Genius Prince – v6-c17

A fleet led by Regur met with the Rodolph fleet. 

It was near the island where Rodolph was based that both faced each other. 

There were 20 ships on Regur side. 

On the other side, Rodolph has 15 ships. 

The fact that a total of 35 ships lined up in the sea would be spectacular itself for normal people. 

“As expected of one of the sea master [Keryl], he has a lot of strength.” 

Regur who was looking at the other party formation at the flagship, muttered as if he was impressed. 

The one under Regur fleet was not all he had. As a usurper, Regur needs to always watch the sea masters’ [Keryl] movement, and not to let his guard down. Some ships need to be left in the home base to guard it, and only these 20 ships could move. 

“Regur-sama, the galley ship seems to be the flagship.” 

“It seems so indeed. Well, I guess that is natural.” 

Modern ships in this world were roughly divided into two types. 

One was a galley. And the other was a sailing ship. 

A Galley ship was a ship-shaped like an elongated leaf. Of course, it was just a metaphor, the Galley shop has its total length of more than ten meters. It was a man-powered ship using oars, where it could be moved freely by a large number of rowers on board, and depending on the use, some had as many as 50 oars at each side of the ship. 

On the other hand, sailing ships compared to galley it was more rounded, and the ship was a wind-powered ship, which means, the ship moves by receiving wind using the sail. Although it has a problem of wind current dependence, it requires fewer rowers and can load supplies, combatants more. 

Of course, those characteristics alone couldn’t be used as a clear classification, because some Galley has a sail, while some sailing ship has some rowers. In addition, there were two times of sailing vessels: Horizontal sail ships that can make use of most of the tailwinds, and vertical sailing vessels that use the opposite wind to advance upwind, anyway, there were roughly two types of ships: The Galleys and The Sailing Ships. 

And in this Patura Archipelago, which ships were more effective for a battle you ask? 

“Unlike sailing ships, man-powered Galley has a small turn radius. If the sea was rough, it will get stuck, but if it was calm, then it would be more fierce than a sailing ship—…” 

And while Regur made a cool assessment. 

“How stupid, to think he brings out the sailing ship.” 

Rodolph, aboard his Galley flagship, looked at his opponent camp and smiles with mockery. 

The majority of Regur ships were that of a sailing ship. The number of ships might outnumber his opponent, but Rodolph was confident that he could win. 

The strength of a sailing ship located and its speed and cargo load. However, unlike the open ocean, the Patura archipelago, where the isles were densely packed, tends to disperse the wind when its hits the islands. 

It could be said, the sea around this area was hardly had a strong wind, and if the wind blows, it won’t last long and shortly it could stop. In addition, the wind direction was not stable. For a sailing ship, the speed of wind decided the difficulty of maneuvering, which exactly the drawback of a sailing ship. 

“Maybe he was desperate gathering those ships since he couldn’t secure the sailor to men the Galley.” 

“That is true… Even in Patura, it would be hard to gather many of sailors that could maneuver a galley.” 

Rodolph nodded his head in response to his subordinates. 

Other than the Galley that could move quickly, it was important for the rowers to know how to breathe together, paddle together, it needs a great deal of teamwork. 

And of course, it was not easy to gather that kind of rowers. In that respect, a sailing ship requires a small number of people to maneuver, so even only a few sailors should be enough. 

“Looking at the situation, to defeat Aroi and occupied the central, it seems he had done some surprise attack. I guess, the man who is known as a child prodigy now has turn pathetic huh?” 

Rodolph held up his hand and raised his voice. 

“All ships prepare for battle! Let us sink those fools who dare to cause disturbance to the peaceful sea of Patura!” 

“Regur-sama, the other side has finally moved…” 

“I can see that.” 

15 Galleys moving toward them. Regur snorted when he saw the movement. 

“Fuh, what a stupid old man. It seems he was blinded by the dazzling rainbow crown.” 

Regur laughed. 

“I will let you taste it. My overwhelming power who receive the love of the sea and has the best subordinates who had trained with all of their might…” 

Regur and Rodolph navy. 

This battle would be known as the prelude of the battle of Patura. The curtain has finally been cut and dropped here.