Genius Prince – v6-c18

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” 

Torcheira repeatedly says so as to hurry up while fluttering his legs from the edge of the bow and looking across the horizon. 

“Don’t panic.” 

Next to her was the ship’s captain, the sea master [Keryl] Vorace. 

“Whether we go fast or slow, the sea won’t run away from us.” 

However, the sermon does not reach Torcheira’s heart. 

“Even if the sea does not escape, the climax of the war will run away. Then there’s no meaning for us to come and see!” 

“Let me see, to think that you want to see a naval battle, you sure similar to your father King Guryuel.” 

Yes, the ship carrying Torcheira was now heading toward was the water where both Regur and Rodolph forces face each other. 

The purpose, just as Vorace said, she wants to watch a naval battle. 

They were not going to intervene in the battle itself. They had used a lightweight and agile type of ship that can be used to escape immediately, and they only bring one ship with them as to not stand out.

“… Muu!” 

At that time, Torcheira saw a ship-shadow beyond the horizon, and she then set out to sit on the edge of the bow. 

“Is that it?” 

“It seems so. … Hmmm, this is.” 

“Do you know which one going to win?!” 

Vorace nodded and said… 

“— It seems Rodolph’s navy is under disadvantage…” 


“That can’t be…” 

Rodolph was stunned as the war situation proceed. 

For the enemy 20 sailing ships, and his 15 galley ships. His crew was experienced people, and they should be able to maneuver freely. Thus, even if they were at disadvantage in number, there was no doubt he would obtain victory– Or so that was what he thought. No, that was what supposedly happens. 

But then… 

“The third ship sink!” 

“Seventh ship receive damage by the starboard and it is unable to continue sailing!” 

“The 10th ship and the 12th ship unable to navigate due to the broken oars! They are asking for help!” 

“Rodolph-sama! We’re at disadvantage!” 

The reports that came in one after another were bad news as if against his expectation completely. 

“This, to think this…” 

Basically, naval battles with these ships cannot be settled by long-range attacks. 

On a ship where the wave sways the ship, if they have not enough luck, even with bow and arrow, it would be hard to fatally wound the enemy sailors, and even if they used fire arrow, the ships were painted with various special paints to prevent the ships easily catch fire. 

Therefore, in the naval battle, while each side would compete to get the best position, they would attack using the thing called ‘ram’ or bring the ship to the side and perform melee battles with sailors. 

And with that, Rodolph chooses to use galleys that ignore wind direction to perform easier ramming. 

It has tremendous power if they could bring the momentum. And as they hit the enemy ship, the enemy ship won’t be able to navigate due to the hole in the enemy’s hull. 

However, his plan didn’t work well. 

Despite having a smaller turning radius, he still could not catch the enemy sailing ships. 

Moreover, his ships begin to receive damage one by one by the enemy’s ram. The ram was not exclusively being used by the galley. Rodolph recognizes that even a sailing ship could be installed with it, and by the look of it, all of Regur’s sailing ship has ram buffer on it. However, since the direction of the sailing ship depends on the wind current, it was more difficult for a sailing ship’s ram to hit the enemy. 

So how did he do it? 

The answer was one… 

“It can’t be, so that how it is?!” 

Incredibly, Rodolph’s lips trembled. 

“Are you saying that he is reading the wind current of this area?!” 


“Of course, if I can’t do this much, then I have no claim under my name.” 

Regur laughed at the top of his flagship. 

“A complex sea area where the wind blows from all directions. But conversely, if you can catch all of those winds, even a sailing ship can move as quickly as the galley.” 

Of course, what he said was not easy to do in reality. To have the ability to read the subtleties of the sea and the wind requires tremendous talent and long training. Regur was indeed a talented person, but the commanders of the other ships were not. So Regur himself had to train them. 

It was a difficult road but, Regur did it. He taught his subordinates a part of his ability that was said as a natural gift. 

“It has been more than ten years since I was banished from the Archipelago. Did you think I just laze around?” 

Hatred toward the Patura Archipelago, who rejected him. 

The dark flames made him overcome this path of hardship. 

“Now, it is time to finish you off. — Starboard!” 

At Regur’s order, the flagship turned its direction. 

Beyond that was Rodolph’s ship. 


“Rodolph-sama! The enemy flagship is approaching!” 


The ship on which Regur rides approached head-on. It was a majestic view as if he claimed to be the King of the Sea. 

