Genius Prince – v6-c21

(Even though I’ve heard the rumors, but to think it would be this much…)

The rumors they heard were a lot. However, to be able to create this situation alone with only some document materials. There has no other way but to marvel. 

Of course, the plan he had presented was not the only one. Other than this, he had various measures prepared according to the situation. 

If he thinks about it, one can have a plan as much as possible until one hit home— But looking back at it, he was being considerate toward himself and Apis, who still half-doubted him at the time, had it was himself, he would’ve decided that other than his own plan as unnecessary. 

To be able to think that much, he thought he must’ve far sight and deep design planned. 

(I thought he was just someone who has seen the value of the history as I did. Of course, there was no mistake in that. However, beyond that point! In terms of information operations, he’s way ahead of me!) 

Ferite then looks to the side. There was the figure who was together with Wayne on the ship, Ninim. He was truly the northern dragon. He was more dependable than a hundred, no, even a thousand soldiers. 

(Even though everything had proceeded according to his plan this much, he was as flat as calm water, which means, this much was just a matter of course for him?) 

Never did he knew that at that time, despite looking calm in Wayne’s mind he thought “This is bad, I would definitely vomit if I didn’t concentrate.” 

“— Surrender, Rudolph.” 

Ferite said those words with a quiet voice. 

“Your ship cannot cross the sea anymore. There is no way for you to go up from here, even if you manage to leave this place. If you surrender, I promise you that I won’t take your life, including your sailors…” 

It was a generous treatment. Despite he was deprived of his authority known as the rainbow crown. No one would stop him if he wants to kill them. 

The sailors around Rudolph must’ve known about that as well. There was an overwhelming disadvantage, and they communicated that with each other using their eyes. Their gaze then turns toward Rudolph fearfully. 


Rodolph then looked down at the book in his hand. If he surrenders, the rainbow crown would be taken. Realizing that, Rudolph’s face shows a lot of pain. 

“… Can’t be helped, Apis.” 


Following Ferite instruction, several sailors led by Apis moved to Rodolph’s ship with a sword in hand. 

“Rodolph-sama, please give me that…” 

Apis said as she sticks out her weapon. He was once who betrayed her. If he resists, she must’ve decided to cut him down. – 

“… Are you asking me to return this?” 

Ferite nodded as he heard Rodolph question. 

“That’s right. The rainbow crown should not be in your hand.” 

“But, But…!” 

“Once you’ve taught me how to handle ships. I do not want to paint that memory of mine with your blood. Please, understand.” 

Ferite was trying to appeal so as not to let the sword speak. For Ferit, all Keryil not just Rodolph, worth his respect. If he can, he didn’t want to kill them. 


He wondered whether his thought has passed through. After a long silence, Rodolph handed the box to Apis with a trembling hand. 

“… Well done.” 

Looking at Apis who receive the box, Ferite leaked a breath of relief. 

“Please accommodate everyone on this ship. We will be leaving soon.” 

In response to Ferite’s instruction, everyone gets on the ship. As Rodolph was being tied by rope for precaution, Apis handed over the box to Ferite. 

“Ferite-sama, please check.” 

When Apis opened the box, another kind of glow, glowed in the dark. 

Ferite involuntarily squinted his eyes. In the box, a rainbow shell shined. 

“… There’s no doubt, it is indeed a rainbow crown.” 

It was the symbol of authority. Ferite didn’t show any joy. Rather, he feels the light from the rainbow was somewhat painful. 

“Please seal the box and guard it strictly Apis.” 

“Yes, I understand.” 

Apis turned her heel with the box in her hand. 

At that time. 

“— Ah, not good, I can’t withstand it.” 

Something crossed over the edge of Ferite’s field of view Before he noticed, Rodolph hand taken a sword from a nearby sailor, and run toward Apis. 


Ferite yelled and pushed Apis away. 

“That thing is mine!” 

Rodolph attacked like a beast and… 

“Forgive me, Rodolph…” 

At that moment. Ferite’s sword which he quickly pulled out, sliced through Rodolph’s body. 


Rodolph fall as blood spray around. Ferite was bitter with this feeling, but he cannot stop here. 

“Hah, the box!” 

Ferite then saw. When he pushed her away, the box falls from Apis’s hand, and it fell from the deck. 

“— Too!” 

Wayne who slipped in speed leaned overboard and grabbed a box. 

“Your Highness!” 

“Prince Wayne!” 

“Not yet! Ninim! Lend me your hand! If I stay like this, this thing going to fall…!” 


In front of Wayne who was feeling relieved, the box lid was opened… 


The rainbow crown fell under the ship. 

*Bakin*, a rigid sound, as if a hard thing has broken. 


While everyone was silent, Ninim goes out of the ship to confirm… 

It was Rodolph’s ship, so below, it was solid ground. 

“Emm, how should I say this…” 

The terrified Ninim stared at the rainbow crown debris… 

“It is difficult for me to say this but— The thing has shattered…”

Wayne and Ferite gazed at each other as they heard those words.