Genius Prince – v6-c10

In the fort’s command room, Regul was sullenly looking out… 

His plan was largely on schedule. 

After being banished from Patura, Regul waited for the opportunity while accumulating power by making friends with foreign influential people. 

Then, he disguised himself as a pirate and killed his father, Aroi, who set out to subdue him under the guise of a storm. He then occupied Patura who was under confusion. He then declares himself as the legitimate successor and suppressed the rebellious forces of each island one by one by force. 

It was going well… Everything was going well. 

The only thing that he didn’t know was the whereabouts of the rainbow crown. 

(That… Without that treasure, my rule won’t be complete…!) 

What he knew was that Ferite had used himself as a decoy and ordered his subordinates to take the rainbow crown and escape. It would be great if someone tripped but, it might be because they were cautious, he hadn’t yet received any information in regard to that. 

“— Regul-sama, excuse me.” 

At that time, one of his subordinates enters his room. 

“The spy has reported earlier…” 

“Did they find out anything about the rainbow crown?” 

“No, it is another matter. It is said that a delegation group from other country have been staying under Vorace for several days…” 

“Delegation group from another country?” 

In the Patura archipelago, six influential people support the Radu sea guide. 

They were known as Keryl sea marshals, and Vorace was the oldest Keryl sea marshal who served since the time of Radu sea guide predecessor. The fleet he holds was small but all of them were elites, even Regul cannot carelessly touch him. 

“Specifically, from where?” 

“I’m not sure, but I believe it was from Solgest? I heard they have confirmed that some of their delegation members are VIPs from that country.” 


The idea passes through Regul’s mind. It was unlikely that Vorace had called them due to this turmoil. Since they were arriving too early. Perhaps everything that happened coincides with their time of visit. So, what if Vorace asks for help from Solgest? 

(No… There can be no intervention. Solgest won’t gain anything by doing so either… And even if they sent a reinforcement, this situation would be cleared by the time they arrive from the northernmost of the continent…)

When he reaches that conclusion, his subordinates continued. 

“And there’s a report that the delegation seems to be looking for someone…” 

“Someone? Is it Aroi or Ferite?” 

“That seems to be not the case. Details are unknown, but someone fell out from the delegation ship during the voyage. I guess it was a pretty important person…” 


At that time, Regul suddenly remembered the young man he saw in prison the other day. 

That brazen young man who brought a lot of things into the prison and didn’t hesitate to look at him. 

He heard from his subordinates that the young man was a merchant from Solgest. 

“… Immediately send people to the prison. There’s a man other than Ferite there. Bring him…” 

“Yes? Ah no, I understand…” 

The subordinate was confused for a moment but immediately nodded his head… 

“Excuse me!” 

The next moment, the door opened wildly and a soldier jumped in. 

“I have a piece of urgent news from the guard! It seems that the prisoner has escaped from prison!” 

“What did you say?!” 

Regul looked through the window with his eyes closed. 

Outside the fort, which was covered by the darkness of the night, the sign of the wind sudden change increased… 


Wayne and his group had escaped from the fort safely. 

Their destination was an unpopular beach away from the port. 

“Your highness, please be careful with your feet.” 

“I understand.” 

While answering, Wayne glances sideways. 

There was the figure of Ferite being carried by a soldier. He was still unconscious and didn’t seem to wake up soon. Will they manage to get treatment in time? 

While thinking about that, the party arrived at their destination. A medium-sized ship and several people were waiting in front of it. 

“Oh, everyone, I’m glad you guys manage to come back safely…” 

Seeing Ninim and the others, they had relief and joy on their face. 

“Thanks to you, we manage to rescue his highness…” 

“About that, it is I who should say that…” 

“Yes, to be able to see his highness, Wayne.” 

Being introduced by Ninim, Wayne took a step forward. When they saw him, they immediately knelt on the spot. 

“This is our first meeting, your highness Wayne. We’re…” 

“You guys are people from Salendina Firm, right?” 

Wayne then took the hands of those who knelt in front of him. 

“Thank you for your cooperation, thanks to you I manage to escape. Thank you.” 

“There’s no such thing… Your words are wasted on us.” 

They shook their head and said… 

“For the Natra royal family who once given us Fulham warmth and home, this kind of thing is nothing compared to that…” 

Fulham people. Yes, they were all Fulham people who kneel in front of Wayne. 

