Genius Prince – v6-c23

Blue Sea. White Cloud. Shining Sun and Sandy Beach. 

Torcheira shouted while excitement oozed from her whole body. 

“Umu, what a great day!” 

“Private beach…”

“Why prince Wayne look puzzled? Look around, there was no one but your ladies. It should be easier for us to talk more than exchange words in a closed room.” 

“I agree but, I have one question.” 


“This appearance, what does it mean?” 

Wayne and Torcheira. 

Two people were wearing swimwear right now. 

“We currently taking a break on the beach to heal our fatigue, or so that was what we planned. Which means swimsuit is a must, no?” 

He wondered. As Wayne wondered about her reasoning, Torcheira gets close to him as to not let him blow it off. 

“More importantly, prince Wayne, about my figure, is there any thought?”

As she asked, Wayne gazed at Torcheira from top to bottom. 

“It’s flat.” 

“Princess kick!” 

She kicked. 

“How stupid can you be? Why can’t you understand! About certain parts of my body, it will mature in the future! This means, it still developing! Akin to that of a raw stone with all the possibilities! Preciousness is the word to refer to my body! Now, I shall give you one more chance to redeem yourself!” 


“Princess Punch!” 

He was punched. 


Seeing the two, someone called them… 

“A-As expected, may I change my clothes…” 

It was Ninim who say those words while hiding her whole body with long clothes. 

The usually cold her was now looking meek with a red face. 

“Why the long cloth? Throw away such a thing. Look, even my attendants wear a swimsuit, no?” 

As Torcheira said, when looking around, everyone wore swimsuits. 

However, Ninim still didn’t give up. 

“No, well… to have my skin be exposed this much, that is…” 

“Muu? Ah, Natra is a complete snow country huh? Since you have no completely hot summer, you are not used to wearing a swimsuit? Much more in front of a gentleman huh?” 

“T-That’s right. That’s why…” 

“Umu, then we should learn to get used to it! Take that off!” 

‘One day, I will knock her out…’ Ninim thought of that. 

“Please wait, princess Torcheira. 

Then Wayne intervene. 

“She is my attendant. It is only natural for her to have her mind and body fully prepared to respond to any issue.” 

“T-That’s right. That’s why…” 

“But! It is fun to see you’re in trouble! So stay where you are!” 

“You understand me, prince Wayne!” 

‘These guys, I will kill them one day,’ Such thought crossed Ninim’s mind. 

“That’s why, accept your fate! Everyone!” 


With the hands of the other attendants, Ninim was stripped. 

Exposing the white figure clad in a black swimsuit. 

“Oho, not bad at all aren’t you? Though not as much as I do!” 

Torcheira speaks with excitement in contrast to Ninim. Her embarrassment caused her skin to turn pink, and she tries to hide her body using her arms. 

“Why are you looking embarrassed for? Beauty is justice, and since it is justice you don’t have to feel ashamed of it, no? Throw your chest out toward the magnificent sun!” 

As Torcheira speaks her opinion, inside Ninim head, ‘this is an abuse of authority!’, repeated a million times. However, as she struggled to hide her body, she noticed Wayne looking at her. 

Wayne’s gaze was calm. Despite her feeling embarrassed, yet he was still as calm as still water. 

Then, somehow anger starts to appear inside her heart. Despite her being in trouble, he was still calm. I shall destroy that calm face– With such determination, she turns toward Wayne in anger. 

“… How about you say something.” 

Ninim who heard her own voice was surprised that she could say those words, making her want to dig a hole and bury herself.

She was confused… she turned her own back before she knows it, turns her gaze away and, she thought this makes her look restless if he didn’t answer, no? Despite a moment ago, she had a challenging expression! 

“E-Em, that, just now…” 

She was going to withdraw her words… 

But before she manages to do that, Wayne answered… 

“You look good in it, Ninim.” 


The answer caused an impact that akin to an explosion… 

She can’t look at Wayne’s face directly. And she didn’t want to imagine what face she has right now. But she understands. Her face was loosened too much. However, if she stays like this, it would mean she had completely admitted defeat. 

No, wait, this was not a match! she realized… 

(— Ah, Geeez!) 

It was because of the sun! And next, it was because of this sandy beach! Yap, that was what she decided. 

‘I am glad there is only Torcheira and Wayne here’, Ninim thought. 

If she was seen by her friends during academy days, how embarrassed that would be? How much ‘she’ would make fun of her? such a question crossed her mind.

That would be fatal, as she sighed in relief, Ninim was hoping for her heartbeat to subside as soon as possible. 


“— Hah?!” 

“Princess Louwellmina, what’s wrong?” 

“Somehow, it feels like I just missed a valuable scene right now! A scene where I can use for the next ten years!” 

“Your highness, are you catching a cold or you hit your head somewhere?”

“W-Wait, this time it is different! My head is always fine! Wait, why are you taking out a medicine?! I don’t need them, I am a healthy person you know?! W-Wait, your hand! Wait, I don’t want to drink that bitter medicine! Ugu—!”