Genius Prince – v5-c4

“The economy certainly improving. However, the relationship with Natra’s other feudal lords remained the same.” 

“Muu… Well, I can understand, after all, only Marden had managed to become rich due to the economic boom. Not to mention, we’re a newcomer…” 

“That’s right, for that reason—…” 

Zenovia appeared with her female attendant from the other side of the corridor. 

“I’m back!” 

From the elapsed time, it was only enough for her to take a short bath. She didn’t even seem to spare more time to groom herself, and the women who followed her were in a hurry to wipe her wet hair. Ziva could only look up toward heaven for her unspeakable behavior as a girl of her age. 

“Zenovia-sama… I told you, you shouldn’t show this kind of behavior in front of your vassals…” 

“It’s fine, no one saw me in public!” 

“That is not a problem!” 

Returning to the office, Ziva tried to give her another sermon but, Borgen interjected. 

“Well, let us set those aside Ziva. This might let her relax a little bit. Besides, if you want to help Zenovia-sama, how about we finish our work sooner, and then she can get away from political affairs for a while?” 


Next to the groaning Ziva, Zenovia also provided a support fire… She averted her gaze toward the day after tomorrow. Seeing that, Ziva exhaled… 

“… Fine, I will overlook it this time.” 

“I don’t mind if you do it for the next time as well you know?” 

“Not a chance.” 

Ziva immediately rejects it, causing Zenovia to pout and turn her gaze toward Borgen. 

“Well then Borgen, I will hear the report…” 

“Yes, ma’am. Please have a look at this…” 

Zenovia sits on her chair as she received the reports from Borgen. The contents of the report were information obtained during the patrol of the territory. 

“Confusion and disturbance in the territory have decreased considerably.”

“Yes. Taking advantage of the favorable economy, it seems the public focused policy that Zenovia-sama made have finally bear some fruit.” 

“I was wondering what would happen at one point, but with this, I can relax a little bit.” 

A smile appeared on Zenovia’s lips. 

But immediately, her expression turns tense… 

“But, I can’t let my guard down. Right? Ziva…” 

“Yes, ma’am. You’re right.” 

Ziva nodded deeply. 

“The unilateral enormous growth of Marden territory could cause discord in the Natra Kingdom. And such a thing is undesirable for the Marden territory and for the Kingdom as well..” 

“… As expected, I need to talk with the Natra side at once…” 

“About that, Natra messenger just arrived. A letter from His highness Prince Wayne…” 

“From his highness?” 

Zenovia received the letter. As she opened the letter, she was surprised by the content. 

“It is said his highness is scheduled to visit us… Is this certain?” 

“Yes, ma’am, I’ve received the same statement from the messenger. It seems His Highness Wayne had been invited by the Solgest Kingdom to attend a ceremony, and he wants to visit this place along the way…” 

“… So, not a sightseeing detour huh?” 

“Yes. This meeting would perhaps address the concern about the friction between Marden and Natra.” 

“If that is the case, I also want to have a discussion immediately. Ziva, arrange a reception immediately. Borgen, I will leave the security during his highness stay in your hands…” 


“I understand.” 

The two people then bowed respectfully. 

Zenovia nodded to them, but then, she suddenly thought of something, then she stood up. 

“Zenovia-sama, where are you going?” 

“I’m wondering if I should take a bath a little bit more…” 

Zenovia answered while looking shy. 

Ziva smiled as he realized why she changes her mind. 

“I think that is very good. We will do our best in political affairs, so Zenovia-sama should relax a little bit.” 

“T-That’s right. Then, I will leave it to you…” 

Leaving those words, Zenovia left the room quickly. 

The remaining Borgen tilted his head while looking at Ziva. 

“What’s wrong?” 

Ziva laughed at his friend’s question. 

“No well, it seems Zenovia-sama haven’t lost all of her maiden’s feeling knowing she doesn’t want His Highness Wayne to think of her as unrefined…” 

Indeed, Borgen laughed as he was convinced. 

“Now we have to just do what we need to do, while the Marden’s beautiful jewel is polishing herself…” 

“Umu. … But, what should we do about this?” 

Ziva took a different envelope than the one they received from Natra. 

“There’s another one? Why didn’t you give it to Zenovia-sama?” 

“There’s a little problem with the sender you see?” 

Seeing that kind of answer, Borgen sensed at least the sender was not a friendly opponent. 

“From where?” 

Ziva answered with a sharp look… 

“From Delnio Kingdom.” 

The season was late summer. The stage was in the north. There were three countries… 

The Natra Kingdom, The Solgest Kingdom, and the Delnio Kingdom. 

The fierce battles between these three countries were about to begin quietly on the northern land.