Salendina Firm was a company that was fully operated by Fulham people.

(I never thought I would get help like this…) 

Of course, Wayne knew in advance that there was this company. 

Although the Salendina Firm was not large in scale, it mainly trades within the Patura Archipelago, and therefore, it has a base all over the archipelago. Wayne had thought that Ninim would rely on their power to search him. So he told those who captured him to contact the Firm under the guise of ransom. 

Sure enough, Ninim learns that Wayne was captured by Regul’s fleet and taken to this fort. There, she secretly boarded a ship and sail near the fort, and spotted Wayne’s whereabouts from the clothes he tied on the bar, and decided to rescue him during a windy day, to mute the noise. 

“If this is a normal circumstance, I would be officially eating with you guys during a banquet. I apologize that I have to force you guys to cross such a dangerous bridge.” 

“What are you talking about sir?” 

At Wayne’s words, the man shook his head. 

“I and my ancestors, like other Fulhams, were subject to a lot of discrimination. But even with that, the fact that there is a country that accepts Fulham people in the far north has become a light of encouragement and a lamp for our ancestors who spent their days wandering the endless wilderness. And after so long, finally, I am being honored to meet with your highness, who inherits the blood of the great king, to be of service toward your highness is a great honor…” 

His words were not exaggerated. Due to the rise of the Empire, they were now being treated as a human being in the eastern part of the continent, but before that, only Natra that publicly respected the Fulham. There’s no doubt, that the thought that someday they would be able to support Natra was in the heart of the Fulham people. 

“But that would put the Salendina Firm in a difficult position, no?” 

“Rest assured. We are always prepared to hide when we get estranged… As long as the people are safe, we could resume business after the storm has cooled down.” 

“Is that so… Then I promise to reward that dedication after things calmed down…” 

“Yes, sir. Thank you very much.” 

The Fulham bowed deeply. 

Then a soldier called out to them. 

“Your Highness, we’re ready to set sail.” 

“Is that so? Then— Hnn?” 

Suddenly he feels something wrong behind him, Wayne then turned around. 

Then on the other side of the darkness, he saw the number of fires being lit. It was light from the fort. The numbers were clearly higher than normal. Apparently, their jailbreak has been noticed. 

“Let us hurry. Ninim, where is our destination?” 

He asked the question as he boarded the ship. 

“Yes, the delegation ship is now under the protection of Princess Torcheira’s acquaintance, Vorace, along with its personnel. First of all, we need to get back there, and make future policy…” 

“Vorace… I’m sure I heard he was one of the influential people here, being called as Keryl sea marshal? Alright, we will go there then…” 

“— Wait…” 

The sudden voice stopped everyone’s movement. 

It was Ferite, the soldiers were about to bring him into the cabin, his gaze was pointing at one person… 

“You’ve woke up huh? Sorry, but I decided to bring you along with me without permission…” 

As Wayne said that, Ferite smiled powerlessly. 

“I can only thank you for that, so don’t worry about it— Prince Wayne.” 

Apparently, his identity has been found. Did he listen to their conversation? Or, he connects the dot by looking at the situation surrounding him? 

“Rather than that, the destination… I will say it straightforwardly. You shouldn’t go to Vorace.” 


“Because of the wind…” 

The wound he had due to the interrogation must’ve been hurt. Ferite pointed toward the cloud while grimacing.  

“This kind of weather… High probability, soon a storm would come. This ship will get stuck on the way to the island of Vorace if that happens… And during that time, Regul ship would be able to chase after you and caught you…” 

“A storm huh?” 

Wayne gaze at the sky. Before he noticed, he couldn’t see the stars, which means it was being covered by the clouds. The wind was sure blowing harder than usual but, Wayne didn’t know that a storm would come. But if it was Ferite, who was born and raised here says those words, it was worth considering. 

“If the storm comes, what should we do? We can’t obviously stay here, no?” 

Ferite then pointed to the east. 

“Go east. My hideout is on a small island in the east… It is a place only a few people knew. If we reach there, you should be able to overcome the storm without being caught by the pursuer….” 


Ferite fainted again before he finished his words. 

“What should we do, your highness?” 

Go under Vorace or follow Ferrite’s instructions. 

In response to Ninim question, Wayne gave his answer after being in thought for a few seconds. 

“We go east.” 

Thus, the ship, carrying Wayne’s group, set sail on the sea surrounded by darkness.