Genius Prince – v6-c13

“I am very sorry that I did not know that you are his highness the crown prince of Natra Kingdom, I was being rude.” 

There might be a lot of things that need to be said but, Wayne suggested they finished eating first, they quickly ate the dishes Ninim had prepared, and after their stomach was filled moderately, First, Ferite’s cousin, Apis, bowed her head. 

“In addition, despite being the benefactor that saved Ferite… I had turned my sword toward your highness, I’m very ashamed of myself.” 

Then next, Ferite also bowed his head. 

“I also at fault in this matter. I should’ve let her know considering the possibility that she might’ve come here. I would like you to forgive me.” 

After receiving their apologies, Wayne nodded his head as he sat face-to-face across the table. 

“It is just misunderstanding due to the situation. I’m not going to blame any of you.” 

After all, Ferite was still exhausted and not in the position to talk. It would be too cruel to make him continue despite his condition. 

Of course, no matter what the circumstance, Ninim, who was by his side didn’t seems convinced, but she reluctantly agrees after he urged her. If Wayne had suffered even just a scratch, she would have been more relentless. At least, this time it didn’t turn bloody. 

“Instead, we need to start to talk about the next plan.” 

Ferite nodded at Wayne’s proposal. 

“That’s right. First, let us short out the situation. As you know, I am Ferite Zarif, the second son of Aroi Zarif. I was captured and put in prison by my own brother, Regur Zarif, amid the chaos of my father’s death.” 

“And I am the prince of Natra Kingdom, coming here to sign a trade agreement, and I was caught by Regur security ship and was placed in a prison. It is such a strange thing, that two princes ended up in a prison side by side.” 

“Indeed. … Still, as expected, you’re the rumored prince Wayne eh?” 

“I apologize. I couldn’t reveal my identity in that situation.” 

“It is fine, I can fully understand.” 

Instead, Ferite turns his gaze toward his vassal, Apis. 

“Apis, I have to ask you. Why did you come to this island alone? I have given you the task of putting together the influential people of the archipelago, no?” 


Apis expressed a bitter expression. 

And then she begins to talk after a short while… 

“I deeply apologize… I had turned my back despite young master trust in myself…” 

‘So that is how it is.’ Wayne and Ninim looked at each other, and Ferite opened his mouth… 

“Have the rainbow crown get robbed?” 

“Yes…! I deeply apologize…!” 

Rainbow crown. 

It was a word that came out in a conversation between Ferite and Regur when they were in prison. Moreover, it appeared in the book of the myth that had been read by Wayne earlier. 

“It was Patura Archipelago treasure, which was belonged to the sea god Rubert, right?” 

“Indeed, that is exactly right. About a hundred years ago, a priest named Mareze, my ancestor, got a gift from the sea god Rubert.” 

It was said that the treasure shines in seven colors once it was bathed in light, and has the power to manipulate the sky and sea freely. And every time Patura was being threatened by another country, it was said that the current Sea Guide [Radu] could repel the enemy by using the power of the rainbow crown. 

It was an unbelievable fairy tale for Wayne who had come from Natra but, it was completely different for those who come from the Patura archipelago. Many islanders believe that the rainbow crown has such powers. 

It was natural that Levetianism didn’t take root in the archipelago. For the people of Patura, this country already has a true god, the country was protected by the God of the sea, Rubert. 

“By the way, does the rainbow crown actually has such an ability?” 

“Let’s see… It does give the feeling of fascinating magical power. But, manipulating the sky and the sea, it was something that comes from the Zarif family, starting from Mareze.” 

Wayne nodded at Ferite answer. 

“When there was an event of an emergency, we make people believe that it has been taken care of by using the rainbow crown. Predicting the coming storm, we told the people as an oracle coming for the rainbow crown. Like that, even those who were skeptical at first gradually believe in the rainbow crown. And after 100 years doing that, we made the rainbow crown as the symbol of the Patura Archipelago.” 

All of this was to make the status of Zarif’s family rule rock hard. The more the rainbow crown is believed to hold the power of God, the more the Zarif family, who own the crown, will also be allowed to wear the robes of authority. 

It was a great plan, Wayne think… But it was not as easy to do as it says. Occasionally, despite bringing out the rainbow crown, the problem they were facing remained unsolved and the authority would be damaged. Yet, without breaking the plan for 100 years, they manage to increase the authority of the rainbow crown. 

But at the same time, somehow it was ironic now. 

What that means was that, despite the plan being successful, the rainbow crown now was being stolen. 

“Apis, who betrayed you?” 

“… Rodolph-sama.” 

Apis replied in a voice filled with despair. 

“Thanks to your master being a decoy, I manage to escape Regur’s chaser along with the rainbow crown. However, the area around Vorace-sama territory where young master asked me to ask help, Regur’s monitored the place closely, and it was impossible to approach the territory…” 

“That was why I turned to Rodolph.” 

Ferite looked up toward heaven. After a few seconds of silence, they explained it to Wayne. 

“Rodolph was a veteran who had supported the Zarif family for a long time. He is one of the influential men known as Sea master [Keryl], and my father Aroi also trusted him. But well… I guess he was fascinated by the rainbow crown as well huh?” 

“Yes… As I brought the rainbow crown, I thought he was agreed to rescue the young master, but when Regur and Sea master [Keryl] crushed each other after abandoning the young master, at that time, I realized that he wants to become the Sea Guide [Radu] himself, by using the authority of the rainbow crown…” 

“You manage to escape, but with Rodolph’s betrayal, you couldn’t trust anyone, and now that you’ve been robbed of the rainbow crown, it was hard to get people under my name. You came here to prepare, at the very least, you want to rescue me by yourself was it?.” 

“Yes… Please forgive me, young master…” 

Ferite gently stroke his vassal hair as she shed a large amount of tears. 

“You don’t have to cry, Apis. It is a predicament indeed, but that is not the worst. After all, you and I are safe. Let us rejoice for that for now…” 

After saying that, Ferite turned toward Wayne. 

“Prince Wayne, my circumstance is generally like this.” 

“Indeed, it seems you are getting cornered.” 

“I am ashamed. I don’t have soldiers, items, and the authority.” 

With that being the case, he continues… 

Wayne could see the power in Ferite’s gaze. 

“Prince Wayne, I want you to work with me to recapture the Patura Archipelago.”