Genius Prince – v6-c16

It was just like a rainbow trapped in seashells. 

Red, blue, yellow, and green— swirling shells scattered in various colors, overlapping and glittering. An overwhelming presence that seems to forget even breathing. Even in a room with only a small light, its brightness does not become cloudy. 

That was due to the rainbow crown.

It was the treasure of the Patura Archipelago and was known by all its citizens. 

Whether it was men or beasts, one cannot help but be fascinated by it.  

“Ah, how beautiful.” 

And right now, there was one man who was fascinated by the rainbow crown,  

The man’s name was Rodolph. He was made one of the six sea masters [Keryl] in Patura, and right now he was the rainbow crown usurper. 

“I finally have it… This brilliance finally belongs to me!” 

Rodolph first saw the rainbow crown when he was still a child. 

He was a member of the pirates at the time. He was thrown away by his parents, being made starve to death, and finally got picked up by the pirates, he had been working since he was a child. 

The pirates were crudes and violent, but they were always cheerful. They were like a family to him who was being abandoned. He thought one day he will fight and adventure with them. 

However, the future collapses with none other than his own hands. 

Rodolph was captured by Pautra’s patrol ship, which appeared to subdue the pirates, and was presented before the Zarif family, the sea guide [Radu] of that time. A rainbow crown. 

It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck. No matter how much he thought he should look away, it feels like some power pulling his gaze back. And then the sea guide [Radu] of that time says… ‘This rainbow crown is your lord from now on.’ ‘You must serve, sacrifice, and devote yourself.’ 

He tried to say no, but he couldn’t. As he stared, the glow of the rainbow crown increased, and the light feels like entering his eyes. It feels like the depths of his brain were filled with its brilliance, and the light feels like whispering to him. — Now, sell your friends. 

Before he noticed, he had spoken the location of the pirates whom he had thought of as family. 

All the pirates were caught and then executed. 

Rodolph didn’t feel any sorrow nor regret. Because he did what the Lord wanted. 

Then he honed his skill as a seaman and become one of the sea masters. There was no loyalty to the chief, there was no love toward the locals. He did so simply to serve the Lord. 

And just the other day, when Aroi died and Apis, who had escaped the chase from Regur visited with the rainbow crown, he heard the rainbow voice once again. 

— Get everything. 

Rodolph has no doubt. 

“I am not going to give you to anyone. This will be mine forever.” 

Rodolph murmured with the expression of ecstatic while stroking the rainbow crown. There was no sign of loyalty as the sea master [Keryl] who had been supporting the previous Sea Guide [Radu] Aroi. The mask was no longer necessary 


At the time, the door was being opened in hurry, and the subordinates appeared. 

“… I told you not to go in here…” 

In Rodolph eyes glaring eyes, anger could be seen. His subordinates fight his fear and complete his duty… 

“Please pardon me. However, there is a report that a convoy of Regur fleet is coming to this island!” 

“… He finally comes huh?” 

Rodolph snorted. 

When Apis scaped, he knew that the rainbow crown location would get leaked. Therefore, he was secretly preparing to raise the anti-Regur banner by using the rainbow crown as the cause. 

“Have our ship ready will you?” 

“Yes, sir. We can set sail anytime.” 

“Good then, you go to the ship first and assigned the sailors. I’ll be right there.” 

As he said those words, his subordinate left the room. 

Rodolph who once again being alone, muttered abominably. 

“Those youngsters… Did he think he could become conceited just because he defeated Aroi?” 

He then turned his gaze to the crown once again. Regur’s aim was definitely this treasure. He was going to take this treasure for himself.

Despite I was the one who was chosen by the rainbow crown! he thought. 

“I’ll show you. That I am the rightful ruler of the Patura Archipelago!” 

In front of Rodolph who divulges that angry words, the rainbow crown continues to fill the room with light. 

It was as if to congratulate his victory, or to predict his ruins.