“Damn it, that brat…!” 

He cannot lose. 

He now had the rainbow crown. 

No matter who it was, he cannot let anyone took that brilliance away from him. 

“Advance at full spit! Aim the flagship! Pass through them and then we will attack them from the back.” 

At the command of Rodolph, the rowers start to move all at once. 

Regur’s flagship versus Rodolph’s flagship. The distance between the two ships shorten and in a blink of an eye, they were facing each other. 

(Not yet, I am still intact…) 

This was probably the advantage and disadvantage in the weight of the ship. If you heat the enemy head-on, the damage would be huge. Therefore, it was necessary to discern the angle before rushing without hesitation. 

Of course, the other party knew that. If they decide to turn either to the starboard or to port, they would still suffer heavy damage. 

That was why he needs to wait… The approaching hull. The pressure feels like about to crush one’s heart. That’s why, not yet, not yet—… 

“— Now!s  Portside! Stop the rowing!” 

At Rodolph’s instruction, the sailors responded perfectly. 

Stop the port side and only row with only the right rower. The ship then turns to the left, and the enemy flagship passed by the right side of the galley. 

But Rodolph’s eyes turned into astonishment. 

The flagship which supposedly passes by was magically stopped in front of him. 

(Why— No, I see!) 

Rodolph manages to saw it. The sail of the anime sailship had been folded without anyone noticing. 

A sailing ship that loses the power of the wind would lose its propulsion unless they opened the sails one again. 

(Did he read my movement?!) 

As a result, the galley was flanked in front of the enemy flagship. If the enemy ship ram hit them, now, it would be bad. 

But, not yet. 

(It is not over yet! Since the sails were folded, the enemy ship should be unable to navigate!) 

Rodolph ship was a two-stage vessel that has more rowers than other ships, making it capable to create an instanuous power surge. It was possible for him to get some distance before the opponent started moving again. 

Even the enemy was about to open the sail immediately. But before the sail receives the wind again, Rodolph was giving instruction to move forward at full speed. 

“That moron…” 

The voice that should not be heard, swallowed by the sound of the waves, coming from the bow of the enemy flagship. 

Rodolph then saw. The figure of Regur standing there. 

“Did you still not notice that I already read the wind around this area?” 

At that moment, a headwind hit Rodolph’s face. 

That was nothing but a tailwind for the enemy flagship. 

The ram on Regur ship finally pierced Rodolph ship. 


“It is over.” 

Regur muttered, looking down at the sinking galley. 

The opponent flagship was crushed, Soon, the other ship will lose its fighting spirits and surrender. 

“Now, what left is I need to find Rudolph,,,” 

The sea below was full of sailors trying to escape from the sinking galley. It was difficult for him to recognize the face he saw last 10 years ago. 

And then at that time… Regur saw a boat appeared out of the shadow. There were two rowers and one crew by their side. Regur was familiar with one of them… 

“You, don’t you feel ashamed?! Leaving your subordinates like this! To think you are one of the sea masters [Keryl]!” 

“Regur-sama, the sailors of the enemy ship are asking for help, what should we do?” 

“Leave them alone. They are suitable to become seaweed after following that disgusting sea master [Keryl]. Rather than them, chase that boat!” 

Regur suddenly distorted his face as he gives his instruction. 

“… Cih, they are faster than I had expected.” 

Regur sees the far horizon. 

The shadow of the two ships floating there. 

“That is… The flagships of the sea masters [Keryl] Emerence and the sea master [Keryl] Sandia!” 

‘I guess so…’ Regur muttered. The only people who move in this kind of situation would be those sea masters [Keryl]. Of course, they were not come rushing here due to Rodolph’s predicament, after all, they were the same sea masters. They also aim at the rainbow crown. 

“Regur-sama, we still have plenty moral and power. I think it is possible for us to engage in a series of battles…” 

“…No, we will retreat for now.” 

Regur understood that Rodolph’s pride has been crushed in this battle. 

Perhaps, those two sea masters [Keryl] who observe the battle begin to realize that even a sailing ship could move freely. Regur didn’t think he would lose the battle, but he was likely to suffer unexpected damage. 

“Siege Rodolph home island, keep some distance from the other sea masters [Keryl]. I don’t think they had a close alliance. And I don’t think they would take the initiative to attack me either…” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Regur’s fleet slowly moves out of the area, as his men signaled the other ships using flags.