Genius Prince – v6-c22

Inside a guest room of sea master residence Vorace. 

There were two people with a heavy expression, they were Wayne and Ninim. 

“About Ferite.” 

Wayne cut in… 

“To put together Patura archipelago, he needs the rainbow crown.” 

“I guess so…” 

“But then, the rainbow crown is shattered.” 

“Indeed so…” 

“… Simply be honest with me, what do you think of this situation?” 

Inquired, Ninim nodded for a bit then… 

“I think, we’re checkmated…” 


Wayne held his head. 

It was this morning that Wayne and the others returned to Vorace base. 

The sailors who witness the shattering of the rainbow crown has been asked to shut their mouth, but many of their sailors were borrowed from Vorance, to begin with. 

There was no doubt, that Vorace will soon know. And if they leave it as it was, the fact of the destroyed rainbow crown would spread across the Patura archipelago. 

“If that happens, Regur will wind…” 

It was Regur’s camp that has the strongest strength in the Patura archipelago, they need to gather up the strength to fight him but, they lost the tool for that. 

“I wonder what’s going to happen…” 

Ninim was also troubled as she crossed her arms. The symbol of authority was smashed into pieces. It would be good if they have some alternative but then again, if something like that had an alternative, it won’t be become a symbol, to begin with. 

“Ferite is still inside his room huh? Well, can’t be helped if he feels shocked…” 

“But we can’t be stay leisurely like this… However, in some cases, you may need to take a break to properly think the next move after this…” 

“Well, I agree…” 

In the end, Wayne and the others were an outsider. Not only did they have not come from this country, but they also have not much power, thus they can just run away anytime they wanted when the time comes. 

“But, with that being the case, my identity will be noticed, and if Regur won, the relationship between Natra and Patura archipelago…” 

“There is almost no exchange in the north and the south… I don’t think the effect would be much.” 

Ninim words were justifiable but, in the end, he thinks there would be something… 

Furthermore— Wayne didn’t have a plan to turn it over from here on out. 

As when he thinks about that… 

“Prince Wayne! I am glad you manage to return!” 

It was princess Torcheira who opened the door. 

Returning from the battle ahead of him, she showed a smile brighter than anyone. 

“Sorry for not welcoming you sooner, I had to help cook the food for the victory celebration see. More than that, Prince Wayne, as expected of you! To change the situation in the blink of eyes! As expected of the person who defeated my father… Hmm?” 

After she said that, Torcheira noticed the heavy atmosphere inside the room. 

“What’s wrong with your face? Is something wrong? You guys manage to get the rainbow crown right?” 

“Well, yeah, I guess, we did?” 

Apparently, she still doesn’t know that the rainbow crown was crushed. Ambiguously, Wayne nodded. 

“Then that is good. Oh right, about Ferite-dono, what’s wrong with him?” 

It was Ninim who responded to that question. 

“If you ask for Ferite-sama, then he is currently inside his room. I believe… He needs some time to think about everything slowly…” 

“Fumu, I see. It is natural for him to think about the future in this kind of time.” 

Torcheira, who doesn’t know the situation yet, responded with a lot of care. 

“If he needs some time, then the moment is right… Actually, there’s something that I wanted to consult with Prince Wayne. I do know that you are tired but, may I have some of your time?” 

Consultation. Wayne nodded when he heard that. 

“You want me to negotiate with Vorace-dono huh? I do not mind.” 

After following the rumor that Rodolph had the rainbow crown, Wayne had confirmed that Vorace did not move, thus he immediately came into contact with him. 

They had asked for support based on the plan of that time but, the reason it has gone smoothly was because of Torcheira existence. 

“Umu, let us go then. The seat has been prepared.” 

“I understand, is the place Princess Torcheira’s room?” 

In response to that, Torcheira shakes her head and laughed… 

“The seat of the negotiation would be at the sandy beach.”