Genius Prince – v6-c2

The beginning of the matter starts when the Natra Kingdom went to war against the Solgest Kingdom. 

Wayne uses a trick to defeat the Solgest army and captured the enemy king, Guryuel. He got a large amount of ransom and compensation, and also he got the right to rent a part of Solgest port. 

“—From ancient times, trade using rivers and the sea has generated many profits.” 

Wayne, prince of the Natra Kingdom murmured those words in his office. 

“However, due to the climate of Natra, the sea was frozen nearly half of the year. With that, it would be difficult to take advantage of such shipping.” 

Next to Wayne was her aide, Ninim. With her white hair, red eyes, peculiar to the Fulham people, she silently listens to the words of her lord. 

“In that respect, Solgest port was an ice-free port that can be used all year round. There was a good chance that this would open many opportunities for trade with other countries. If that happens, many goods would be produced.” 

Wayne’s words were reasonable. Since ancient times, it was the basis of a business to buy goods cheaply nearby and sell them high in a distant place. If the trade by sea goes well, the profits would be immeasurable. 

“— Then…” 

‘From there…’, Wayne turned to Ninim… 

“How was the reply of the trade negotiation…” 

“They refused everything.” 


The news struck Wayne hard. 

“Isn’t that weird?! They refused everything, everything! These are the imperial products we’re talking about here! You should want it, right? Please do want it!” 

Even if they get a trade route, there was no prominent industry in the Kingdom of Natra, and all of the current produced product was not suitable for foreign trade. There, Wayne planned to buy the goods of the Empire which had a better trade value and trades it with other western countries. 

However, as Ninim had said, the result was devastating. 

Ninim answers caused dismay within Wayne’s mind and screamed for a reason… 

“They are warry of what Wayne had done, not about the products.” 

“Haa?! What have I done? I only try selling the imperial products while telling it as the product from our country, and only prepared ourselves in case it caused a rebellion in neighboring countries, and at the same time, beating one of the saint lords and get a huge ransom! Where the part of that was wrong?!” 

“If I were the politician of their country, I would never get involved with you…” 

No matter from which angle, he was definitely a perfect dangerous person. 


Wayne holds his head and slumped. 

“This is bad! The money we got from Solgest has almost disappeared to cover the war expenses, and thanks to the fight with Saint lord Guryuel, the Levetianism believers took a distance from Natra.” 

“At this rate, our income will be in deficit.” 

“Furthermore! Furthermore, I said! That Guryuel guy!” 

[Oh my? You have no ship despite getting a rent of our harbor? Hahaha, we’re already in a close relationship. So I will gladly lend you one. — With a fee that is.] 

[What? You have no sailor despite having the harbor and the ship? Hahaha, aren’t you lucky to have a close relationship with me? I’ll be happy to lend you some. — With a fee of course.] 

[What? Even when you have both the ship and the sailors, you haven’t decided on the important trading destination? Do you want me to lend you some? Hahaha, how is it, Crown Prince? A good ship and sailors are those who are busy. You will miss a business opportunity if you are hesitating for long, just like when merchants took too long choosing their merchandise. No need to worry, the crown prince was famous for being a hero, you can definitely find a trading destination. — That being said, let’s conclude a long-term contract that cannot be canceled along the way. Since doing it that way would be cheaper after all…] 

“— Thus I signed a contract with him, aaargh! He knew I won’t be able to find a trading partner, that pig bastard!” 

“You sure did excellently…” 

“If this continues, maintenance costs would increase despite there is no profit! That is no good at all!” 

That was why Wayne need to find a trading partner urgently. 

“And right now is the time when many of the foreign leaders are staying in their own countries!” 

“If we miss this season, it would be difficult to even set up a meeting. And if the postponed holy conference is going to be held, countries will have to respond and prioritize that!.” 

Holy conference. It was an annual event held by Levetianism, the main religion in the western part of the continent, where Saint Lords, the highest executives of Levetianism gathered. 

This Holy Conference was usually held in conjunction with the Holy Spirit Festival, which takes place throughout the west in the spring, but many saint lords have other positions such as Kings and Dukes. The Holy Conference often being postponed due to the inconvenient time. 

However, it was unlikely that this year would pass without Holy Conference being held. Looking at past examples, at the very late, they would hold the conference during autumn. Although it was spring now, since the conference had been decided to be held, the trade discussion might get sidelined. 

“But, they are too warry to even have a discussion with us. They might think, why won’t we seek business with the Empire instead?” 

“Even if you say that, the biggest product that Natra can offer was actually the Empire product.” 

After all, the Natra industries were still poor. It won’t be able to compete with the product of the Empire if they sold it to the Empire. And if they sell the product of the Empire, to the Empire, then the result would be the same, cannot compete. 

“Maybe we should sell some Solgest product to the Empire? No, this is Guryuel we’re talking about, I’m sure something is hidden!” 

