Genius Prince – v6-c14

Wayne knew this would come. 

Ferite now was isolated and without support. No, in fact, he was in a desperate situation. 

Because Wayne, who sits in front of him, by no means an ally. 

Both of them were coincidentally meet, and their road was overlapping with each other for now. 

“I understand that for the prince, this incident was just an unfortunate accident. No one going to blame you even if you stay home regardless of the turmoil. No, on the contrary, you have the option of returning to Regur with information on my neck, and the rainbow crown as a souvenir…” 

When he said that, it was Apis who becomes fearful. It seems she has not taken this into account. Ferite realizes this mistake and tries to take care of Wayne and his men. 

“But like this, you guys cannot move. I thought there are rooms for discussion, how about it?” 

“… This is has become a problem isn’t it?” 

Wayne smile wryly. 

“Go to Regur with the information of your neck huh? Such a terrible thing, I never thought of that. But as you said, there is indeed such an option.” 

Of course, that was a lie. He had long taken that into account. The two soldiers outside of the room were also told to rush in when instructed. 

“I guess, you need to get me on your side no matter what now. This is quite a difficult situation to bargain with you know? Ferite-dono. Though I may sound arrogant, I sympathize with you.” 

“Well, to be honest, I am so nervous that my organs feel like it’s about to turn over. … But let me say this, even if I don’t need you, I would still try to get you on my side.” 


The unexpected words attracted Wayne’s interest. 

“Why is that? Despite looking like this, my home country is located far north, there are only a few people and goods that I can bring. I can hardly give you any support from my side.” 

“Yes, I understand that. But, how about you see it like this? I lost my soldiers, my items, and my right. In addition to that, If we take into account the case where I got captured by Regur, I can only say that my prestige has fallen into the ground. And now I am trying to take back the Patura Archipelago— For you, cooperation with me should not worth even mentioning.” 


Wayne’s throat groaned a little. 

Only Ninim who was by his side realize, and chuckled a little. 

Therefore, Ferite continues. 

“This is a prelude. Whether or not I am qualified to take on the challenges, depending on whether or not I am able to bring you to my side.” 

Ferite’s gaze was straight. His eyes tell Wayne that his words come from his heart. 

“… To use a prince of another country as a measuring, you sure a brave one.” 

While saying that, Wayne’s mouth turns into a smile. 

“Fine then, let me hear what you have to say. How are you going to get me on your side?” 

“When Patura is recaptured, we will conclude a trade agreement based on your terms.” 

“Fumu. What else?” 

“Provision on ship and shipbuilding technology. Also, we will teach your people how to become a sailor…” 

“That is indeed great. So?” 

“If Natra needs a navy to fight another country, we will help as an ally.” 

“I see, I see…” 

To the condition presented Wayne nodded several times. 

“It is not enough.” 

He told him bluntly. 

“A large-scale promise with an empty bowl is easy to make. But, all of that could happen only after we beat Regur. And, you have nothing that makes me think that you can beat Regur.” 

Ferite does not flinch despite the cold-hearted denial. 

“I knew that you would say that. So I will offer you one last thing.” 

“Hou, what that would be?” 

“The history of Zarif.” 

Ferite said that. 

“I shall provide you with everything that the Zarif family have written…” 


Wayne opened his eyes wide. 

Ferite, who got such a response from him, continues… 

“If you are just like the rumor says, then you should understand, the worth of that. In fact, you are inside the study just before. Inside that is all of the histories of the Patura Archipelago, written by the Zarif family, including myself. And I am going to use it to defeat Regur.” 

Ferite aim was correct. 

200 years of history of Natra Kingdom. Wayne understands the value of written history more than anyone else because of that. 

“… Why is something that important is in this kind of place?” 

“The authority of the rainbow crown, which had become too strong, eventually deceived not only the islanders but also the member of the Zarif family as well, making the history materials seems unnecessary. However, I believe those history materials are the true treasure of the Zarif family, thus I bring it here to preserve it.” 

He then took a deep breath. 

“Come now, Wayne Salema Arbarest! Ships, people, technology, and history! With these in front of you, do you still find it not enough to place your bets on me?!” 

After asking that question with a burning passion, silence descended inside the room. 

Apis and Ninim stare at each other’s lord holding their breath. 

Shortly after, Wayne slowly opened his mouth. 

“… Specifically, I would like to ask you how you intend to move in the future?” 

“A rainbow crown is essential to build an anti-Regur camp under me. First of all, we need to make a contact with Sea master Keryl. Within the history materials, we have the precise chart of all Patura archipelago’s sea, including those under the Sea master Keryl. We used them to get cooperation from each Sea master Keryl, and regain the rainbow crown from Rodolph.” 

“That is not good.” 

Wayne verbally cuts Ferite words. 

“To do that, it is already too late. If we persuade each one now, it would be faster for Regur to move his navy and took the rainbow crown from Rodolph.” 


Ferite stuck with his words. Then Wayne turns to Ninim. 

“Ninim, get all the chart and the history materials about Sea master Keryl from the study.” 

“Yes, I shall immediately gather them.” 

Ninim follows his instruction without hesitation and leaves the room. 

“Prince Wayne…?” 

Ferite was puzzled by his sudden behavior. 

“Well, Ferite-dono has shown me your great value.” 

Wayne then smiled at Ferite, then continue… 

“Then, it is my turn to show you the worth of having me, on your side, yes?” 

Ferite Zarif later spelled this moment in the Zarif family history. 

At this moment, at this time, on this small island where no one pays attention, he got the best ally on the continent.