Genius Prince – v6-c19

“It was a one-sided battle.” 

Torcheira, watching from a ship hidden in the shadow of the island, opened her mouth after Regur’s fleet leave the vicinity.  

“It seems that Regur guy ability is the real deal huh?” 

“It was certainly wonderful ship maneuverability. Well well, this is indeed a surprise.” 

Vorace on her side nodded his head as if looking impressed. Even though his colleague has been completely defeated, he seems didn’t care about it. 

“Now then, Vorace, what is going to happen after this?” 

“— It will be a temporary stalemate.” 

Vorace said.

“I don’t know what would happen to Rodolph but, I think he would go to a safe place. That old man tenacity is pretty good after all. If possible, Rodolph would try to hold fort…” 

“But if his island got isolated then, he would just dry up. There’s no way out. No, if the sailors on Regur side manage to attack the land before they prepare, they won’t last long.” 

“However, it would be impossible to do that. They would be stabbed in the back if they do that by the other sea masters [Keryl] who appeared before…” 

“Emerence and Sandia right? To appear when the battle is settled, they sure are a great team.”  [TLN: This is sarcasm she speaking] 

While watching the battle between Regur and Rodolph, the two fleets suddenly appear. But hiding until the moment comes was the correct answer. 

“Regur’s hand certainly looked strong. But, we’re on the sea, and on the ship. If they need to perform a land battle, they need strong soldiers…” 

“I see, only strength at sea huh? But, if the two sea masters [Keryl] try to perform a land battle against Rodolph, Regul would be the one who stabs them on the back. In that case, both of them cannot move carelessly. Which means a stalemate. Who will help Rodolph or will he surrender?” 

Vorace shakes his head to that question. 

“I wouldn’t help him. And he can’t let go of the rainbow crown because he was fascinated by it.” 

“So, why don’t the two sea masters collude and attack Regur?” 

“That is because it is difficult of course. The two are not friends, they are rivals aiming for the rainbow crown. If they take time to negotiate, a temporary joint battle could be established but, during that time, Regur would call reinforcement first.” 

“Hmm, I see. So, until Regur manages to call a reinforcement, it would be a stalemate huh? Whether it is Rodolph deciding to hold the fort or not, or the two sea masters [Keryl] who are looking for a chance, it is going to be important how he moves by then…” 

Torcheira then stunned with an admiring face… 

“Everything is moving as we thought huh?” 


For the first time, Vorace put a little awe in his voice tone. 

“That prince, prince Wayne is indeed— A terrifying person.” 


Escape from the island with the rainbow crown. 

A few days after his fleet being destroyed. That was the road Rodolph took, who decide not to hold the fort. 

“Rodolph-sama, are you ready?” 


It was an escape route just in case. It uses a cave connected to the sea, and a small ship was in front of Rodolph for escape. It was his contingency plan for him to run away. 

“That damned Regur… I will never forget this grudge…” 

While boarding the ship, Rodolph spoke his grudge. 

It was humiliating. His force accumulated over many years had been destroyed, and as a result, the position as a sea master has been lost. In addition, the situation now was hopeless, with only a small amount of property he could bring with him. 

Still, it was not full despair in itself, currently, he had the rainbow crown in Rodolph’s cherished box. 

(If I have this, I can still revive… Even if I lost everything, as long I don’t lose this brilliance!) 

He hugged the box tightly. Supporting the heart of Rodolph, who lost everything, and his last lifeline, it was this rainbow crown. 

“Then let us leave now.” 

The ship then slowly began to move as he gives his order. 

The exit of this cave was located in the southwestern part of the island. 

The sea area around the southwest area was shallow, and large ships cannot get close. In addition, there were many reefs, if one were to enter the area with a ship without knowing anything, it would be very dangerous and has a high chance of being stranded. Regur and the two sea masters [Keryl] who surrounded this island can’t approach this place. 

With the sky being cloudy with almost no starlight at night, running a ship in this area was equivalent to suicide. 

Then, how does Rodolph does it? 

(For me and the crew I brought, we’re familiar with this place. It was easy to see through the reefs, with the experience of using the location of nearby lighthouses, we could navigate even with the absence of starlight…) 

As he expected, when he left the cave and entered the reef area, his ship sail smoothly. 

The enemy lookout ships will be on watch beyond this reefs area. How to avoid that… 

(There’s a limit to sea blockade. As long as we find a gap, we should be able to breakthrough—…) 

That was when Rodolph starts to ponder. 

“… Mu?” 

Rodolph felt uncomfortable with the sight he saw in his own eyes. 

“What’s going on?” 

Strange… Something was wrong, even though it should be going well. He didn’t know what it was but, his experience as a sailor was ringing the bell of warning. 

Rodolph looked around. The dark sea. Cloudy weather. The lighthouse that was visible beyond the horizon. As they slipped across Rodolph’s field of vision– He noticed… 

“Stop the ship! Immediately!” 

The sailor who was in navigation got confused by his lord’s order. 

At that moment, an impact pierced the ship. 


The body of everyone was being thrown, and some even fell into the sea. 

Rodolph desperately clung to his ship, holding the box with a rainbow crown in it, he looked around. The ship was lifted diagonally, something pierced the bottom of the ship and the rock surface was peeking out. 

“Reefs?! Why are they here?!” 

One of the sailors screams. For sailors who have sailed this area many times, they knew the reefs were supposedly not there. 

“It’s the lighthouses…” 

Knowing the answer, Rodolph muttered with a shaking voice. His line of sight was directed toward the light beyond the darkness. 

“The position of the lighthouse is misaligned!” 

The sailors immediately directed their gaze at the lighthouse. And they also noticed it, just as their lord says, the location of the lighthouse was different than usual. 

Lighthouse light was an important guide for sailors when they sailing in the dark. There was no doubt about its existence because they were accustomed to this area. And the result of that was this grounding. 

And if this was done by someone then—… He thought. 

When Rodolph thought so, a medium-sized ship appeared in front of him, silently from the darkness. 

Rodolph recognizes the person standing on the edge of the ship. 

“Ferite… Sama?!” 

“It has been a long time, Rodolph.” 

Ferite Zarif smiled a little at Rodolph’s astonishment.