Genius Prince – v6-c25


Wayne continues after Torcheira nodded her head. 

“I was studying abroad in the Empire before. Based on my experience of those days, I can say that it is optimistic thinking that the Empire could be brought down with just that kind of gimmick.” 

“You still believe that the Empire still has some energy left with how unsightly they have become?” 

“The Empire hasn’t yet collapsed, that in itself is proof. Their leading bureaucrats didn’t participate in the princes’ war, and many who remained silent devoted themselves to maintain the nation. If the west raises, and willing to attack, I recommend they should come all together.” 


Torcheira shows an expression that hasn’t yet been convinced. For her who has never been to the east, she probably didn’t think that the Empire has that much resource. 

But Wayne was different. He has been looking at the Empire. There were many real deals there. No matter how low they go under, one should not look down on them. 

“… Forgive me for giving proposals based on my own desires. For me, I wish to see my father and Prince Wayne stand side by side on the battlefield.” 

“I am not someone very helpful on the battlefield, you know?” 

“I don’t think so. To see my father and my husband lined up on the battlefield, that is my romance.” 

“Well, it is not like I don’t understand that but… Husband?” 

“Umu, if you attack the east with my father then, you need at least need marriage alliance. Ah, since I don’t mind with how many mistresses you have, please do have peace of mind.” 

When Torcheira glanced at Ninim, she looked away with a hard to explain expression. 

“Well, let us talk about this later. Still, are you sure we can’t go to Regur’s side? After all, The Empire and Vanhelio would definitely shed drops of blood… Natra itself is far from being irrelevant in all of this, if the south went bad, the Empire might bring one of their souvenirs to maintain its alliance with Natra in the north.” 

“Also, there’s one more thing I would like to say.” 

After saying that, Wayne dropped his voice a little. 

“I would like to check but, what kind of plan do you have that would allow me to get along with Regur?” 

“About that, you can just get Ferite head and the rainbow crown. And if you have a princess of Solgest by your side, having relation with Vanhelio would be easy.” 

“Ah… Un, well, I guess you’re right…” 

“What’s wrong with you? Is there any disadvantages with what I say?” 

Wayne and NInim then looked at each other. 

Ninim then leaves the place. Wayne told Torcheira who tilted her head.

“Actually, this is hard to say but, when you ask me to take the rainbow crown… It has shattered…” 


Torcheira eyes become blank. 

The silence between them confirms her fear. 

“S-Shattered you say? A-Are you speaking that some part of it got chipped or something?” 


Then Ninim came back. 

She has fruit on her hand, and with a loud voice, it was crushed in front of Torcheira. 

“That kind of thing…” 


Torcheira shouted. 

“What are you doing?! Didn’t you say we already safely bring back the rainbow crown?!” 

“We did. It was just not in the original form.” 

“That is not ‘safely bring back’ means you know, prince Wayne?!” 

“We did collect all the little pieces as much as we could but, will Regur forgive us if they found out about it?” 

“He would behead us with rage—!” 

Hearing that, Wayne laughed. 

“W-Wait, I don’t think such a thing has happened…! This is not good, if it’s revealed that I was involved, it could cause a diplomatic issue between my country and Vanhelio! I have to do my best to erase my involvement!” 

“I’m sorry for causing you such trouble.” 

“Don’t say something that you don’t really mean!” 

Torcheira crouched while holding her head. 

“Or rather, what are we going to do, Prince Wayne?! Without the rainbow crown, Ferite won’t be able to win, no?!” 

“Winning or losing, at the very least, we won’t be able to talk about it if Ferite stays in his room all the time. I want him to recover fast but…” 

At that time, Wayne captures a human shadow coming toward them. It was Apis, Ferite’s follower. 

“Excuse me to disturb your highness rest…” 

Apis said that while kneeling in front of Wayne. 

“Ferite-sama says he wants to talk with Prince Wayne. Excuse me but, please come with me to his room.” 

“Tell Ferite-dono, I shall come immediately…” 

After responding to Apis, Wayne whispered softly to Ninim. 

“It seems, everything will proceed safely.” 


In front of him, there was a box with the shattered rainbow crown in it. 

Ferite remembered the past as he looked at it. 

He has a lot of memory that involves it. 

His great father, his kind-hearted mother, and the brother he respected. 

It was a memorable pain when a few years ago that the family which he calls the symbol of happiness begins to break. 

[Why! Why no one follows me?!] 

Every time he recalls his memory, he remembered how his elder brother wailed. 

His elder brother was known as a genius. 

A miracle child who was born with the ability to understand the subtleties of the sea. 

Many people have expected that his elder brother would be the one who leads Patura into the future. 

But, his talent one day became the cause of friction with the surrounding.

[Every each one of them, despite being inferior compared to me, why no one follows me?! Look at my talent! I should be the one who should stand in front of you people!]

The world that only his elder brother with natural talent could understand. 

However, such a world was not visible to ordinary people. 

In this way, his elder brother grew frustrated. And finally, it reached the peak, the child prodigy status he had turned into a nonconformist, turning the praise into mocking. 

At this time, Ferite always thinks if there would be any future where he could save his brother. 

However, the recollection advance without any answer. 

What followed was a disaster. 

[Stop it, Regur!] 

While the rain and wind were blowing, Ferite, who heard his mother’s shout rushed through the corridor. 

[What are you going to do by bringing that up?!] 

[Isn’t that obvious?! I will prove my worth!] 

It was his mother and his elder brother arguing. However, his elder brother didn’t listen to his mother’s admonishes. – 

[I am more worthy than anyone! But no one admits it! Then, there’s no other way, with this treasure power, I will prove it!] 

[Regur, don’t be fooled! Even without such a thing, your value will eventually be transmitted to everyone! For now, endure it!] 

[I am tired to hear the same thing over and over again! If you are going to stand in my way, even if you’re my mother!] 


There was a thunderous sound. 

Hearing that, Ferite jumps into the room, and his view turns white. 


At that moment, Ferite froze. 

In his eyes reflected, his mother lying on the floor in blood. 

From her mother’s body, blood was overflowed, and a sword fell beside her. 

And in his elder brother’s hand was the rainbow crown. 

[Ah… This is all mine…] 

Ferite realizes that his elder brother only thinks about the rainbow crown with how ecstatic he was, not even took a glance at his mother. 

Now at this moment, the two brothers’ path partway… 

After that, his elder brother was captured by the guards. 

His father ordered his elder brother expulsion while regretting his wife’s death. Even though he had killed his wife, his father couldn’t choose to execute his own children. 

However, his older brother ignored his father’s suffering. 

[I will come back! I will make sure to come back! The rainbow crown is mine!] 

Along with those words, his brother disappeared from Patura. 

Leaving ferite with a hunch that one day he would come back with vengeance. 

Then, ten years passed, his elder brother returned as he declared. 

It was time to reach the last intersection, whose road will come to an end. 

Would it be him, or his older brother?—