After all, it was best to use the Empire product. However, Wayne’s names had become very popular in good and bad ways. It would be hard for him to form an alliance with the western countries. 

In other words, at present, it would take time to start trading. And the more time he spends doing nothing, the less money he had. It was a vicious cycle where Wayne’s screams echoes as his treasury went down day by day. He had to find a way somehow. 

Then, at that time… 

“Please excuse me!” 

The door opened vigorously and a girl appeared. 

“Princess Torcheira, what happened suddenly…” 

Wayne, who has just settled down, asked… 

Her name was Torcheira. She was a bit younger than Wayne, and she was the princess of the Solgest Kingdom. Which made her, the daughter of King Guryuel. 

“What’s with the question? I just heard from my father that Prince Wayne is in trouble, see?” 

After the end of the war between Natra and Solgest, she was effectively staying in Natra as a hostage under the guise of studying abroad. 

However, her behavior was far from being a hostage. Rather, her cheerful behavior was just like when she interacted with her father, King Guryuel. 

“Even though you manage to rent part of the port, you have a hard time finding a trade partner. I thought I should show off my ability here a bit, so I brought a suggestion…” 

“Suggestion is it?” 

Needless to say, Torcheira was by no means an ally of Wayne, and by extension, Natra. Her priority of interest was of herself and her homeland, Solgest. 

But, they had mutual consent. When their agreement had slight advantages for Solgest, Wayne treated it lightly, and she knew that too. And since they have the agreement as a basis, at least they can have some discussion. 

“… Let me hear it then. What kind of proposal do you have?” 

“Umu, does prince Wayne know the country of Patura?” 

When asked, Wayne nodded with a slight puzzlement. 

” A maritime nation at the southern tip of the continent, right?” 

“That is correct.” 

Patura. Also known as the Patura Archipelago, which was located a short time from the southern tip of the Vuno Continent. And since it was called an archipelago, they have a series of isles and make a living by trading with other countries. 

“You know that Solgest earns wealth through trade right? And despite our position in the north and south, due to having the same business, we have a slightly different connection.” 

“Hou… That means…” 

Torcheira nodded… 

“Patura is being dominated by the Zarif clan. The length of the present generation Aroi Zarif. If you let me mediate, a meeting could be arranged. Why don’t you go south?” 

Wayne and Ninim gave up on this proposal for a second. 

To tell the truth, trade with Patura has been considered. Based on the report, Patura has unique values that were different compared to the west and east, and the Levetianism belief didn’t take root there either. The proof for that was, just like Natra, Fulham people could live freely there. 

If that was the case, Wayne thought they won’t be warry toward him after what he did to those Levetianism majority countries. 

However, even with that, they didn’t become a trade candidate. 

One of the reasons was, the distance between the two countries was too far. Although the basics of trade were to bring a nearby product to a faraway place, having the opposite of the continent as a destination was physically and psychologically too far away. 

And another reason was the product itself. 

“Patura is a country that is the exact opposite of Natra. If that is the case, they also have the same relationship with the Empire. What if there’s no demand for the product we bring?” 

Torcheira replied toward Wayne that it was no such a case… 

“As the Empire expands, they also planned to take over Patura. In the end, they manage to repel the invasion and continue to exist to the present day, but from that, their relationship still does not return to normal. Therefore, there were not many imperial products in their markets.” 

Emotionally far from the Empire, culturally far from Levetianism. Indeed, if they forgot the distance, they would be the perfect trading partner. 

“If you still worried about it, then, Solgest product may be sold wholesale to Natra. And since the prince and I have a close relationship, let’s make it cheaper…” 


Wayne pondered quickly as Torcheira made fun of him while laughing. 

It was not a bad suggestion. Of course, she can only mediate to create a meeting, it was up to him to conclude a trade. Anyway, it was much more constructive than wasting time going back and forth like the present time. 

And perhaps, King Guryuel also anticipates how Wayne thought… 

(That pig, he is so good that it actually pissed me off…) 

He had noticed early on that Wayne won’t be able to find a trading partner. There was no way for Wayne to waste the port potential which he had taken great pain to obtain. And here, Guryuel sends out a rescue ship through the princess. The mediation itself was enough for a favor. And if he also got Solgest product as a wholesale with it, then it would be a bargain. As for him having to rent a ship and sailors for a long time– He thinks that was just extra harassment. 

What was annoying for him was that even knowing all that, this proposal was something hard to refuse. 

(Seriously, I will make a roasted pig out of him the next time we meet.) 

With that determination, Wayne continues… 

“Thank you for the offer, Princess Torcheira. … I shall take your offer for mediation.” 

“So, you’ve come to a conclusion. Alright, let me sent the letter right away…” 

Wayne’s letter was immediately sent to Patura with an introduction letter from Torcheira, and after a while, Patura replied that they would prepare for a meeting. 

Thus, Wayne headed for the maritime nation of Patura.