Genius Prince – v6-c15

“— Slow!”

Northwest of Patura Archipelago.

In one of the mansions on one of the island scattered, Torcheira expressed her dissatisfaction.

“Eei, when are you going to come back, prince Wayne!”

Reports had already reached Torcheira that Wayne had been imprisoned in a fort by Regur but, he had managed to escape safely.

Then, of course, she was sure he would evacuate here— But Wayne didn’t show up at all.

“Vorace! Are you sure the rescue was a success?”

When Torcheira glanced to the side, a man was there.

His name was Vorace, who sits gracefully with a book in one hand. He was one of the powerful figures in the Patura Archipelago known as Sea master Keryl.

Despite his old age, his sitting posture was still straight like a truck of an oak. Looking at him, it doesn’t feel like he has grown old.

“Well, according to the person who infiltrates the enemy, it seems to be the case.”

Vorace responded while looking at his book. The appearance was like that of a grandfather dealing with his grandchild tantrum. Vorace was dealing with Torcheira with a can-afford attitude.

“They are probably hiding in one of the islands, to avoid tracking. Patura archipelago is not lacking such a place.”

“Nuunununu… Not enough, those words won’t be enough to restraint those who work under the prince! No, honestly, if you don’t come back quickly, we will be in deep trouble!”

All of the Natra attendants who accompany Wayne were under Torcheira right now, except those who went to rescue him. However, they had an antipathy toward Torcheira due to her decision to abandon Wayne who had fallen into the sea.

In addition, they only heard the news they manage to escape but, impatience and uneasiness begin to rise as they wish to confirm their lord’s safety. Torcheira didn’t know when that impatience might explode.

“Calm down, Torcheira-dono. If you think about the other party, things won’t proceed just by being hurry. Now is the time to get ready and relax.”

“If I can do that, I won’t have a hard time like this! Rather than that, Vorace, you should be in a dire situation no? Why are you relaxed like that?!”

Torcheira knew that Regur has captured the heard of the Patura archipelago and was gradually expanding its power. Of course, Vorace should be busy dealing with those but, somehow this old man was peaceful as if nothing happened.

“There is certainly a storm happen in Patura right now. But as I said earlier, nothing good happens by being impatient. We just have to wait for the tide to change quietly.”

“What if you get swallowed by the storm before the tide even changes?!”

“At that time, let us prepare for a sea burial. Oh well, as someone who was born in the sea grows up in the sea, it sounds like a fitting death, no?”

“Khu….! That’s right, this guy is someone who gets along with that father of mine…!”

Torcheira was under the protection of Vorace due to his personal friendship with his father King Guryuel. When Guryuel visited the Patura archipelago, Vorace was the one who welcomes him with a banquet. At the time, it seems like the two have the same wavelength. It was said that the two of them actually manage to defeat pirates in the neighborhood while drinking.

“Well, no matter what happened to me, we have a way for Torcheira-dono to escape, so rest assured. If you can’t settle down, why don’t you read a book like I do?”

Vorace shows the book in his hand.

“I like this one. It is a book about myth, telling a story of Sea God Orubert who has a golden spear and a silver shield defeating a sea dragon.”

“I am not interested!”

Being cut off by her, Vorace smiles wryly.

“Ah, whatever! I will just go and cook the remaining ingredients, to make myself feels good!”

“Hahahaha, being able to enjoy Princess Torcheira cuisine since a few days ago, King Guryuel might be jealous if he heard this.”

As Vorace laugh, Torcheira heads toward the kitchen.

It was then, a messenger jumped in.

“Excuse me! Vorace-sama, there’s urgent news!”

“Calm down, no need to rush. … So, what happened?”

“Yes, that is—…”

Torcheira was surprised when she heard the news, and Vorace muttered with a small voice.

“Apparently, the tide has changed.”


“You know where the rainbow crown you said?!”

Ten days had passed since Ferite escaped the prison.

Despite the nets in every corner, Regur who could not hide his irritation was unable to capture Ferite at all, but despite that, he stood up immediately when he heard the news from his subordinates.

“Where? Where is it?!”

“yes sir, it is not a confirmed information, but it is very likely that it is in the possession of Sea Master [Keryl] Rodolph.”

“Rodolph… Him huh?”

Rodolph’s figure appeared inside Regur’s mind. He was one of the sea master [Keryl] trusted by Sea Guide [Radu] Aroi Zarif. The last time he saw him was before he was being expelled from the Patura Archipelago, but if he was still alive, he would be as old as Vorace.

“It was not under Vorace possession?”

“Yes. There are some rumors recently that Rodolph is hiding the rainbow crown, and when we investigate them, we got some testimony that they had seen it themself.”

The messenger continues.

“At present, Rodoplh has increased the number of ships under his navy, and he almost always stays inside his mansion, hardly being seen. Based on the testimony, the report says he had witnessed that Apis-like person being nearby of him… And at the time, the person in question seems to be holding a big load behind her.”


Looking at the Patura Archipelago situation right now, it was no wonder for them to increase their force. However, it seems Apis was being seen there. That one was one of Ferite trusted retainers, and she had disappeared when Ferite was being captured. It was made sense that Ferite would entrust the rainbow crown to her.

However, there was something that was not fit in his head.

“… Is there no movement toward Vorace?”

“Yes sir. Based on the report there was none but…”

“Cih, what is that old man thinking.”

Regur had expected Ferite to join Vorace.

The reason was the young man that escaped with Ferite. He seems a key person in the Kingdom of Solgest, and he manages to escape as soon as he was caught. The company which mediates the ransom demand was now empty. From this swift move, the rescue plan was aimed at the young man, and Ferite was just a bonus.

After escaping, it was natural to think that the young man would head toward Vorace, where their ship was staying. Ferite would have no objection to relying on someone who was part of the sea master [Keryl]

And if Ferite was under Vorace’s protection, he would then try to recover the rainbow crown. And he would try to suppress Rudolph.

“Was Ferite under Rodolph?”

“No, there was no confirmation in regard to that.”


The rainbow crown. But Ferite was not seen. Rodolph was also being silent, not raising the anti-Regur movement.

(If he is going to rebel against me, he needs to carry the rainbow crown and Ferite. However, he had kept the matter of rainbow crown a secret. … Did he kill Ferite and take over the rainbow crown?)

That was a possibility. Regur believes he was not the only one with the ambition. Rather, everyone in the Patura Archipelago should want that rainbow crown.

And the report from the messenger back that up.

“This is also undetermined but, it is said that the other sea masters [Keryl] have started their move. They may have the same information as us and are trying to win the rainbow crown.”

“… Which means I couldn’t stay put any longer huh?”

There was something he bothered about. It was about the rumor that was under Rodolph. This very work seems to be intentional. With the intention of moving everyone and the situation.

Was it Ferite? Was it Vorace, or someone else? Regur had a deep thought for a while but decided to abandon it. It was normal to not understand everything. He was just got back from his expulsion. Of course, there was some information that he couldn’t gather unless he spent more, and investigation was indispensable for his plan. Still, there was not much time left to gather them.

“Either way, we are going to move and smash them.”

Regur begin to move. The once exiled Regur Zarif wanted an absolute rule in the Patura Archipelago.

Therefore, after getting the rainbow crown, he was planning to destroy every sailor that was loyal to Aroi Zarif. In this way, everyone would begin to admit that his expulsion was a mistake.

“Get the ships ready. Attack Rodolph and Destroy him, and I will immediately take the rainbow crown from him!”

Regur declared with a loud voice.