Genius Prince – v6-c24

“Now then, let us get down to business.” 

After Ninim regained her calmness with her cheek slightly red, sit beside Wayne, and Torcheira lay sprawled on the sandy beach. 

“While we’re separated from Prince Wayne, I was looking at the situation independently… I was investigating Regur background and, I found out something interesting.” 

“Which means?” 

“That guy backer is Vanhelio.” 

Wayne also showed a surprised face. 

Vanhelio was a kingdom that existed in the western part of the continent. It was often compared to the Solgest Kingdom which was located in the north for two reasons. One was their national power was similar. Another one was that Solgest has the saint lord Guryuel and Vanhelio has the saint lord Steyr. 

“Saint Lord, Steyr Rosso… The Duke of Art of Vanhelio huh?” 

During the holy conference held previously, Wayne meets Steyr. The impression he has at that time was, he didn’t want to get close to him. 

“I don’t know if Steyr directly supports Regur but, I am sure that Vanhelio has provided some support to him. Which brings me to ask, Prince Wayne, what prospect does Vanhelio hold toward Regur if they willing to provide support for him?” 

Naturally, it was not about to sympathize with Regur who got expelled. Meaning, Regur has to offer them a reasonable profit to get help from Vanhelio. 

And in the present condition, the prospect that Vanhelio expects from him would be—… 

“”The invasion of the Empire by using Patura as the bridgehead…”” 

Wayne and Torcheira’s voice overlaps with each other. 

“Fufufu, it seems your thought is the same as I…” 

“It can’t be helped. Although Patura location is closer to the west, it is a country that has kept a neutral relationship toward the east and west. However, if this country tilts toward the west, the power balance of the southern part of the continent would be broken down.” 

“Patura people wouldn’t be able to resist. After all, they do hate the Empire.” 

The Empire had repeatedly tried to put the Patura archipelago under its control. According to the Zarif family’s policy, the Patura take a position of neutral stance toward East and West but, emotionally, the people believe that the Empire was one that threatens Patura’s freedom. 

“… If the Empire is in a stable period, then no matter how strong Patura’s navy is, they won’t be able to resist the Empire even if they join hand with the west.” 

“Umu. However, now is different. The east is still in the middle of turmoil due to the battle of the incompetent princes. If you plan it well, during this time, you might be able to get deep into the Empire…” 

Wayne cannot deny her opinion. Because he also thought that was possible. 

“Well, since we have a shared view on this matter, this is where we going to talk…” 

Torcheira laughed… 

“How about, we kill Ferita and get to Regur’s side?” 


A cold breeze was blown through the hot beach. 

Wayne and Torcheira. Tension can be felt coming from the two of them. 

“Princess Torcheira, should I take that as a face value?” 

“Umu, it is an invitation to abandon the Empire and join the west side.” 

Torcheira was talking about something very serious. 

Ninim and Torcheira’s attendants immediately glance around. It was a conversation that should never be heard by others except those who were present here. But of course, since this was a private sandy beach, only Wayne was there. And this was the reason why Torcheira chooses this place. 

“Since a few years ago, Natra was under the Empire protection, and that is something I know as well. But the Natra Kingdom now is different, no?” 

Torcheira said. 

“The capture of Marden gold mine. Recapture of old Marden territory from Cabarine. Furthermore, after twist and turn, you defeated my homeland Solgest and Delnio, before I knew it, we have a friendly relation now. The weak Natra Kingdom is already in the past. No matter what country you’re in, no one would be able to insult the Natra Kingdom anymore.” 

“Princess Torcheira, you sure hold a high regard toward us…” 

Wayne was trying to speak with a light tone, but his face didn’t smile at all. 

“You should be happy. This means that the time Natra has to play chicken is over.” 

Torcheira cuts… 

“Forge an alliance with the Empire of the East, and befriended the western countries. If this is during a peaceful time, that would be fine, but now, we’re in a turbulent time. Some day you have to choose. East or west…” 

Torcheira’s words were not exaggerated. It was something Wayne need to think about. And rather than later, he seems to have to make a choice soon. 

“This might come as a natural but, as the princess of the Solgest Kingdom, I suggest you should choose the west. Of course, I know that Natra is indebted to the Empire. But, you should know what kind of disaster the Empire is in, yes? Was there any reason for a man such as Prince Wayne to continue riding the mud boat? No, on the contrary, if my father and the prince cooperated and invade the Empire matching with the invasion from the south, I think we should be able to cut the Empire’s throat immediately.” 

Talking that far, Torcheira took a deep breath. 

Then directed his gaze toward Wayne, to see his response. 

He was smiling, then Wayne opened his mouth. 

“Princess Torcheira, can I say two things?”