Genius Prince – v5-c32

“… Hmm, this is a paragraph of postwar processing.” 

Zenovia, who was wrestling with documents in the office exhale when she put the pen on the desk. 

“This time is truly tiring…” 

Zenovia slumps on her desk. Ziva said, putting together the paperwork next to her… 

“I was wondering what would happen at one point, but we manage to get it settled…” 

“Indeed. Thanks to all the effort of the vassals.” 

The situation was that the conflict with Delnio was taken in another direction, and it was settled without blaming Zenovia, by using the merit of capturing Guryuel. Both vassals were relieved about this. 

“And I was able to buy back the land. The loss was much less than expected.” 

The land of Marden territory in which was being handed over in exchange for peace with Delnio. However, after that, Delnio offered to sell the land at a bargain price. 

This was because of Delnio’s new Chancellor’s policy. In the first place, the land that was handed over was not a blessed land, while includes the pilgrimage route of Levetianism believer, only Natra which had access to the east can make full use of it. In other words, for Delnio, it was not a land that should be so obsessed to have. 

Nevertheless, Delno needed to restore relations with both Natra and Solgest as soon as possible. After all, he was colluding with Solgest to trap Natra, but abandon the alliance and then sided with Natra. Still, Natra and Solgest were still standing, so if the two countries join hands against Delnio, there was no doubt that they would be ruined. 

Delnio’s plan was to somehow restore the relationship with Natra by returning the land at a low price. Perhaps that would also make Solgest feels good moods. 

“Prince Wayne, if it is him, he would have foreseen this far.” 

Originally, Delnio should be able to take Natra’s land effortlessly. 

However, when it was over, they were the country that lost the most. 

Once again, Zenovia was made to be aware of the excellence of Wayne’s diplomatic capability. 

(… I don’t want to become his enemy.) 

For Zenovia, Wayne was a hero. This case does not change that view. Rather, she felt strongly that he was far ahead of him. 

However, when he saw Wayne’s profile in that diplomatic setting, Zenovia also thought… 

She wants to catch up to him. She wants to be recognized by him. She wants this hero to accept her as a companion. 

“By the way, Zenovia-sama, there is some engagement consultation… Perhaps, it finally comes because they learned that engagement story with Prince Wayne didn’t come.” 

“Please decline everything.” 

“Y-Yes? No, Yes I understand,  we will do so as instructed but…” 

He probably didn’t expect to be turned down immediately. Ziva stared at Zenovia while looking puzzled, and said… 

“… Zenovia-sama, you’ve changed a little…” 

Maybe her appearance? Or perhaps it was more to her demeanor? It seems a single part of Zenovia’s core had changed, or so that was what Ziva had felt. 

“I don’t think I’ve changed but, let’s see…” 

Zenovia smiled. 

“Maybe because the thing that I want to do has become clear…” 

The road was steep, but the reward was worth it. 

And if it goes well. If he approves of her. 

At that time, it may be okay if she applies to become his wife by herself. 

With that in mind, Zenovia could feel her enthusiasm. 


“— Ah…” 

In his office, Wayne was looking bleak.  

“From the conclusion, the income and expenditure are balanced, I guess we should accept it positively?” 



Wayne screamed in agony as Ninim’s voiced her relentless opinion. 

“The compensation was striped as the war expenses. The right to use part of the Solgest port is unknown. The expense to drag Siridis down and the repurchase region aside… The problem was the aggressive maneuver against King Guryuel, a saint lord. Due to that, it seems the Levetianism followers had distanced themselves from us, we’ve received a report saying that the pilgrims passing through Marden has decreased considerably.” 

The source of Natra’s boom was the pilgrims who pas the pilgrimage route. Along with them, people start gathered and engaged in business, with that the virtuous cycle which popularity catches on could be maintained. Therefore, the decrease in the number of pilgrims was directly related to economic decay. 

“Thanks to this, the growth rate of Marden’s territory has slowed down, and it won’t reach the danger zone…” 

“Even if you say that, if the boom is completely gone away, then we return to our original suffering!” 

“Give up, please. At least, for now, we could only wait for our reputation to recover over time.” 


Looking sideways at Wayne who held his head, Ninim continue… 

“There’s another problem. The one I got my hand on… It might be a plus, depending on how Wayne perceives the value…” 

“Which is?” 

When Wayne said that, the door of the office opened vigorously. 

“Have you finished your work, Prince Wayne?!” 

It was Solgest Princes, Torcheira. 

“Princess Torcheira, please open the door gently…” 

“Oh, in our country, some doors need to be opened vigorously. Well, I’m still unfamiliar with the culture of this country, please pardon me.” 

Far from being afraid, Torcheira laughed cheerfully. 

Why was she here in Natra you ask? 

The answer was simple, she was a hostage under the name of studying abroad. 

[Torcheira seems to like you a lot. Until the treaty is signed, I will let her stay here for a while as a hostage.] 

That was what Guryuel said. 

There was a continuation for it too… 

[I don’t need a hostage. I believe in King Guryuel.] 

[No need to hesitate. Take it.] 

[… Are you actually trying to push her to me?] 

[… She has a closer personality to me than her mother. Even if she grows up, I can imagine it would be hard for her to get married. Then, ooh, accidentally there’s another royalty being ‘single’. But of course, it is up to Torcheira if she decided to actually do that but…] 

[I would like to refuse with all my might…] 

[Hahahaha, suddenly I wanted to die. Umu, maybe I should jump from the second-floor headfirst?] 

[I understand, I understand…!] 

There was or not a conversation like that remained hidden… 

“More than that, how are you going to answer?” 

Torcheira asked repeatedly, and Wayne responded reluctantly… 

“Well, I did finish my job but…” 

“If so, then let us drink tea outside. I had baked some sweets earlier. But still, the foreign country sure is very different. To think the servants were that confused and wondering whether or not to let a princess of another country enter the kitchen…” 

– It has been like this every day since she arrived here. Well, she feels like a small animal, so Wayne doesn’t feel so bad in itself. 

“Onii-sama, do you have some free time—?!” 

It was his sister Franya who froze as soon as she appeared in the office. 

“Princess, Torcheira, you, you again!” 

“Oh, princess Franya, how coincidence. I’m sorry but the prince is going to have tea with me from now on… If you have business with him, please do it at a later date…” 

“Wha—, O-Onii-sama?! The other day you said you will play with me!” 

“No, well, I do but…” 

Although they were of the same age, it seems Franya and Torcheira were not compatible with each other, and thus they were often at odds against each other— Mainly Franya who feels that way… 

Then, when it comes to which side he needs to go, he can’t rebuke Torcheira since she was his guest, but he didn’t want to be gazed at hurtfully by his sister as well. Wayne was in a difficult position, and ask Ninim for help but… 

(Because this is something you incur yourself, please do something by yourself as well.) 

With that, she turns away… 

(… Fuuh…) 

Thus, Wayne was thinking while being sandwiched between two girls. 

(Yep, definitely, I will find a way to sell the country!) 

The cry of his heart never reached anyone, echoed far away… 

—– VOLUME 5 END —–