Genius Prince – v5-c9

“This is the central square.” 

The first place they were guided to was the center of the city. 

“Speaking of Solituk, the statue placed in this square is something one must not miss.” 

As Zeno said, there were several statues of knights around the square, and a brave King was riding on a horse in the center. 

“It was said that this statue was the first King of Marden and the knights that served him.” 

“Fumu… Still, if I remembered it correctly, I didn’t saw these statues when the capital was released?” 

“When Cabarine took the city, we smuggled out the statues…” 

Zeno answered proudly. 

“And after we finished the negotiation, we return the statue here. After all, these statues were historic relic for us, when the vassals knew that the statues were safe, they were relieved…” 

“That is a good thing indeed. I have to make sure I don’t do anything wrong…” 

“I agree. I like to avoid the situation where we have to sacrifice and melted our own history…” 

Since the statues were made out of metal, it was such an indispensable thing as warfare. And sometimes, if the country didn’t have enough weapons, they might melt these kinds of historical relics. 

“Marden hasn’t yet healed from the wound of the previous war. The people’s minds would be disturbed once again if war once again come. I sincerely hope that peace will continue…” 

“I totally agree, but, aren’t you worried a bit too much?” 

Wayne then continue 

“If the current boom continues, Marden’s power will increase considerably. That way, even if someone tries to intervene, you should be able to take care of it, no?” 

“It is important to have power, but if it becomes excessive, it would produce unnecessary fire. I think it is more important now to be accepted as a member of Natra than gaining strength.” 

“I wonder about that…” 

Wayne’s eyes turn sharp. It was the gaze that tries to find her true aim. 

“Gain more strength and join hands with the neighboring countries to aim independence, isn’t that one of the options too?” 

Zeno laughed as a response. 

“Please don’t joke like that, your highness. Try looking back on your highness achievements so far, It would be stupid for us to do that, it would be like jumping into a sea with a heavy stone tied to our feet.” 

“…Oho… Are you saying Marquis Zenovia has the same thought as that?” 

“Of course.” 

Zeno affirmed. 

“Marquis Zenoia is convinced that being recognized as a member of Natra will lead to the prosperity of the Marden territory.” 

“I see…” 

Wayne and Zeno. Their smiles collided and their eyes were intricately entwined. 

For a few seconds, their eyes try to speculate the underlying behind each other words. Zeno was the first to avert her gaze. 

“Now, shall we head toward the next place? There are still many things to see..” 

Then Wayne and the others walk around Solituk City. 

Zeno fluently explains the beautifully carved fountains, the old bridges between rivers, and the city itself. Her happy appearance gives the feeling of deep attachment, not just knowledge. 

“… Fuuh, we have walked around quite a bit eh?” 

After walking around, the party was resting at a restaurant where Zeno often visited. They have reserved the restaurant in advance. 

“So, how is it, your highness? Solituk…” 

“Oh, I’m impressed with various things…” 

Wayne answered as he picked the teacup. 

“The sights were wonderful, but above all, the people, they are lively. If you look around, one could see they have a high expectation toward Marquis Zenovia.” 

“I agree. I do feel the support toward Marquis Zenovia has been increasing, partly due to the booming economy.” 

“That is a good thing. There’s no loss since the relationship between the politician and the people is good. Of course, you must still be careful.” 

It was a word that Wayne said casually, but for Zeno, she remembered something. 

“By the way, I’ve always wanted to ask this once… Why your highness is so wary of the people?” 

“Wary is it?” 

Hearing an unexpected question, Wayne blinked his eyes. He thought she might try to probe him but, after looking at her, he feels her question to be genuine curiosity. 

Zeno then continues while trying her best to choose her words. 

“To say it is being vigilance, I think it was a bit different? How do I say it, it feels there was a strange trust or a sense of distance? To see the people as an accomplice, it left me with a deep impression.” 

“Ah, that…” 

Wayne laughed a little as he remembered that time. 

“Certainly I did say that but… Indeed it is weird, isn’t it? The only person I told about that would be only Marquis Zenovia though?” 

“E, eh? Ah, emm… I heard from Marquis Zenovia you see…” 

Embarrassed, Zeno’s cheek dyed red. 

Wayne laughed as he ponders a little. 

“But, a strange trust is it? Let’s see… Zeno, for that question, let me ask you something for a bit. Do you believe the blood of the royals to be an important thing?” 


Zeno’s eyes shoot open as the talk turns in an unexpected direction. However, her reply was said without much delay. 

“About that… Of course. The royal who represent the people and rule the country. Not only the aristocrats themselves, even the people think that the royal blood is more noble than anything.” 

Wayne nodded his head as he heard Zeno replies. 

As she says, the blood of the royal was indeed noble. In these days and age, everyone has the same value. 

“Then, let me ask another question. From what point do you think the blood of the royal become noble?” 

“… From what point, is it?” 

This time, Zeno had a hard time responding. 

She never questions it. The expression from the question was confusing, it was like someone who saw esoteric mathematical formula for the first time. Wayne then continues as if to help her. 

“For example, I’m a Natra’s royal family member. If the blood of the royal family is noble, then my blood would be noble. Then, was it the moment when I was born when I become a noble?” 

Wayne pondered a few seconds before giving her answer. 

“… Naturally. Since your highness was born as the son of his majesty Owen.” 

“Right. Since I was born from royal parents who have the noble blood, the child also has noble blood. However, when did my father, Owen, become noble?” 

“Of course, when His Majesty Owen was born by the previous royal?” 

“Exactly. A child born to a royal family has noble blood because his/her parents are noble, and the parents are noble because their parents have the noble blood. It was that simple.” 

So Wayne then turned toward Ninim. 

“So Ninim, if we go back to history, where do we end up?” 

“Ha… One of the founders of Levetianism, Levetia’s disciple, Kareus, no?” 

Wayne’s ancestor was King Salema, who founded Natra, but since Salema was a prince of a country called Nariavine, the origin of his noble blood goes further back. And the person Ninim had said was where it ended up.