Genius Prince – v6-c26

“Ferite-sama, I brought Prince Wayne.” 

Hearing the voice from outside of the door, Ferite regained his mind. 

“Ah, please enter.” 

The door opened as Ferite responded. 

Apis enter the rooms followed by Wayne and Ninim. 

“I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly, Prince Wayne.” 

“No, I do not mind.” 

Wayne responded. Looking at his face, Ferite tilted his head. 

“Oh… You got tans huh?” 

“This is because I was sunbathing until a while ago.” 

“Ah, indeed, the weather is good today. There is also no wind. It is unusual for a sunbathing day to come at this time of the year.” 

He was no conscious of it because of his mind drifting away but, he could see the shining sun outside the window. If it was not under this kind of situation, he would also bathe under the sun to his heart content. 

“Conversely, you seem to have a lot in your mind. Is it because you lost the rainbow crown?” 

While sitting opposite each other, Wayne pointed out but, Ferite shakes his head. 

“No, I just remembered old memories. As for the shattering of the rainbow crown, yes, looking ahead there would be a lot of problems but, to be honest, personally, I don’t care…” 

“Feeling refreshed huh?” 

“… You understand?” 

“Well, I can see somehow Ferite-dono hates the rainbow crown.” 

Apparently, he had been seen through. However, he thought it was natural for the prince with such a sharp insight to see it easily. 

“Back on that ship, when it shattered, it was the first time I saw the real thing but… Certainly, looking at how brilliant it was, it makes sense that it could draw people mad.” 

“Indeed. Like magic, if I may say. Thank to this crown, even in the Zarif family, many bloody struggles for it has been recorded.” 

“Akin to the kind of light that sucks people’s life eh?” 

“That might be so. For me, the destruction of the rainbow crown was a long-cherished dream. But, since it has come so suddenly, I need to gather my mind a little bit.” 

Ferite then continues with a bitter smile. 

“Of course, knowing we have lost the tools we need in the future, I know that we shouldn’t be too happy about it. Therefore, I know this is shameful but, I want to borrow the wisdom of prince Wayne once again now…” 

“In other words, you have no intention to give up?” 


Ferite affirmed. His voice was powerful, filled with his will. Perhaps, since he had hated the rainbow crown, he may feel released from the contradiction that he had felt until now. 

“Very well. In such a case, I do have one idea. However, to do it, we need Ferite-dono determination and acting skill.” 

“I will show you what I got.” 

Wayne laughed as he heard the response. 

“First of all, let us gather all the sea masters [Keryll] here, as soon as possible.” 


At that time, Regur couldn’t hide his frustration. 

Rodolph who had returned to his own land and Regur who has Seamasters Emerence and Sandia besieged him… 

While there was a balance between the two power aiming for the rainbow crown. it has collapsed the moment Regur asked for reinforcement from the central. 

While some of Regur’s soldiers went on land and attacked Rodolph’s mansion, the main force, including the reinforcement, continue to restrain Emerence and Sandia, which eventually the two sea masters decided to withdraw. Regur’s men then conquered Rodolph’s residence. 


“Damn it, Rodolph, where is that bastard went?” 

There was no Rainbow crown and Rodolph. Listening to some of the people when he conquered the residence, it seems that he had disappeared before the residence being besieged. He went and ran away. 

The morale of those who were being left behind was low but, it seems their opinion was split into two and it seems Regur came before they manage to consolidate. 

And when he investigated the residence, he found a secret passage continued to the reef zone area. There was no doubt that Rodolph had escaped via that path. However, he couldn’t find Rodolph’s future destination. 

(If Rodolph were to rely on other sea masters… No, if he does that, he would only get the rainbow crown to be taken from him. But, for him who has lost many of his soldiers and assets, I think he won’t be able to stand up again without any help.) 

The problem was he didn’t know where Rodolph has gone to. He didn’t know, but he couldn’t give up as well. 

(I will make sure I get the rainbow crown… and when I become the king of the sea, I will let everyone know!) 

Regur was someone who once being called a genius but, he has no god eyes. At this stage, he didn’t know that Rodolph had died and Ferite has already retaken the rainbow crown. Of course, he also didn’t know that the rainbow crown has already shattered. 

Thus he continues to search for Rodolph, with ambition as his motivation. In the midst of that, he didn’t realize that his brother, Ferite, has finally steeled his determination. 


Contacting each sea master was made promptly and secretly. 

The aim was to assemble the sea masters. By using Ferite name, the sea masters try to obey the orders, despite it was only outward appearance. And since the specific location for their meeting was under Vorace, it also helps to make them following the instruction easier. 

And now, five sea masters had gathered in the dimly lit conference hall in the Vorace mansion. 

Sea master Vorace. Sea master Emerence. Sea master Sandia. Sea master Corvino. Sea master Edgar. They were the people who hold the real power in the Patura archipelago. 

“My my, the wind of this year is very intense…” 

“I agree. And even during springtime, the temperature is higher than the usual year.” 

“On my way here, I saw the Azalea flower blooming.” 

While exchanging conversation, the sea masters and his men keep looking at each other, probing each other intention. However, they were all sea masters with equal ability. And verbal slip was not something they would do. 

When was the timing, and who will fight against who? Then one person opened his mouth long after the restrain fight. 

“… But still, it is the most unexpected that Ferite-sama is under you, Vorace-dono.” 

The one who opened his mouth was sea master Sandia. Among the sea masters, he was a newcomer and has a strong ambition, the evidence for that was his visit to Rodolph island in search of the rainbow crown. 

“I thought he would be at Rodolph’s place together with the rainbow crown.” 

Except for Vorace, the sea masters didn’t know that for a brief time, Ferite and the rainbow crown has been separated. It was natural for them that the two would be in the same place. 

“… Maybe, Rodolph-dono is in this mansion as well?” 

Sea master Emerence then continues. He was an ambitious man who had lost against Sandia. 

Hearing their words, Vorace laughed pleasantly. 

“Well if the siege network that you and Sandia-dono had done were poor, we won’t be able to arrive at this point. In the first place, I don’t think someone who stole the rainbow crown would come under me.”


Emerence looked daunted, and Sandia shrugged his shoulders. 

“To call it a siege, making it sounds bad. I just did those to save Rodolph from Regur. Though, I don’t know the true aim of that man in the end…” 

“Sandia, you damn…” 

Sparks scattered between Emerence and Sandia, but then a voice ended it. 

“Then, can I infer that you guys didn’t aware of Rodolph’s situation, yet?” 

This time it was sea master Edgar. He was just like Vorace, an old man. 

“How troubling. He has the rainbow crown in his possession, right?” 

Corvino also followed suit. 

But, in response to them, Vorace shook his head. 

“No, it’s not like we don’t know where is his whereabouts. — If you ask about where he was then, he is already dead.” 

The other four sea masters were stunned. 

Was it a bluff? They wondered. No, he knew that this old man was someone who talks seriously, which means, it was the truth. But, what kind of events has transpired that make it turn like this? And what happened to the rainbow crown? Each sea master tries to think inside their mind. 

“… I want your explanation, Vorace-dono.” 

Eventually, when Sandia asked that with a careful look, Vorace shake his head once again. 

“Unfortunately, that is not my job to do.” 

“Then, whose role?” 

“Isn’t that obvious? Oh, it seems they had finally come.” 

Following Vorace’s words, the other sea masters turn their line of sight toward the entrance of the room. 

One man was standing there. 

“Everyone, thank you for being able to gather here…” 

Ferite Zarif. He was the son of the late Aroi Zarif. 

“Oho, Ferite-sama, you’re safe…”