Genius Prince – v5-c8

“… Weird…” 

After the banquet, Wayne returned to his room which she had prepared and folded his arms. 

“I have given them many bait topics, but they never mentioned any marriage talk…” 

“That was indeed certainly unexpected…” 

Ninim, who was watching the conversation was also in deep thought. 

“They seem to have intentionally avoided the talk…” 

“For Marden, currently they are in their best time to restart…” 

*Unnh*, Wayne growled. 

Next to him, Ninim laughed a little. 

“Still, you sure was confident that you would be asked to get married before…” 


“Instead of showing that, they, in fact, avoided it…” 

“Ugh, Ugh…” 

“Maybe, you’re just too self-conscious?” 


Being stabbed by multiple words of knives, Wayne collapsed… 

“T-This can’t be the case… I was supposedly hesitate in rejecting the marriage, and would come out cool….” 

“At the end of the day, Wayne is the one who complains about the topic of marriage, how unsightly…” 


Wayne slumped on the spot. 

At that time, the door of the room was knocked. “I’m not self-conscious…” — Leaving Wayne who muttered those words with empty eyes, Ninim opened the door, where she saw Ziva, who served Zenovia standing there. 

“I’m sorry for coming this late… There’s a little change about tomorrow’s plan…” 

Ninim finally gazes back… Wayne who was until just now looked like a man who lost his soul had properly fixed his posture with a book, on one hand, he looked very noble… 

“I don’t mind, let him in, Ninim…” 

“Yes, sir. Please, come in, Ziva-sama…” 

Ninim then prompted Ziva to enter. Wayne asked him. 

“So what is Ziva consultation?” 

“I’m sorry, there’s no excuse for this… But, tomorrow luncheon with Zenovia-sama, there’s a sudden matter that needs Zenovia-sama to handle, that is why I come here to consult…” 

Wayne and Ninim looked at each other. 

It was not unusual to schedule to change. Wayne had also experienced a lot of that. 

However, for Marden and Zenovia, now that Wayne was staying here, it was a bargain for them… After all, in a few days, Wayne would set out toward the Kingdom of Solgest. It would be natural for them to make use of this chance even at the cost of postponing other political matters. 

(But if she decided to put off the dinner with me for later, the matter much has been an emergency—…) 

However, Wayne himself negates such possibilities. For an emergency, he couldn’t feel any frustration from Ziva who was standing in front of him. 

(If so, is she trying to get away from me? But based on her reception today, their hospitality is very elaborate, and I could feel their compromise and their willingness to join Natra…) 

The other party’s attitude was very unbalanced… On the other hand, numbers of hypotheses come to Wayne’s mind, but they are all unfounded. 

However, if he continues to only think about it, the story won’t proceed. Wayne then said… 

“If that is the case, I can’t help it. Unfortunately, stability within Marden’s territory is very important for Natra. But still, please do, tell Marquis Zenovia, not to worry too much about the politics…” 

“Yes, sir. I thank you for your consideration, your highness…” 

Ziva deeply bowed his head. 

Then Ninim opened her mouth… 

“But if that is the case, tomorrow’s schedule would remain open…” 

“I guess so. Well, there are many ways to kill time…” 

When he started to wonder what to do, Ziva interject… 

“For that matter, your highness, how about taking a walk around the city?”

“Hou… This city you meant?” 

Ziva nodded. 

“When the city was just being liberated, there were plenty of scars of battles remained, and I remembered your highness was also very busy at that time. Since we have begun rebuilding, I hope your highness could take this opportunity to see the city we’ve revived…” 


Of course, he believed that it was not just about enjoying the city. Wayne could see there was some intent behind it—, But he can’t read what they were planning at this point. 

(Well, I should just go with the flow for now…) 

Wayne nodded after making such a decision. 

“Alright. We will enjoy sightseeing tomorrow I guess? Ninim, I will leave the adjustment to you…” 

“I understand.” 

“Thank you. The person who will guide your highness will be arranged…” 

Ziva then bowed once again. 

“Then I shall excuse myself here. I highly grateful to be given time by your highness for this consultation.” 

Ziva then turned back and quietly left the room. 

Ninim then tilted her neck curiously. 

“I wonder what does he mean by this?” 

“I don’t know. Well, we will see tomorrow. Anyway, the problem is… How the heck the marriage talk didn’t come out?!” 

“As expected, maybe you’re just being self-conscious?” 

“I hope that is not the case! For my honor!” 

Wayne thus prayed as the next day come… 


Noon the next day. 

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Your Highness Wayne.” 

Appearing in front of Wayne as his guide was Zeno, disguised as a man, just like when she infiltrated Cabarine together with him. 

(Ah, I see, so that was how it is…) 

(I see, now I understand.) 

Wayne and Ninim both were convinced. 

Both of them knew that Zeno was Zenovia in disguise. 

Of course, there were some circumstances to do such a thing at that time, but Wayne never thought he would see her in such disguise again now. 

“I’m honored to see you again, your highness.” 

“Ah, I guess you’re right, by the way, right now, what position Zeno is in?” 

“My position right now is one of Zenovia’s attendants. I’ll join your highness and going to conduct a city survey on behalf of the busy Zenovia.”

In other words, that was the setting. 

From time to time, Zenovia might go out as Zeno as taking a break from her daily work. Considering safety, Wayne knew that it was not good but, he also knew that sometimes one wants to be free from political affairs and walk around the city. 

“I also have a message from Zenovia-sama.” 

*Uhum* Zeno continue speaking after clearing her throat. 

“Please use me as the guide and enjoy the city sightseeing to the fullest. Feel free to ask any questions. Since it would be easier to have a conversation while walking around the city– Or so she said…” 

“… I see.” 

Instead of the usual meeting, they were going to open each other while sightseeing. 

It was a roundabout way but, it was true that there might be something that their vassals didn’t want to listen to. Wayne smiled a bit, and eventually nodded his head. 

“Then, let us accept the Marquis Zenovia offer. I ask you to guide us, Zeno.” 

“Understood. Please, this way.” 

Led by Zeno, Wayne set food into the city of Solituk.