Genius Prince – v6-c12

The room was not equipped with a special name tag. 

The reason why they knew this was a study room was due to the large number of books inside this room. 

“Then I’ll be waiting outside the room.” 

“Alright, I leave it to you.” 

With the guard outside the door, Wayne began looking around the study room. 

The room was large and has many shelves. However, due to the overflow of books, many of the books were placed on the floor. Some of the books had solid binding, but some were only bundling of papers combined into one. 

“Fuh, many of these were books about the history of Patura Islands. This is… A myth huh? Rubert, the sea god, has a golden spear and a silver shield and wears a shining rainbow-colored crown. Meaning, this is Patura main’s god.” 

Wayne has long been known to the vassals for being an avid book reader. And since that was the case. 

The reason for him wanting to read books was to gain more knowledge. 

Wayne was Natra’s prince and regent. He was responsible for much of national politics, such as finance, taxation, law, military, and diplomacy. How much will he need to raise the tax? How much salary should he give? What to do if famine occurs— a policy that needs to be made every day, while consulting with his vassals, must ultimately be decided by Wayne. 

So what standard he should use? 

If it was just a personal matter, he can survive with intuition on the spot. However, if things become a national government, one bill could affect 10,000 people. It would be too much to decide everything by intuition alone. 

And those documents would decide the fate of the long history of Natra. 

It had such an influence when his decision was made into law. If the national treasury was filled with tax too much, the people’s anti-government would rise, and the military would be alone, making a cause for a coup d’etat, those materials would become a great help filled with the previous ruler experience. 

It was no doubt that Wayne was an excellent royal prince. However, it was only because of his policy accuracy which was improved by the long history of Natra 200 years of existence, making him seem to be a rare ruler despite his younger age. 

“This is a chart of Patura archipelago, it changes depending on the climate… Oh, this one is about the evolution of the ships? I’m interested in this…” 

That was why, reading history materials was the earliest habit of Wayne, and when he arrived here last night, he leaves this room alone since he didn’t have much time, but all this time he was always curious about it. 

“Interesting, this is interesting… No, this is more than I had expected. Not only this is about a maritime nation, but it is also completely different compared to Natra. However, why was this kind of material in this kind of place?” 

At that time, Wayne suddenly felt the wind breeze as he was in a good mood while muttering for himself. 

He looked up and he saw the window by the side was open. Wayne tried to close the window as he didn’t want the documents to get scattered by the wind. But, then he saw wet footprints on the window frame. 


It was a declaration that someone was there. 

Perhaps the person was here before he comes into this study, the person went inside bypassing the gap of the watch soldiers. And the person might smile while lurking in the shadow. 

(The escort soldiers were outside of the room. call them, jump in, and stand in front of me— No, they would not make it in time…) 

He feels a sign of people behind him. Perhaps they noticed what he noticed. This is bad, he thought. He didn’t have a dagger with him right now. So—… 

Wayne took a deep breath. 

“Enemy attack!” 

The moment he screamed, Wayne threw the book in his hand toward the person behind him. 


Someone groaned. The book hit someone. Shortly after confirming, Wayne tried to throw the book again, the person hides behind the shelf without hesitation. 

“You’re the one who should not touch the property here! This is the young master property!” 

Wayne stops his hand when he heard the voice. There were two reasons. The first was the voice sounded like coming from a young woman. 

“Your Highness!” 

There, the escort jumped in. The soldiers’ eyes catch the figure of a woman confronting Wayne with a dagger in her hand. Without hesitation, the soldiers pulled his sword and slashed at the woman. 


Soldiers’ slashes cut through the book on the shelf. However, there was no appearance of the woman on the line of the trajectory. She leaps at the wall with unbelievable agility and lands on another shelf while grabbing the ceiling. Her gaze captured Wayne, not the soldiers. She found value in him as a hostage. 

Wayne called out to the woman. 

“— Wait! We’re not enemy!” 

“Don’t lie!” 

The woman didn’t stop and approaches Wayne. But the guard soldier manages to intervene. 

“Your Highness! Please calm down!” 

“No, both of you, put your sword down! This is probably a misunderstanding!” 

“Even if you say that, I don’t trust you!” 

Wayne clicked his tongue as the misunderstanding cannot be cleared immediately. How should he solve this problem? If he left it alone, somebody will die. Then suddenly two people appeared. 

“Your Highness!” 

One of the people was Ninim. While preparing the breakfast, she undoubtedly noticed the commotion and rushed to this scene. Even she still wears her apron. 

And at the same time as Ninim, the other person give out an order. 


The woman turned around to the voice in amazement. 

In her eyes, the figure of Ferite was standing by using the wall as a support. 

“Put your sword down. I am fine. They are not enemy.” 

The words spoke by him were calm. 

The dagger hen fell from the woman called Apis. She ran up toward Ferite and then knelt down. 

“Young master! I’m glad you’re fine…!” 

“Yes, Apis, I am glad that you’re safe too..” 

Ferite gently calls out to the girl who has her shoulders trembles. 

Wayne looks at the guards and silently instructs them to sheath their swords, and the soldiers nodded. 

And Ninim who was unable to follow the sudden change of situation opened her mouth after some time passed. 

“For the time being, how about we have breakfast?”