Genius Prince – v6-c20

“We’re just a few of us.” 

Wayne lay out the plan he had devised. 

“If you go head-on against Rodolph, you won’t be able to get the rainbow crown back, and you can’t get it back using force either. — Therefore, we will spread rumors that Rodolph has the rainbow crown in his possession spread throughout Patura archipelago.” 

Then he continues… 

“When Regur hears this rumor, he will work his way to ensure certainty. After all, if the rumor was not true and he couldn’t find the whereabouts of the rainbow crown, he would start from a scratch again.”  

“That’s true, not to mention, even if he leaves it to his subordinates, his subordinates might betray him. There’s no doubt that Regur would lead his feet personally against Rodolph.” 

“However” Ferit interjected… 

“Then, when Regur defeats Rodolph, he would be the one who gets the rainbow crown, no?” 

“There we will use the sea masters [Keryl] to intervene…” 

Wayne said. 

“Rodolph was part of the sea masters [Keryl], right? If that is the case, there should be one or two other sea masters who have the same ambition like him.” 

Wayne then shows one of the materials at hand. It was from the study room, the material describes the influential people of the Patura archipelago. 

“it seems that Emerence, Sandia, and Corvino were the ones who seem to move when they see the treasure. Let them participate in the battle for the rainbow crown, and create a stalemate.” 

“I see… What are we going to do then?” 

“When Rodolph runs away. We will take the rainbow crown from him.” 

Wayne shows another material. 

“There’s a reefs area around the southwestern part of the island where Rodolph is based. Rodolph who got his island besieged will try to escape during the darkness of night. At that time, we will catch him. And if Rodolph died during the battle or get assassinated, someone would definitely want to escape with the rainbow crown. If the magic of the rainbow crown real then…” 

“… I see, indeed, once you have the rainbow crown, you wouldn’t want to give it to someone, even in exchange for your own life. And if there’s an escape route, that person would definitely bet on it. But still, can we really catch him? The other party ship has the confidence to navigate around the reefs area you know?” 

“That is why we will strand them. We will disguise the lighthouse they use.” 


Disguising the lighthouse. Ferite was surprised when he heard the idea he had never imagined, and hurriedly expanded the chart. Then, after he confirms the position of the surrounding islands and the lighthouses, he was convinced. Certainly, this may work, he thought. 

“The disguise of the lighthouses also work against Regur and the other sea masters [Keryl] who currently guard the area. All we have to do then was to sneak into the reefs area through a security hole, catch Rodolph and sneak away again. With you who has the skill as the next Patura ruler, isn’t this an easy task?” 

“Easy task you say… But well, sure, let me do it.” 

There were some parts that need to be refined. And he was also going to cross a dangerous bridge. However, Wayne’s plan seemed much more likely to succeed than his own plan, which was to persuade the sea masters one by one. 

“Emm… I have a question.” 

Apis, who was next to Ferita at that time, raised her hand. 

“If you just want to spread rumors, we can just contact someone we trust on each island. However, to disguise a lighthouse, don’t you need appropriate manpower and materials?” 

“That is correct. To make that happen, we have to contact and cooperate with one of the sea masters. Moving a fleet aside, if we able to negotiate, they should have the flexibility to lend us materials and manpower.” 

“Who among the sea masters will you trust? It would be premature to be convinced just by their personality written in the materials we have. Even Rodolph-sama… Rodolph turns out would betray us for the rainbow crown.”

“That was why, we create the rumor, see?” 

Unable to understand the meaning of Wayne’s words, Apis tilted her head. 

However, next to her, Ferite was convinced. 

“You’re going to make them move, whether or not they would participate in the battle?!” 

Wayne nodded. 

“When they heard the rumors, those who have the ambition to take control over Patura, those who don’t have the ambition, or those who don’t have the courage, we will be able to see which one which. — For me, it is easy to convince you.” 

It was not bragging. In Wayne’s words, there was a great certainty that even something impossible could be made possible. 

“If Princess Torcheira and Vorace who is with her could not be moved, then I like to negotiate with them first, but with this much, virtually we can see it already…” 

‘Anyway…” Wayne continue… 

“What do you think, Ferite-dono? With these materials you have collected, you can make a plan like this.” 

“… Honestly, somewhere in the corner of my mind, I still feel your idea as an empty theory. But, more than that, I was surprised by that idea of yours. It would be really exciting if such a plan could truly be created by just looking at these materials…” 

“That is the real pleasure of conspiring…” 

Wayne then reached out his hand toward Ferite… 

“Now then, shall we create a mayhem together?”