Genius Prince – v6-c1


The third spring has come to the Natra Kingdom since the crown prince took over the administration as a regent. 

It was turbulent years. The Azworld Empire, which dominates the eastern part of the Vuno continent, and the turmoil following the demise of its Emperor, had repeatedly put the Natra Kingdom in jeopardy. Historians would often be amazed at how many trials have been overcome by such a country. 

But, the historian would also think… They sure managed to get out of it safely. 

Yes, Natra manages to survive… While being ridiculed as a weak country that could be blown off by anyone, they overcame all the hardship that attacked them. 

And the person who led everyone at the forefront was Wayne Salema Albarest, the crown prince destined to be told by the historians as an important key man in this turbulent era, later called the Great War. 

A cautious and solid domestic policy. Sometimes showing his ability to go to the battlefield on his own. Devilish diplomatic skills which put his neighboring countries at his mercy. And a deep love for the people. It was a perfect picture of the prince. 

As long as there was the prince, the Natra Kingdom’s future would be bright. In the middle of spring, the people of Natra had such thoughts. 


No matter how blessed you were, sometimes the sky would turn cloudy. 

At the Willeron palace of the Natra Kingdom, a small spring storm was quietly occurring. 



— I’m in a bad mood right now. 

A girl was sitting on the bed inflating her cheeks as if telling the people around such feeling. 

The person was Princess Franya Elk Albarest. Wayne’s sister and princess of the Natra Kingdom. At the beginning of Wayne’s regent, one could see her childishness easily, but recently, she has grown physically and mentally and has begun to behave as an adult. 

However, no matter who may say, right now, her appearance was only could be described as childish. 

“Franya, how long are you going to sulk?” 

Besides her, was a boy who speaks as if he feels amazed. His hair was white and his eyes were red. He was a Fulham people, his name was Nanaki Raleigh. He was Franya’s attendant. His words could be said as disrespectful to be said toward a princess, but for the two who had known each other since childhood, it was a trivial matter. 

“… I am not sulking!” 

Tsun, Franya turned away. 

“That is what one called as sulking, no?” 

“I am not!” 

“You are.” 


Franya roared with her voice. But Nanaki continues his words. 

“I don’t mind with you showing your anger at me but, you better repair your mood when you go outside. The government officials would be in trouble seeing you like that…” 


Perhaps, realizing what he said as true, Franya looked like she was hit on the painful part. 

The exact reason was not clear whether it was due to climate, culture, or national characteristics, but historically, many of Natra royalty have a mild temper. 

That was also applied to the current royal family. King Owen, Crown prince Wayne, Princess Franya. Even the deceased Queen, these mild-mannered people were rarely tossing their anger at the government officials.

But that was why the officials were so confused when they saw one of the royal family members was in a bad mood. Because they don’t have much experience in this regard, they don’t know how to pass the storm and end up going back and forth. 

(Usually, Wayne would do something about it.) 

When Franya was in a bad mood, her brother, Wayne was the only one who could soothe her. As a younger sister who respected her elder brother, she had no choice but to sheathed her sword. 

But, such a mean cannot be used right now. 

After all, right now, Wayne was not in the palace, and Franya mood worsened was due to Wayne’s absence. 

“It is not uncommon for Wayne to leave the royal palace for a long time, but are you still not used to it?” 

“That is not it! That is not the reason why I am angry!” 

‘As expected, you are angry after all.’ Was what crossed Nanaki’s mind but, he was sensible enough to not saying it. 

“Then, why are you angry?” 

“Isn’t that obvious?!” 

Franya raised her voice. 

“To think he would go to the southern island with that Princess Torcheira!”