Genius Prince – v6-c11

The light of the morning glow illuminates the island vividly. 

What emerges was the shadow of the island. The surface of the rock and the forest shines white by light, but a dark shadow extends behind it. The light coming in through the gaps in the overgrown forest. 

“Has the storm passed safely?” 

With his hand over the window frame, Wayne muttered. 

It was a house built in the depths of the forest. It was built in the basin which cannot be seen from the seaside, it was indeed suitable for hiding. 

it was midnight when Wayne and his party arrived in this place. 

As Ferite predicted, the sea began to be ravaged by rain and wind, and this could be dangerous, so we arrived on this island. 

They immediately hid their ship in the shade of a nearby rock, and stepped into the island, and found this house. It was the hideout that Ferit had told them, thus he spent the night here. 

“Well now…” 

Wayne lifts up from the bed and moves lightly. There was no problem. When he left the room, a guard soldier was standing in the hallway. 

“Good morning, your highness.” 

It was Natra’s soldier which immediately bow. Wayne nodded then called out… 

“Thank you for your hard work. Is there anything that happens?” 

‘No, fortunately, there was none.” 

After answering, the soldier’s face slightly clouded. 

“However, due to the lack of personnel, the security was not complete. It would be great if we could leave immediately and join everyone.” 

“Indeed, that is true…” 

At all times, Wayne only has three people including Ninim that could protect him. Even if they take a turn to protect him throughout the day, it was still too thin. The Fulham accompanying them were sailors and guides for navigation and were not trained in combat. If you ask, they will protect him but, they are still worried. 

“Come to think of it, what happens to Ninim?” 

“Yes, sir. She still has not come out of the next room, I believe she still sleeping, sir.” 

That was a bit surprising for Wayne. In most cases, Ninim would wake up earlier than Wayne, so he thought it was such a case this time as well. 

“Since His Highness fell into the sea, Ninim-sama was desperate to find your highness without sleeping. I think she finally could rest after confirming your highness safety…” 

“Ah… I see that is true.” 

Ninim’s impatience and anxiety after losing her lord into the sea were hard to imagine. He could spend time leisurely because he knew the ship has not been captured. If the ship has been captured or he didn’t know what happened to them, it would become big trouble in the prison. 

“Of course, we are also concerned about your highness safety. And since your highness is safe, my heart is feeling relieved.” 

“I’m sorry for making you guys worried, I do believe I’ve done too much this time.” 

“Next time I shall be the one who fell into the sea instead, so please do tell me when that time comes your highness.” 

“I will be careful so that such a thing never happens. –Now, I will see Ninim for a bit.” 

Wayne then tapped on the door of the next room. There was no response. He then opened the door while saying “I’m going in.” 

Like Wayne’s room, it was a simple room. There were only a few items in this room, after all, it was a hideout house. The only things that entered his vision were the shelves and books. 

And on the bed, Ninim was sleeping. 

He was still in a deep sleep. There was no sign of reaction due to Wayne’s presence. Wayne bent down by the bed and gently touches her hair. 

He knew she would be worried. But at the same time, this result was good. What would have happened if Ninim, not himself that had been caught by those pirates? 

Of course, it was Ninim after all. Since she was as witty as he was, in fact, she might actually take over the enemy ship by herself. 

But still… He has no regret for what he did. 

(… The past me and the current me, if both meet each other, the past me would say, ‘Who is this guy?’) 

He was still in the category of young, but what he meant was a story when he was a lot younger than now. 

Rough, that was not it. Rather it was the opposite. He was cold, tasteless, and played the role desired by the surroundings. It was as if he has no heart. 

The him right now was the result of meeting a single girl in the past. 

People change for the better or for worse. He was wondering if he was also no exception to that. However, he believes the change in him was a good thing. After all, Ninim was involved. He didn’t want to think the change brought by her was a bad thing. 

Still, if there were people who claim his change as an evil— Those people would be the enemy. 


Unexpectedly, Ninim groaned. 


Was the reason for that voice because of a dream? 

When he touches her cheek, Ninim hand overlapped with him. 

“– The work is not yet done.” 

Wayne reflexively withdrew his hand. 

But, before he pulls back his body away, his neck was hugged by tremendous power. 

“Nuooooh?! W-Wait, Ninim-san! Neck! Let go of my neck a little bit can you?!” 

“No… Five more minutes… If we don’t finish the work, we won’t make it…” 

“No no, rather than that, I would fall onto you in about 5 minutes, no 5 seconds! Let me go! Ninim-san, it’s going to happen!” 


After that, Wayne made his best effort to escape from Ninim choke. 


Feeling the lively surrounding, Ninim slowly wakes up from her sleep. 

She stretches her arms as much as she wants. Her body feels light. She feels like she had finally been able to sleep after a long time. 

But at the same time, she thinks she might have overslept too much. She wondered how much time had passed now, so she was going to get off the bed. 

“… Wayne? Why are you there?” 

She finds Wayne lying on the floor breathless. 

“No well… Since it was rare for Ninim to wake up later than I did, I was planning to wake you up.” 

“Ah, it seems I overslept too much huh? I’m sorry. … But Wayne, it’s not good to enter a woman’s bedroom you know?” 

“I learned that the hard way indeed…” 

Wayne answered while apologizing helplessly. She wondered if he had been exercising beside her all this time. He was a strange lord. 

“Wait outside for a bit.” Ninim then throws Wayne out of the room and quickly examines her dress. If possible she wants to take a bath first but, in this situation, such a thing was a luxury, thus she left the room. 

“I’m sorry to kept you waiting, Your Highness.” 

“Compared to the last five minutes, this waiting time was like a heaven.” 

“What are you talking about?” Ninim wondered. 

“First of all, let’s start with your highness breakfast. Fortunately, we’ve stockpile preserved food, so we can prepare it immediately. Though it would be simple foods.” 

“I won’t ask a court cuisine in this kind of situation.” 

“Pardon me. After we eat, we will discuss our future policy for the future. What I am concerned about was Ferite’s condition, but..” 

when Ninim said so, it was the guard who responded. 

“About that, the sailor has some report while your highness was sleeping. Currently, his condition was stable, and it was predicted if they manage to rest properly, he would be able to get better. However, they can’t be sure when he is going to wake up.” 

“Is that so? That is a piece of good news…” 

Ferite, who was transported to this hideout with Wayne and the others was being looked after by the Fulham’s sailors due to assistance relationship. Fortunately, there were many medicine and foods because it was a hideout, and Ferite was treated using them. 

“I’m going to see how he is doing later… For now, let us have a breakfast…” 

“We are in a position to be haunted. In the future, there would be a lot of unforeseen situations. I would like for your highness to restore your energy so that we could move anytime…” 

In short, he needs to obediently sit down. 

In fact, there was only a little they can do. Even if they moved around now, he realizes that it would only cause his escort troubles. 

“Then… How about we see that room?” 

“That room? Ah, that’s true. It is just the right place for your highness to spent time there.” 

Wayne nodded. 

That room they have been talking about. 

Was a study in the back of this hideout house.