Genius Prince – v6-c27

It was Corvino who bowed his head first. Other sea masters then followed suit as they celebrate his safety. — Of course, everyone knows that that was just an empty word. After all, every sea master knew that Ferite had been captured but, no one tries to save him. 

And Ferite who stands before them also understands that. On that he said.

“Thank you. I’m also happy to be able to see everyone’s safe face as well…” 

(… Hou?) 

In response to Ferite words, Edgar was surprised. 

Edgar had heard when Ferite was being captured, he has been tortured very badly. Edgar had thought that Ferite would voice his grudge but, not only he didn’t show any negative feelings, he also stared at them with straight eyes. His stately appearance makes Edgar feels impressed. 

As Edgar thought that, Corvino continue… 

“Well then, Ferite-sama, as Vorace-dono said earlier, was it true? That Rodolph has died…” 

“I killed him with my own hand.” 


Ferite continues indifferently while the sea masters grew restless. 

“I had entrusted the rainbow crown to Rodolph to restrain Regur but, he was planning to use that authority for himself… Therefore, I as Zarif’s family member punished him. Do any of you have an objection?” 

The conversation took a hard turn and the sea masters exchange glances with each other. 

Then before long, it was Vorace who opened his mouth first. 

“There’s no objection. Trying to use Patura archipelago’s rainbow crown for himself, it was natural for him to be executed.” 

“T-That’s right, just as Vorace-dono had said.” 

“… I also do not have any objection.” 

Corvino and Edgar followed Vorace with their consent. 

In this way, it would be hard for Emerence and Sandia to interject. However, they also cannot let this pass by either. 

“Rodolph-dono’s death, there’s no objection in regard to Rodolph’s death. But, Ferite-sama, if you put him to death without a proper interrogation, the rainbow crown he had hold would be…” 

“It is here.” 

When Ferite waved his hand, Apis appeared with a box in her hands. Then, she stands next to Ferit and opened the box following his instruction. 

Seashells were shinning. 

“Ono oho!” 

“That shining, there’s no doubt.” 

Emerence and Sandia involuntarily stood up. Vorace and Edgar didn’t move. Besides them, Corvino tilted his head. 

(Somehow, the shine is a bit dull, no?) 

He wants to stand and checked it but, he can’t do something like that right now. Well, the rainbow crown is safe, to begin with. As soon as the meeting was over, Corvino was convinced that he would be able to look at it more closely. 

“Well then, let us immediately talk about the main subject.” 

Following Ferite words, all sea masters tightened their expression. As Ferite appeared with the rainbow crown, all five of them has satisfied expressions on their face. But, all of that was only on the surface, now they would start talking about the main subject. 

“Right now, due to Regur, the peace within the Patura archipelago has turned bad. I want to eliminate him as soon as possible and place him on trial for the murder of my father, Aroi. To that end, I would like everyone to cooperate with me as the sea masters.” 

At this time, the one they looked into was not Ferite but, Vorace. 

All of them knew that Ferite would make such a request. Here, the problem was, with Ferite under his protection, how Vorace would make his move. Whether or not Vorace would end up as his ally, that would change the future flow greatly. 

But, Vorace did not move. He didn’t look toward any of the sea masters and kept silent. It shows his distance from Ferite without saying anything.

(If it is like this, then should I do it?) 

It was Emerence. Vorace was a mysterious man. He didn’t show any interest in power. If Vorace didn’t move, depending on the flow of the story, he may be able to pull the rainbow crown off Ferite’s hand, no, the Zarif family’s hand. 

(Who will be the owner of the rainbow crown after the Zarif family huh? It will be a sea master who shows the greatest achievement in the fight against Regur.) 

That was Sandia thought. Regur was strong. It was painfully clear during their skirmishes at Rodolph island. But, Regur was not invincible or immortal. If he could make good use of other sea masters, he could get everything. 

(If so, the rainbow crown and the Patura archipelago would be mine. This is interesting…!) 

Corvino was drunk with his own fantasy. If Vorace didn’t make a move, then the next most troublesome one would be Edgar, but he was someone who respects ability. And Edgar sees Vorace as someone who was better than he does. Therefore, if Vorace didn’t move, Edgar won’t move either. His rivals would be Emerence and Sandia. He could get all the praise, treasure, and the rainbow crown by defeating these two people. 

(… You fools, did you guys think you could defeat Regur by acting like this?) 

It was Edgar who evaluates them with a cold attitude. In his mind, only three that he couldn’t defeat when it comes to handling the ship. Vorace. Aroi. And Regur. Among them, Regur showed an overwhelming talent when he was younger before he was expelled. Now, Regur has grown up, he can’t imagine how much of his skill has increased. 

(Perhaps he already steps ahead compared to half of the sea masters… But, knowing that, it would be hard for Ferite to lead the sea masters.) 

It was Vorace that he could not understand. He must’ve noticed that it would be near impossible to unify the sea masters only with Ferite alone. This means, what kind of secret hand he had hidden? Despite knowing him for a long time, he still could not understand Vorace’s mind. 

(He feels indebted toward Aroi, which I know. From here on, he won’t take sides with Regur. This means, though it was too late for him to fear death at this point in time, he might just decide to stay put until the end…) 

Edgar exhaled a small breath as he finished his thought. 

At that time. 

“Also, another thing that I want to say to everyone…” 

He declared as all of the sea master’s gaze turn toward Ferite. 

“I’ve always hated the rainbow crown.” 

“Ha?” Everyone, except Vorace, looked surprised. 

While everyone looked bewildered by the sudden declaration, Ferite continues. 

“With the rainbow crown, will my strength increase? Will the ability to handle the ship improve? Will the sea waves become calm? There is no such a thing. That thing is nothing more than accessory.” 

“However…” He continues… 

“In our history, many people lost their lives just to get this accessory. And sea master Rodolph was one of them…” 

“P-Pease wait a moment.” 

Feeling the disturbing air, Emerence tries to interject but, Ferite didn’t stop. 

“I thought… This thing nothing but a cursed item.” 

The sea masters gasped. 

Everyone was aware of it. The rainbow crown attracts people and destroys people. But still, it has a certain attractiveness that was hard to brush over… 

“When my ancestor Mareze got it, it may certainly have been a sacred thing that had been given to him by the god. But, the rainbow crown that was smeared by blood was no longer blessed. And even until now, a fight still happens just because of this rainbow crown.” 

Ferite’s straight gaze shoot through the sea masters. Especially Emerence, Sandia, and Corvino. While Vorace and Edgar watching Ferite every step. 

“I made two vows when I went here.” 

Suddenly, Ferite took the rainbow crown in the container box. 

“One is to defeat my elder brother, Regur, and restore peace to the Patura archipelago.” 

He held up and showed the sea masters… 

“And the second one…” 

He took a deep breath. 

“I shall release the Patura archipelago from the curse of this rainbow crown!” 

Then the sound of an item being shattered could be heard. 

It was the last melody the rainbow crown made as it hit the ground. 

As Ferite said, the sea masters opened their eyes wide as they saw the rainbow crown shattered into pieces. 

“This is, my answer.”