this, the power flowing in Patura would be significantly reduced in the future.” 

“What stupid thing are you saying now?!” 

Sandia was still angry and couldn’t think about what Ferite said. 

“This rainbow crown was a symbol of our country! How much confusion would happen in Patura if the people find out about it!” 

“Nothing will happen.” 

Heat could be felt from Ferite’s words. 

“Confusion or any of such a thing, nothing of that sort would happen. Patura has the Zarif family, the Patura archipelago has me. Even if we lose the rainbow crown, no confusion would happen.” 

“… You sure have grown big-headed!” 

This time, it was Emerence. 

“The Zarif family, along with the previous sea guide Aroi has lost most of its soldiers, what is left are only you! And you’re saying such a bold thing, do you know what kind of position you’re in?!” 

“Because we have a track record.” 

Don’t lose. Don’t hesitate. Blow the wind. Endure it. In the face of the adversary, there was no use for complaints. 

“Starting with Mareze, the Zarif family has ruled Patura for a long time. The people who have taken over the Zarif family have always been recognized as the Sea guide [Radu], that was because they had managed to lead the people to face any challenge.” 


Corvino tries to speak something, but Ferite overwhelms him with words. 

“When the Patura archipelago still lacking as a country, we certainly need a rainbow crown. However, the achievement of the Zarif family!  the History! Even if we lose the rainbow crown, it won’t erase the history!” 

The sea masters were overwhelmed. The sea masters who have many ships and sailors behind them, in the face of the young man who had lost everything, they forgot to breathe. 

“I shall move forward with Patura and continue its history! Defeat Regur, and sail forward, for those who think that this country is still an immature country that needs God’s authority, if you still chasing the shadow of the rainbow crown, leave now!” 

The conference hall grew silent. 

Only Ferite rough breathing could be heard. 

Then, someone sighed… 

“… Ferite-sama.” 

It was Vorace. The old guard who has been silent up until now turned to the young leader. 

“The path that has lost its God guidance is painful and steep. Once you make mistake, the people would continue to make a mistake. And the responsibility and anger would befall you, and God won’t be able to help.” 

“If I cannot guide the people, then I have no qualification as the Sea guide [Radu].” 

“Fuh… How stupid.” 

Vorace raised from his chair. 

And then he kneels in front of Ferite. 

“Sea master, Vorace, shall dedicate the sword and helms to you.” 

That Vorace, moved. 

Seeing that, Emerence, Sandia, and Corvino were astonished. 

But that was not everything, one shadow passed and knelt beside Vorace.

“Sea master Edgar, Dedicate my sword and helms to you.” 

The one who smiled was Vorace. 

“I am surprised, that you would be the second, Edgar.” 

“When it comes to life, I just want to ride the wind I liked.” 

Two people of the sea masters followed Ferite. 

Three people remained. The one who moves next would be—… 

“… Geez, what a short dream.” 

The one who said that was, Corvino. When he saw Vorace and Edgar moved, he thought he had no chance of winning, thus he decided to switch quickly. 

“Wonderful, Ferite-sama. — This sea master Corvino, shall dedicate my sword and helms to you.” 

The remaining sea masters, Emerence and Saindia gaze at each other. 

The two were ambitious and both of them understand each other. That was why, both also understand each other thinking right now. 

“Chasing the shadow of the rainbow crown… Huh?” 

“To do that, it sounds like I’ve grown senile.” 

“What should we do then?” 

“… The rainbow crown has disappeared, but a new way is opened. And maybe, we can obtain something beyond this…” 

They both nodded and knelt before Ferite. 

“Sea master Emerence, shall dedicate my sword and helms to you.” 

“Sea master Sandia, shall dedicate my sword and helms to you.” 

The loyalty of five sea masters. 

After he receives it, Ferite declared. 

“With this, a pledge is made. All hands, prepare for battle. We shall bring back peace to Patura Archipelago!” 

“”—Yes, sir!””